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The Importance of Your Birth Name

I get asked on occasion to assist someone in changing their birth name.  This is common as many people do not

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like or are uncomfortable with their birth name.  They either don’t like the sound, feel it doesn’t fit them or reminds them of a person they distinctly dislike.  You certainly can change your name but always remember, a birth name is a record of experiences brought from past lifetimes that will influence you all of your life.  These are vibratory influences that you were born with (or not as in missing letters) and indicate the overall plan for the destiny or expression of this lifetime.  The letters in your name reflect your true nature.  Under extreme conditions, we normally revert to our true nature.

This name given to you at birth is actually delivered by your soul to your parents subconsciously and impressed upon them during the months before your birth.  The middle name can help errors made in creating the name or mitigate stresses from the first name.  The birth name creates opportunities for situations that influence us all our entire lives.  There can, however, through Soul growth, come a time when one decides to change their birth name.  Sometimes it is for reasons of profession, divorce, marriage or due to changes in aspects of one’s individuality.  Korra Deaver in her book on “The Master Numbers”, even goes so far as to suggest that “women often choose a married name that gives added strength or stability to their original path or fulfills a missing number.  On the other hand, some marriages dissolve because the vibrations of the new name are incompatible with the Soul’s needs and the frustrations and inharmonious conditions which result are unbearable”.

If you are thinking about changing your name or using a nickname, it is wise to have it all checked out numerologically prior to establishing that name as your brand or statement in the world.  How will it impact on your birth name and your plans for the future?  Certainly the entertainer Madonna chose to use only one of her four birth names when she was ready to move out as a huge name in the entertainment world.  This name, Madonna, is a big powerful number 8 name.  No doubt about it, she used no other name for her brand and she became her new persona.  It was, for her, the correct choice and no doubt came from an inner push that waited for the best time to put into play.  If you are just learning to figure out your birth name, remember, do not include additions such an Junior or Jr or placements such as II, III, IV or event V.



4 responses to “The Importance of Your Birth Name”

  1. Linda says:

    My personal history shines a spotlight on the importance of a birth name. It calls attention to the suffering of an immigrant child who discovers that she has a different birth name, a name her parents changed upon arrival in the USA,
    I just created a blog post about this

  2. Karen says:

    If I changed my middle name by using the letters I’m missing that make up my karma, would that shift things for me? Or is it more complicated than that? I do have a confirmation name that includes one of my missing karma letters, does that help? It’s really funny when I look at my birth name and my confirmation name, they all have repeating letters.

  3. gail says:

    The last name is considered the inheritance and we can look back on the issues of that family to see the fine thread that has been woven into your fabric. We never lose our original blueprint but we can learn to work with and may be helped by a name change or be hurt by a name change. The husband’s last name adds his inheritance. I only recommend using the husband’s last name if there is a distinct advantage to your name and for social purposes. For businesses purposes, I recommend you use your own birth name.

  4. Karen says:

    My understanding from you has always been that changing our name would not change the blueprint that we came in with, and that changing our name when we get married is taking on the Karma from our husband’s family. Did I misunderstand? Are you saying I could change my name and add in my missing letters? If that would work, I believe I would do that.

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