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The Importance of Recognizing Numbers, Patterns and Cycles

It is going to be 97 degrees in Los Angeles today.  It probably will come close to another record temperature.bigstock--196232251  We’ve been doing quite a bit of it this year, and the last 5 years.  Yes, the heat is reasonably dry but it is hot and no end in sight going forward to September.  We do always get the heat this time of year and by October we have the cooler nights and shorter days and temperatures will come back to the 70’s.  This is a predicable cycle and goes on every year.  The problem is the cycle starts much earlier and stays hotter longer.  We also have year round forest fire season which was unheard of 5 years ago.

It seems this pattern of heat, fire floods and drought are affecting the entire world.  The glaciers are melting, sea water is rising and basically what we are doing is arguing about its’ causes.  Has this ever happened before to planet earth?  My answer would be yes, it has.  Modern history doesn’t cover ancient history very well.  It stops at about 10,000 BC but much was going on before 10,000 BC and there is evidence of very, very ancient cultures that disappeared.  I call them the forgotten civilizations.  We are just now starting to explore what happened to them and how the weather and its abrupt changes wiped them out.  There is evidence that the planet Mars was literally burned dry and any life on it was wiped out about a billion years ago.  We can follow the pattern of the sun spots and realize how they are affecting our weather.  We can follow the plasmic discharges (electricity) from the sun to see what it does to living organisms.

This subject can be very extensive but there is enough evidence for us to know there are patterns to this evolution in the universe.  We, here on earth, are slowly waking up in what is called by the Hindus, the Yuga Cycles.  These are very long cycles of ascension and decension and are tied to the Precession of the Equinox and the World Ages.  Currently we are leaving the “Iron Age” which lasted 1200 years from 499 AD to 1699 and moving into the Bronze Age which will last 2400 years from 1699 to 4099.  We eventually will get to the Golden Age which is 7699 to 12,499.

Here are a few characteristics of the the Iron Age (which included the dark ages): “Mankind is ignorant of its glorious past and doubts its existence.  Reliance on manual labor and material inventions is common.  War, disease, conflict, famine are prevalent.  Governance is broken up across the globe and power fluctuates between those with the latest material advantages.  Vice spreads through the means of greed, intoxication, and over-indulgence.  The ancient Vedas tell us that even holy men in this age can be degenerate and perform their religious practices with ignorance or deceit”   “Man thinks of himself as  primarily a material being.  Meditation, compassion and purity are scarce.  Man believes he is supreme, the only life in the universe and exploits the resources of the Earth for personal gain.”  Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden.   William Deadwyler, author and Ph.D quoting the ancient India Sage Vyasa,  writes “You will see the effects of chronic malnutrition on generation after generation……the world teems with ideologues, mystagogues, fanatics and spiritual bunko artists who win huge followings among a people dazed by social and moral anarchy”

Does this sound familiar?

Here are a few of the characteristics of the Bronze Age which will last 2400 years.  “The fog of materialism begins to fade and man discovers that he is more than mere flesh and bones; he is an energy form.  Men of this age built great civilization.  These, however, are more concrete and less spiritual than those of the Golden and Silver Ages.  Still, however they are superior to any civilization of earlier times.”  Man begins to expand his horizons and understands that all matter is an expression of energy, vibratory force and electrical attributes.  They begin to comprehend the mystery of matter, harness electrical energy and ultimately conquer space.

Obviously the topic of the Silver and Golden Ages are really set for a future time and place.  We are barely waking up from the fog of materialism.  It is important to remember that these cycles and patterns continue to go on as we evolve and understand the cosmos.  The ancients knew these patterns and their cycles.  They were brilliant astronomers, mathematicians and very close to signs and symbols of the natural world.  All of that was lost to us and we are back to waking up and learning beyond the material.  Certainly the Schools of Crotona, which was part of ancient Greece and the home of Pythagoras, knew about geometrics of the Universe and taught this to his pupils.  The remnants of those days are found in Numerology.

Most of the struggle today to move on past a world of exploiting the planet, chronic malnutrition,ignorance, deceit is the remnants of the Iron Age.  I would imagine that within 10 to 20 years from now, nobody similar to our current president could be elected.  It is as if an ending passage is taking place and an old existence is going with it.  Looking at who we elect as a president over history, I can point to three people who represented America and the stage of her development.  Franklin Roosevelt, a cripple due to polio, became president as a representative of  a citizenry that at the time was “crippled” by the Great Depression.  Dwight Eisenhower, who represented America as a strong military leader, saw America recovering from World War II while other countries were being run by military leaders and strong men.   Donald Trump, a TV reality personality, fast talker, dealer maker, represents a citizenry that is enamored by celebrities, quick fixes, showmanship and promises, true or false.  It is somewhat like the ancient Sage Vysa said “the world teams with ideologues, fanatics and spiritual bunko artists who win huge followings among a people dazed by social and moral anarchy”.

I have mentioned in other posts about the short transits of the heavens.  Right now we are in a 7 year transit of Uranus which has come into our lives to make necessary changes.   Some of these will be very sudden but have been in the works for years.   Pluto has come in to expose and then transform us for 16 years.  We think we control this place but we are always guided by the bigger movements, cycles, numbers and patterns operating in the heavens.  We could be wiped out of here if necessary.  Certainly the waters are rising and we have gone under before.  We just don’t pay attention to the bigger picture.  Salt water is a great healer!

“All moons, all years, all days, all winds

Reach their completion and pass away,

Measured in the time in which we can know

     The benevolence of the Sun,

Measured in the time in which the grid

Of the Stars looks down upon us.

And through it, keeping watch over their safety,

The spirits, abiding within the Stars

     Measure their fate.”

From the Popol Vu, or Mayan Book of Council







6 responses to “The Importance of Recognizing Numbers, Patterns and Cycles”

  1. Heather says:


    I have been bing watched Ancient Civilizations for the last few days and then read your blog. Such timing! I know you encouraged us at the last seminar of yours that I attended of these shifts. I have had a pretty spiritual experience which is changing my thought processes on all of this. We can speak of the external shifts – of the ages – and, while feeling quite at odds with the current political climate, it has made me realize all the more, that every individual ‘is the change.’ That the moment we decide that the shift is within each and everyone of us, we will see more dramatic changes. Isn’t that where the real power lies? Other than earth’s own natural abilities to uproot us via storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. Or, it is that the change is pre-determined and we are just waking up to it? Hmmmmmm.

  2. Judy Reynolds says:

    Thank you for the huge overview – don’t understand how one could politicize it.

  3. Pam Hale says:

    Thank you, Gail, for this large lens. This reminds me of Gregg Braden’s teachings on the big earth ages and the fact that we’re in one–which doesn’t say we aren’t big contributors to it. I do believe that despite these wise predictions, we can evolve quickly beyond our old reptilian brain reactions and make a leap, perhaps earlier than predicted. That’s the only thing –along with the dark shadows being fully exposed–that gives me hope now. We certainly did sign up for a roller coaster.

  4. Lowell says:

    As always you have a unique gift of bringing the appropriate information from vast scattered resources to remind us that we are (our time is) but a speck in the time line of “History” (both known and unrecorded or unavailable through Normal means) yet it is very important that we think, speak, and act our highest Truth from Source, while recognizing that many in power do not . I believe that it is our responsibility to shine a light on their greed and non-loving words and acts. I agree that the current President of the United States is one of the worst offenders of those higher Spiritual (human) values in recorded American History. So we must continue to express our opposing views to the Capitalism only for the “Haves” at the expense of the “Have Nots” mentality of this President and his “cronies”. My hope is that the US and World Press will be willing to also expose ALL of that divisiveness in a way that everyone can see and hear it and realize what is happening. Because, if not, I do not believe that America will be a safe place to live and practice our individual beliefs in the coming couple of decades. So sad, but a reality we may all have to live with.
    Respectfully and Thank you as always for all you are and do.

  5. Elaine Sonne says:

    Thank you! I love this post. I like every post but this one gives me hope. The current madness of our politics is overwhelming and depressing. If I can dwell on the universal patterns I can stay sane in this environment, I want to share this since most of America is in trauma.

  6. Leona Cascarino says:

    Still love hearing your insight into what’s going on in our world.. The waters are definitely rising but you brought me out of fear. You messaged me back on twitter I think when I was in fear. .
    The syncronisity in numbers I see daily keeps me connected to Source and the people I interact with help me on my path to 5D consciousness.
    Thank you Gail

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