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The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived

We humans love certainty, safety, dependability and trust. We have relied on our jobs, marriages, good health, our investments, our pensions and even our pets. We think we can control our lives by routines and good habits. We never think about pandemics, food deprivations (in the developed countries) and other devastating acts of God and nature. We depend upon this earth world for everything. We look for our perfect mate, our doctors to take care of us, if we can afford it, our jobs, our vacations, our happiness and leaders who will make wise decisions for us.

I can remember when it was possible for the average person to buy a home, go to college at reasonable tuition rates, raise a family and put your children in college without going into debt. This was actually possible. I also remember when cosmetics and certain basic pharmacy brands were not locked up. You could just take it off the shelf and check out. Now going to CVS to get lubricating eye drops requires help to unlock the clear shelf cabinet to buy them. What has happened to us? How have we arrived where getting a college degree can mean high debt for life? Where buying a house is out of reach for a vast group of Americans. Where a trip to the emergency room can cause a reason for bankruptcy.

What we are now experiencing is a “wake up call”. We thought we could depend on this place, we thought we knew our purpose. We thought we could eat whatever we wanted and not pay a price. We thought our spouse or partner would always be there for us. We never thought we would have no control over tomorrow. We planned and made goals and saved for our trip, our house, our future. We didn’t realize that this place or world we visited is completely transitory. It is your greatest illusion that you can depend upon it. Everything here can be flipped on its head in the wink of an eye or the missing of a stop sign.

Covid had several purposes but the chief purpose of Covid was to wake us up. We have been waking up slowly every month but this was the loud alarm that would, hopefully, get your attention to really wake up. It also helped to cull the human herd and to help Mother Earth get rid of her drones. In this example, not drones that fly in the sky but those who keep reincarnating here but won’t change, won’t learn and just keep repeating lives over and over and won’t grow. It is also exposing us to the uncertainty of this place. Just when you thought you could beat it, it carried you away. It is exposing us to the exploitations in the health care profession including the lack of care for those who are marginalized by society, the dismissal of care for the elderly, the lack of good health care in rural America and other exploitations by the large medical corporations.

We are waking up and we are starting to say “no”. We are seeing exploitations everywhere. People got fat and happy over the last 30 to 40 years or so. We have been distracted by celebrities, by social media, by how many fans follow a dog’s Facebook page, by politicians who promised you then exploited you for money to fund their power. We have put people in charge of this planet who answer to their lobbyists, their PAC groups, their donors but not the public. Why do people stay in office for 30 or 40 years? It’s not for the money? It doesn’t pay that well. Why are they so wealthy when they leave office?

This earth plane is one of illusion. I have said forever, you can use it but you cannot depend on it. We long for love, companionship and a spiritual connection. We keep looking here for it but it isn’t here. You will never find your eternal connection here. The deep spiritual connection that people long for and try to date and marry for can be removed by a simple auto accident, a sudden diagnosis of terminal disease or any variety of circumstances. The eternal connection is cultivated through letting go of this place without having to physically die. Simultaneously, we must learn to depend upon the unseen world of the sacred, eternal and divine for your guidance, your peace of mind and your comfort.

We are waking up to a new world. It is being created now. It will take time. Covid was not to last this long but there were so many that would not take the vaccine or did not have it available. Gradually humanity will wake up. We will not be able to go back to the world before Covid. We will be learning our true purpose versus the jobs we had. We are unwilling to be exploited in wages and lack of benefits. We will say “no” more and we will realize how much we have also exploited the planet and disrespected our own earthly neighborhood. We have defecated on our own doorsteps.

4 responses to “The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Adrian. It is good to hear from you and I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Adrian Bromley says:

    I came across your site after recently discovering Numerology. Read an old book on my last holiday and was intrigued. I’m 60 and a birth 22, which feels very right for me. And you can see my name. I’m in Australia.
    I admire your passion and stance on topics, but cringe when I hear the common misunderstandings regarding covid. I’m not anti-vax, and I’ve had my 2 shots. I believe the Virus is real but shots reduce deaths, not stop spread, nor protect community. I’ve an open mind to changing my views based on facts, but often find others unwilling to consider all the facts. Stepping off soap box now.
    But I’m impressed with your posts and keen to learn what my future holds. Get site.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    So good to hear from you Lisbeth. I trust you are well wherever you are on the planet.

  4. Lisbeth Applefield says:


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