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The 3rd Soul Cycle and the Michigan Shooting

I am sure you have now heard of the young 15 year old boy who recently shot and killed four of his classmates and injured more in Michigan. What makes this case different is that the authorities also charged his parents. This is a most unusual case when parents are being charged. Have you wondered why it is usually boys who do the shootings and it is in the age range of 14 to 21? This age range is also the 3rd Soul Cycle of a person’s life.

When we reincarnate here on earth, we have a complete blueprint for our visit here. Most of us haven’t a clue we even have a plan or wonder if reincarnation even exists. The Soul, on its’ journey here, is on a path of learning and serving. Its’ time here is built with 7 year increments. The first Soul cycle is from ages 0 to 7 years. It is during this age range that the child is learning to just acclimate to the earth, to the family of origin and is getting used to being in the body. It clings quite strongly to the family of origin. It is at age 7 when this Soul will leave the first cycle and move to the second cycle. The transition time is one year from ages 7 to 8.

The second Soul cycle from 7 to 14 begins the journey away from the family of origin to begin getting acquainted with the rest of the world. This is where the “mind” is being developed through interaction with groups, classmates, teams etc. Again the transition out of this 2nd cycle is one year from 14 to 15.

The third Soul cycle is from 14 to 21 and begins the journey of the emotions. Here we must learn how to handle ourselves emotionally. These are the challenging teen years when emotions can be at the height of drama. This is the period of most vulnerability in a young person’s life. To complicate matters the glands are being activated during this period and add to the emotional learning experience. The young Soul is not integrated enough to make good decisions and tends to behave irrationally as it tries to handle emotions.

The fourth Soul cycle is from 21 to 28 and begins the journey of integrating the other 3 cycles. During the 20’s the Soul is integrating the “body”, the “mind” and the “emotions”. Until it gets through this period, it is not a full adult in the timeframe of the Soul’s earth development.

As most people have never heard of this timeframe, much more are interested in it, they ignore the warning lights up ahead of what they or their child will go through and when. In our Western, American society, boys are brought up to check their emotions. They are taught, unfortunately, not to cry, “be a little man”, punished for being too active and pushed in directions that their parents or peers believe will make them into “men”. They are also pushed into areas of careers that their parents want them to go into.

I had carpenters working at my house one day and one of them brought up his childhood. He was speaking of how he wasn’t allowed to cry or show weakness. I asked him how he felt about it. He just blurted out how angry it made him. One thing for sure, men/ boys are extremely sensitive creatures and in many ways more so than girls. Boys are stronger on the exterior but weaker internally. Girls are more emotional on the outside but internally much stronger.

Until we realize this pattern of soft sensitive boys, we are going to have more frustrated young men who don’t know how to handle their emotions except through anger. They can grow up to be batterers, bullies, join gangs and other macho behavior activities. Deep down they are the protectors, sensitive and caring creatures. We as adults need to be much more aware of this 3rd Soul cycle and prepare for it. Parents needs education in the various traits of young boys and help them through this 14 to 21 age period. Unfortunately, it is too late for the Michigan boy whose rage came from somewhere.

Once the Soul gets to age 28, it begins the transition out of childhood and continues on its journey of learning and imprinting all it learned every 7 years. After 28, the next Soul cycle is 35, then 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84, 91, 98, 105, 112 and 119. Most of us are supposed to do the journey until 120. We don’t, however, as we ruin our bodies long before we reach 100. We have burned them out through excessive work, play and other activities on earth. Of course, there is always war and pandemics but for the most part, we take ourselves out prematurely.

It would be wonderful if our American society could help foster a better understanding of boys, young men and the importance of appreciating their sensitivity. Until society becomes more aware of this, I am sure we will have more shootings by young, confused and angry boys. They will tend to fall in this age range of 14 to 21. The 3rd Soul cycle.

6 responses to “The 3rd Soul Cycle and the Michigan Shooting”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you and please feel free to pass it along. Blessings to you

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Cindy,
    No, they are not describing the same process. The first 7 years are about the body and getting used to it and the family of origin. It is also a period of much creativity as the Soul is still close to the other side. We push the little ones too early to conform too early either through parental or societal pressure. There is definitely play in the first 7 years but it involves close ties to the invisible world. John Gray is taking a more intellectual view to a deeply spiritual process. We free ourselves from our should’s from 49 to 50 and spend the 50’s trying on our true path rather than the right path. Freedom is throughout the 50’s. We focus on spirit as we age but that is not age predicated. Our big wisdom years come in our 70’s and our harvest years in our 80’s. We are out of sync with are true timing.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Barbara. Please share.

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful. I will share it with all who are receptive.

  5. Cindy says:

    So interesting. In one of his books John Gray talks about life’s 7 year cycles and the focus we need to have in each one to fully realize our earthly experience. For example , in years 1-7 the focus is parents, years 7-14 focus is play, years 14-21 focus is friends , 21-28 it’s self , then family , local community, world community, and finally at 56 and beyond we focus on spirit . 7 cycles each 7 years long . Are his 7 year cycles and yours different ways of describing the same process?

  6. Nilusha D Lake says:

    The male soul perfectly explained at their most vulnerable stage. Thank you Gail .

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