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See Beneath all Seemingly Wrong Conditions

We are very attached to our lives here on earth. We are attached to our homes, jobs, loved ones, clothes and just about everything. We tend to believe that this is the real world and that we have to compete or struggle to make sure we get what is ours or not lose what we have. We do not understand detachment here. We do not understand that this is an unfinished condition.

Nothing here is finished. It is constantly evolving into a higher or fuller life. When an organism, be it a human or animal species has more life than can be expressed in the function of its own plane, it develops the organs of a higher plane. In this way new species are created. We see this in ourselves. We came originally from the sea and outgrew that form. A new form was created for land walking. It continues on from animals walking on all fours to various stages of early humans walking upright. Eventually, current humans will outgrow their own function and evolve with organs of a higher plane. This takes billions, millions of years but evolution is ongoing. It is never finished as the Divine creator and the invisible substance continue to create. We are only beginning to understand the limitless area we call outer space. Once we can travel at the speed of light, we will be able to explore it. We would never have new species if there not were organisms that had more life than could be expressed. Once it develops the organs of a higher plane, a new species is originated. There is no difference for humans.

Some simple change that is easy to see is the evolution of the female in our society. Once the year 2000 began and the female vibration began to blanket the world, we see across the world the rise in female power and recognition. She is naturally evolving into her rightful place of power and it will increase over the next 978 years. Just this recent election in November, California gave 42% of its legislature to women. Just 5 years ago only 22% of its legislature were female. We have a female vice president, a female speaker of the house in Washington and the longest-serving Senator Diane Feinstein. Across the nation female governors replaced their male counterparts.

Eventually, humans will be replaced once we have more life than can be fulfilled in this existing form. So, it is not for you to worry about the how’s, when’s and where’s. It is true that our time here in this existing form is limited to about 120 years. What if a future form can sustain 500 years? At the moment this existing human form cannot do that but we are always evolving. Remember we used to have 6 toes. Now we have 5.

The best you should do or consider doing is living this existence full of creative thought and action. The desire for more life is inherent in all things. When a person moves towards a larger life for itself, more things attach themselves to that person. The influence of what she or he desires is multiplied. Make each act successful, even cleaning out the garage. Power is at your service. Use it wisely. When you do, you are acting in a certain way that will be your success in many areas of your life.

Remember if you act in a certain way in the present with your mind in the future, your mind will be divided and you will not be effective. There is never any time but now. if you are worried about the future, have faith in your ability to meet any emergency when it arrives.

All of these wars, dictators, supply shortages, corruption, environmental degradation are part of the evolving process. The oligarchs, dictators, corrupt leaders will all pass on as we evolve. Everything is in order. We are working with Divine substance. Think well, see beneath the world of appearances and monitor your thoughts, your actions and your words. Remember Divine substance is not human based so there is no need to pray to a person to save you or judge you. Evolve.

Remember, “there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its orignal state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.” Wallace Wattles from “The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles” and that is how Elon Musk developed the Tesla.

3 responses to “See Beneath all Seemingly Wrong Conditions”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Over the ions, God or whatever word chosen to describe the source of creation. Many give it many different names. Currently it is considered “man-based”. It has been considered “time-based” or “space-based”. It is the same source of creation. Not man based. It is not a “sky God” that punishes or rewards. It creates continuously.

  2. Sue says:

    Are you saying you don’t believe in Jesus Christ or God when you say we don’t need to pray to a human person to save or judge us? What is your meaning of “divine substance”?

  3. Lauren Cole says:

    How delightful! A good reminder as well as a boost up. Thank you, Gail! Just what I needed. I was starting to flag a little.

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