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Secrets of Good Communication

Many years ago I attended a lecture on speaking and communicating.  I have no idea who the speaker or author was.  I

The joy of speaking

The joy of speaking

found some notes and my added thoughts and I think they are worthwhile passing along.  We all speak but many of us could definitely improve in this area.  In our day and age of presenting ourselves in the best light–put your money where your mouth is–here are ideas to ponder:

Communication is the one area that controls the life you live and the focus you attract. 

Listen to what you say not what others say and don’t say too much.

Make every word count.  There is a tendency to exaggerate bad times.  This creates imprecise communications to yourself and others.  It creates unfocused even negative experiences….you think?

Ask yourself are you reflecting accurately your experience or are you communicating to impress, dazzle or to gain sympathy and understanding.

Continuously monitor and make corrections in your thinking and actions.

Be clear on what you want to gain when you speak to others.  Clarity in a spiritual sense is an alignment of the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the spiritual self.

The Spirit has the answers.  A half hour of thinking and getting clear can keep you from spending years on a slower path.

Fill your words and thoughts with what you want to create.

Writing down ideas and speaking them out loud puts them out into the world of form quicker than just thinking them.

The hands and throat are the two centers of manifestation.   When beginning any creative endeavor, outline it first with a pen–not the computer.  The pen held in hand creates a mudra that registers in the brain–like programming.  That is one reason why we can easily read braille with our finger tips.   Yogis sandpaper their fingertips to sensitize them even more.  Preliminary writing should be done with pen and paper.

Express thanks in mind

Express thanks in voice

Express thanks by writing by hand

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