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Rules of Trading Applied to Life

Many years ago I attended a lecture on trading in chaos and uncertainty.  The times have changed since then and the marketsNUMBERS are very different.  We now have algorithms and electronic trading but there are rules that we still apply.  Here are a few that can be used for trading and for success in life:

  • The safest time to make a move is when there is the most uncertainty.
  • Embrace the uncertainty
  • Better to embrace change than “chase”
  • Act on knowledge
  • Train yourself to act.
  • The system you use must fit your life style
  • You need the confidence of a winning approach
  • Learn to manipulate the odds in your favor.
  • Think like the rich.  The rich get richer.
  • Let good things happen.
  • Let someone else’s  “panic be your profit”



One response to “Rules of Trading Applied to Life”

  1. Caroline Leban says:

    I have been able to stay afloat during all these uncertain times by first not panicking and just letting stuff play out.
    Things do work out if you are patient and trying to rethink
    The Wallstreet group will only get you frustrated. Even if
    The wrong person gets in, bathe negatives in white light
    And it helps you feel better. At least it works for me at this point.

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