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if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet

if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet

Timing is everything.

Is this a set up or what?  How and why is the Middle East erupting at this time?  If I said to you that invisible plans were in place long ago, would you believe it?  Welcome to a continuance of the New World Renaissance.  What areas were missed during the last Renaissance are being included in this Renaissance that began with the birth of the United States.

The entire region of the world known as the Middle East, is to go through a transformation.  The beginning of this transformation actually started in 2004 with the start of the Ken Period in the Jupiter period of the IChing.  The focus is on the East (both Asia and the Middle East) and the group affected are young men.  This intense period will last until 2024 when you will see a settling down of this disenfranchised group.  In the meantime there will be lots of volatility and chaos as the new systems are established.

Islam’s Reformation

During the last Renaissance that ended by the 1600’s, the Christian religion went through a reformation.  It was changed from a Roman Catholic, Pope, King based status to Protestant and reformed forms of Christianity.  Islam itself has never had such a Reformation.

Look for a reformation in the Islamic religion during this Renaissance.

Rise in female power

The year 2000 launched a one thousand year period of a rise in female power, leadership and respect.  The number two is a feminine number and you are seeing more women in business, in government, in religious positions and in the military.  The old boy system is fading away.  It will take time–how about 1,000 years–but the process has begun.  The United States is a big catalyst in this area.  Any country that does not respect the basic rights of the female will continue to do poorly economically and will lose power and position in the world.  This is an enormous change to society and, again, it was always in place to be launched at the right moment.

Humanity Must Progress

As we become more interconnected economically, environmentally and socially, parts of the human society cannot be left behind.  They will weigh like an anchor on the ship of growth.  We are all invested in the rise of the female and the health of all nations.  The backwardness of the Middle Eastern region with its puppet leaders and fake Monarchy is over.  It will take time and perhaps civil wars before the region settles down.    The number two will continue to affect this and all regions as wars become too expensive and less effective.

Facebook Has Done its Job

Timing is everything in that in order to have a revolution and transformation, you must have a way to communicate to those who are revolting.  Five years ago this would not have been possible.  Now, with the social media networks in place, you can start the revolution.  If you look at Mark Zuckerberg’s Numerology chart, the founder of Facebook, you will see he has a number five life path–the number of the catalyst for change.  Just as the birth chart of the United States is the number five, so are most people and countries that change the world.  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt were both number five.  These are the people who move us forward, get us unstuck and change us forever.  When the United States is ready for its big change, it will bring in the number five candidate.  No, none of the current candidates is the number five.  The United States has its own transformation to go through as well.

The world is literally changing before your eyes.  We can only benefit from the changes, as painful and messy as they are.

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  1. gail says:

    Hi Amy,
    It is not unusual to see repeated numbers or colors or cars. Once we focus on something in our mind and continuously reinforce it, it will continue to appear. This is true of anything. You see this in everyday life. We focus on “not having enough money” and sure enough, we never seem to have enough money. Many clients speak of the same thing. Try it on something else. Just focus on red cars and you will start seeing red cars all over the place.

  2. Thank you for your fabulous messages, Gail. I’ve enjoyed walking this process with your input. Over the past three months, I have been inundated with 11:11 – time, dates, pages, addresses…all sorts of instances. Do you think I’m due for a reading?? 😀

  3. gail says:

    People want freedom, that is the bottom line of it all. They are weary of the oppressive nature of regimes and religions. They are tired of not having a seat at the table. It will take quite a long time for this to weave its way into a full image but it has begun. America plays a key role as the catalyst for the individual. It was always its assignment.
    Again thanks for the input Lucele.

  4. gail says:

    Thank you Lucele. Keep being involved.

  5. gail says:

    Thank you for your input. I will continue to cover more of the changes so stay tuned. I am doing a one hour teleseminar on March 14th to cover some of your questions. You can register on my site. The next 8 years will create more sudden events both at home and abroad. It will convulse its way forward. The US will keep a presence in the region even if asked to leave.

  6. Frank says:

    Hi Gail, Thanks for your monthly posts, and words of encouragement. As the Middle East goes through its’ changes will their be a time when US troops come back home and let these countries handle their own affairs? Or will we stay – as it is all about OIL? I know President Obama is not a 5. Any incites into the US growing pains with slow growth and the government taking more control and being influenced by Wall Street? Thanks again, and the personal advice you have given me from a reading has been very beneficial. Your the BEST.

  7. Gail, As I read this I was no surprised. In fact as I have been reading about and seeing everything that hads been happening, I knew that things were well on the way.:smile:Although things will not get better for awhile, it will be a beginning. And since I signed on for 120 I will see a good part of it, and if I am here for even more, I will get a special surprise.
    Thanks Lucele

  8. gail says:

    Although 1999 is a one year, it doesn’t have anything to do with the launch of this period. We have to get into the energy of the number two to launch the period. The first 10 years, from 2000 through 2010 were just the introduction. Things start in earnest now. Thanks for your interest. Gail

  9. gail says:

    I will start looking at the dates of birth of more serious candidates. Right now it is not a solid field. You will know which ones as I will post it. Thanks for your interest

  10. Denise Damen says:

    Dear Gail,

    Ok when are you going to tell us who the five life path leaders are!? Are they in position? I’ll be very old in 2024 at least I hope so!

    Enjoy yoiur posts and emails. I’m saving up for a reading.

    Kind regards,


  11. Nancy E. Wood says:

    Hi, Gail — Thanks for all your wonderful wisdom and insights. You stated that, “The year 2000 launched a one thousand year period of a rise in female power, leadership and respect,” however, since 1999 was the 1 Universal Year, isn’t that actually the beginning of this shift, and not 2000?
    Nancy E. Wood
    Oklahoma City

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