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Pay Attention to Your 7 Year Soul Cycle

Most of us just continue the journey of our lives growing through childhood, puberty, teenagers, young Number 7 (seven) with red wood texture background.adults, older adults and finally old age.  We do or don’t celebrate birthdays as we age but we keep having them as long as we stay above ground.  I have often said a blueprint can be quite long, 120 years, but rarely do we reach these later years.  We pretty much burn ourselves out by our 50’s and 60’s and then begin to deteriorate into our 70’s and 80’s leaving a bunch of years never lived.  We haven’t a clue of the ongoing seven year Soul cycles that focus on specific growth in awareness and behavior as we travel through our lives.

Every 7th birthday represents another standard bearer for the Soul inhabiting the body.  It gets the opportunity to imprint itself with all that it learned in the prior seven years and move on to another level of awareness.  The Bible refers to this level of awareness when it says we go from “glory to glory”.  Always growing, learning, pacing ourselves for the journey.  It is especially noticeable in childhood.  The birth of the physical body precedes the birth of the other bodies we carry around.  Up to the age of seven the child has only complete control of the physical body.  The body has landed.  After the first 7 years, the “etheric body” is born.  These two bodies will control his growth and memory.  These are very active from the age of 7 to 14.

At 14 the “emotional body” is born, also known as the Astral body.  This can be a very emotional period of time of the Soul as it travels from emotion to emotion from 14 to 21.  Each one of these birth activates glands.  The Thymus gland has dominated the ages 0 to 14.  The Adrenal glands kick into dominance at puberty and dominant through the end of the 3rd Soul cycle or the age of 21.  The adrenals give us the glands of “fight or flight”.  By the end of these 21 years, the “mental” body is born.  Now the Soul has completed the 3 lower bodies of humankind, the physical, the emotional and the mental bodies.  Now they have to be integrated which takes another 7 years or the age of 28.  We move on out of childhood between the ages of 28 and 29.

These 7 year Soul cycles continue on as long as we stay here on earth.  Each 7 years has a specific purpose and awareness in growth.  We are not intended to know it all by 50 years of age. However, one of the most important Soul cycles is age 49 to 50 or the 7th Soul Cycle.   It is at this important age of 50 that the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland should now be cooperating to help use his or her life experiences  for new creative ideas, changes in lifestyle and becoming more interested in a philosophical way of life.   We continue to be oblivious to what is happening to us.  We just work, take care of our families, worry, eat improperly, strive harder for financial success and increase our levels of fear of the future.  Will we have enough for retirement?  Will I be alone?  We basically are pretty disconnected from what is going on with our own selves and our inner life and consciousness.

It is after we have done 9 of these cycles or by the age of 63 that the decision must be made for what we plan to do here to be relevant and purposeful.  What would be your plans going out for the next 30 years?  If the physical body sees no reason to stay, it will prepare to deteriorate and leave.  It is essential  to take care of the physical body but why?  We need to look at our intentions for the years after 63.  We should definitely have expectations of having another 50 years after the first 50 years.

Unfortunately, most of us dissipate our energies and strength.  We are unaware that our greatest contributions to the world can be anticipated after the age of 50.  We become emotional wrecks, worried over just about everything and sleep poorly, eat poorly and self deceive ourselves about how we are taking care of ourselves.  We run marathons, stay thin or fat and then lose our minds to dementia and other brain challenges.  We didn’t realize that development and care of the higher mind can give us the fulfillment and peace we so desperately crave.

We just don’t understand the role of the glands in our own development and our connection to nature.  Modern scientists have yet to connect the two.  We at least should be aware of these 7 year Soul cycles and their importance.  To know if you are in one, just count every 7th birthday as a Soul cycle year and they last one year.  Pay close attention to your intuition and intentions during this year.  The Soul is doing its’ busy work of downloading and imprinting and growing in awareness.



11 responses to “Pay Attention to Your 7 Year Soul Cycle”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Everything is connected but a soul cycle uccurs every 7th birthday and lasts one year. The longer you can stay, the greater the awareness (we hope).

  2. jaa scheffler says:

    what is intresting is that the 7 years cycles also relate to the cycles of saturn. by the time you are 27 to 30 you are hving you first saturn return.. what you learn now will effect the way you experince your next 30 years. each 7 years corralate to the square..oppisiton square and than conjuction..

  3. Scott says:

    I turned 49 in April and I feel like something is happening inside of me. I want to know what I can do to proactively create what I desire.

    Great blog post. Thank you, Gail.

  4. Dick Tippett says:

    Okay, I’m 73. Taking reasonably good care of body and mind. Definitely engaged in the metaphysical. what’s next?

  5. Karen says:

    Very interesting. My sister passed last year at 63; although she got ill a couple of years before that. I’ve struggled with health issues for decades and am currently 63 and still working through my health challenges. I keep thinking I just need to make it to 64 and I can be around to 120, which you say is our blueprint. I want to be here and enjoy the time when women come in to power and way beyond that. Thank you!

  6. Susan McMann says:

    …and ob serving my own life cycles, I have also noticed that they can overlap some in beginnings and endings. During several I could feel them coming on even a couple of years before “schedule.”

  7. Gaye Rehder says:

    Thanks, Gail. I loved reading this again!

  8. Sharon W says:

    I didn’t know that, as in numerology my personal year always follows the universal year which currently is an 11/2 for 2018.
    Since I was 77 on my birthday in 2017, apparently I am in a 7 year.

    If I recall, Jung believed the individuation process started as early as 28 or mid-life at 35. Both would also be 7 years!

    Thanks, Gail!

  9. P Truman says:

    So interesting, I remember reading Gail Shihan (?) ‘Cycles of Your Life – and it was about maturation after 21 – we know everything about the baby stages until around 21 – she went on to say there were add’l stages that continued all your life. I figured it out and it was every 7 years give or take a year.
    Thanks, dear.
    rev pt

  10. scott b says:

    Thanks Gail
    ah only 2.5 months till “56” time for a reading!

  11. Great reminder. Thanks Gail…always!

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