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Part 3–Hillary Clinton–Who is she?

Hillary has been in preparatory years for some time now.  It’s almost like watching a child grow up.  From her photos

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

with thick glasses to her early years as first lady with hair-band hairdo’s, she has been a part of the American psyche for quite awhile. Her moment of leadership is now.  She has been groomed for years.  Any woman in a rising power position, unless she is Mother Theresa, will create controversy.  She represents the rising power of the female in our society and that is scary to many people.  Who is she and why now?

Hillary was born Hillary Diane Rodham.  First of all, she has what is considered in numerology to have one of the power names for her life.  Names that begin in H and end in Y or have predominance of H and Y in their first name start out in the power seat.  The names Harry, Henry, Katherine, Elizabeth, Howard, Hillary, Ruth, Kathleen, Hank, Heather are all power names.  The first name is extremely important in naming an individual.  Many of the older names are not being used today.  They have been replaced by trendy names but weaker names.

The second thing we notice about Hillary is she is born on a 26 day, October 26, 1947.  26 is another power number and considered a karmic number.  She would be learning about the world through experience rather than a class room.  Stressful situations would be created for her so she would develop self-confidence.  This would give her enthusiasm, courage and power.  This karmic number would help her develop power through self-control, patience and endurance.  If you look at her past, you can see all the challenged situations that she had to go through while in the public eye.

Hillary’s destiny is the number 6.  This number is common in social welfare, correcting social injustice, counselling, teaching and being in community service.  Many politicians have this number as they think they know what is best for you and they “want to make a difference”.  George Bush has a 6 life path and you will find many of the Republican candidates had a prominent 6 life path or destiny number.  They all want to fix America.

She is missing one number, the number 2.  She must develop patience and learn to work with others as a team but not be a doormat.  This was spelled out by working with Congress, forced to use tact and diplomacy in bowing out of her first race for president and becoming more diplomatic when working with people she distinctly dislikes.  She also had to endure the betrayal by her husband.  These are all part of the missing number 2 and the power of the 26.  In short, she had to manage herself.

Hillary has a 3 life path from her date of birth.  She also is loaded with 3’s in her name.  The letter L (12th letter) shows many past lives with the talent of the written and spoken word.  She is a great writer–if she writes her own material and does not use a ghost writer.  She also has a huge gift with the spoken word.  Her debating skills are excellent and I believe the debates will be a wonder to behold.  The primary election was only the appetizer.  Wait until you see the debates.  She can be on point, sarcastic and nasty.  If Donald Trump remains the candidate, she will outdo him.   As much as she is being called “crooked Hillary” by Donald Trump, she is truthful and terrific at digging out secrets.  What drives people crazy is that she has strong opinions.

The 3 life path is usually a path of joy, fun and creativity.  Hillary has a side that is not seen enough in public.  She is really funny and sensitive.  She has a moon in Pisces.  You can’t get any more sensitive than that.  She comes off as this strong, opinionated female but emotionally she will listen to your tale of woe and pass you the Kleenex.  She should exhibit this side of herself more often as this would win over many more voters than the strong debater.  She has a big sense of humor, sometimes very sarcastic but definitely funny.  With her Jupiter in Sagittarius, she is very generous and her favorite hobby is really–ready for this–philanthropy.

Hillary’s weakness is in not feeling she is very lovable.  It’s old past life karma that she brought into this life.  There is a deep down fear of the spotlight.  Maybe she was a big shot in past lives and fell off the stage, who knows.  She really doesn’t covet the spotlight yet she is forced to go out and be in it to balance out the old karmic condition.  Having the 3 life path is a huge help as it encourages joy, entertaining and talking.  She comes across as stiff and school-teacher-type at times but if she would only lighten up on herself and enjoy, laugh and be warm, she would win them over.

Why is Hillary now and why such a polarizing figure of our society?  Hillary represents the transition of not only the American society but the world society as it transitions from male power to female power of the next 1000 years.  Once we crossed over into the year 2000, the gates opened and the female energy began its ascent in earnest.  Hillary has enough of the masculine energy through this strong letter H and other number combinations in her chart to be able to be the transition candidate from the old age of the male leadership to the current female leadership spreading around the globe.  The power really takes off in 2024 and she is a go-between leadership to help with this transition.  She comes off to many man as being too pushy, aggressive, smart, also known as the bitch.  She comes off to some women as too hard.  She is the perfect prototype of the transitioning leadership.  She is a combination of the feminine, soft, funny and extremely loyal and the male aggressive, smart and courageous.  As the trend of the female rising strengthens, my bet is she will win the election.   Of course, it is such a crazy election year and fraught with sudden developments like bombings and terrorist attacks, anything could happen.  The jury is still out but if I was betting on this game of Trump vs Clinton, I would bet on Clinton.  Follow the money!


12 responses to “Part 3–Hillary Clinton–Who is she?”

  1. For many people Hillary is the dumping can for America’s fear of women. She represents a new consciousness vs an old 20th century consciousness. Hillary has a very strong masculine side that is blended with her feminine. In that respect she is a transition person to bridge from the old patriarchal way with the ascending feminine power. Women will have to acknowledge their own power. It is scary for many women who see Hillary as a threat to their own consciousness of staying in the shadows.

  2. Gail: Good analysis of Hillary. She is a winner as far as I’m concerned. Who wants a bigot like Trump in office. He’ll, he
    was like my first husband. Wicked and crude and rude.
    Not a good person for anything except going back to Trump Towers with his dutiful wife. She is smart, but a doormat.
    He’s a rotten sob and thatseff no lie. HAve it on record as to his shady dealings. Our neighbors worked for him and was never paid. Hates him. Anyway, thank you for that and I will
    Vote for her. Don’t think Elizabeth. Warren will be her VP.
    think she’ll go with a military man. All the best. Caroline

  3. Janice Convery says:

    Charlie on June 22 mentioned the calibration technique as put forth in Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. I, too, found that Hillary calibrates at a level somewhere between 50 – 75. Folks, 200 is the level of truth and integrity. She falls well below that. Disconcerting, to say the least.

  4. Jeannene Lohr says:

    You are on the wrong woman and time! You are so freaking off Gail! She does not represent me as a woman1

  5. Charlie says:

    Using another modality, Kinesiology, I found that Hillary tests weak, at a level of consciousness bordering between guilt and grief. Stuck in apathy (“What difference does it make?”). She is dependent on others to get things done. The economy? “Oh, Bill will take care of that.”
    She calibrated at 52. She is in “good” company. Obama comes in at 45. Deepak Chopra’ s energy level is at 47.

    See Dr. David Hawkin’s book, “Power vs. Force” for more details. Dr. Hawkins is a Psychiatrist.
    People scoring less than 200 lack real power.
    So, they substitute force for power.

    The Merlin Project, a super computer forecasting model does not see Hillary on the scene in the years – 2017-18…..but, returning in the year 2019.

    Hillary will not be our next President.
    She will be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury
    on Federal Racketeering charges, money laundering, and other related charges.

  6. Karen says:

    It’s interesting when people mention Bengazi. Bill Maher addressed this on one of his shows and brought things to light that changed my mind about this. It kind of reminds me of when Geraldine Ferraro was the Vice-Presidential candidate. In a documentary on her they showed how the Republican Party focused on her husband’s tax return and distracted voter’s long enough to make her lose momentum, even though in the end they had done everything right. That would have been a sweet victory. Remember the opposite party is looking to distract you, so we have to dig for the truth of events and keep our focus.

    As for the mention of Bill’s infidelity that Debbie mentioned I understand and agree with what you said. However, after seeing other couple’s go through this who even divorce and remarry each other, I have begun to wonder if that’s part of their karma to work out with each other. If you throw out his infidelity, he was an otherwise loved president. She would be our transition president for other women, as Gail stated, and it would be wonderful if she could go from having been the First Lady to being the first lady President.

  7. Gail, thank you for your interesting analysis. Hillary has a ton of great attributes that would make her a decent president. However, honesty is not one of those attributes and the American people are really struggling with that issue . After watching Hillary for her entire 30 years in public service, I have seen far too many significant, unethical events with LOTS of smoke, although the fire was intentionally obscured by the media machine. The Clintons have amassed over $200M in net worth in the past 15 years…while working as public servants. Frankly, that cannot be done in real life. You can tell me all day long about private speeches to major corporations at $600,000 per speech and I will tell you that the math does NOT add up. In order to amass that much net worth, she or Bill would have to provide a major speech EVERY SINGLE WEEK for the past 15 years. Come on, it’s just simple math. Dishonesty and corruption are sitting right there for everyone to see….most people just don’t want to look too hard because illusion feels better. It may be that her numbers call her to be honest in her original life plan, but with free will she has chosen the opposite road based on greed and power.

    By the way, I still think Hillary will win. Not because she’s the right candidate to be president, but because the power structure and media machine will make it so. And she will spend the next 8 years rewarding those who are part of the power structure because they own her.

  8. Laurie Pollack Donohoo says:

    I am sure Hillary will explain the deaths of people in Bengazi with her usual sense of humor and blow them off attitude.
    This is a dangerous selfish women . She scares most of us more than Donald!
    Her dishonesty with companies and money taken is a disgrace. Staying with her husband was her problem. She stayed in the name of greed. He just wants back in the White House. Here we go again! Most of us have enough of their terms in the White House! We want someone different!
    I would like to see a good woman as president. This woman is a dangerous nightmare to the USA!

  9. Jan says:

    Smart, yes. Powerful, yes. Truthful and honest, no. Power, exercised inappropriately, can be extremely dangerous. After the email situation and the Clinton Foundation situation, not to speak of many other situations of concern, it’s “never Hillary” for me. I could not trust her I, too, would welcome a woman President but she is not the right woman. I hope the public is not just enamored with electing “the first woman President” like they were with electing “the first black President.” We need the right person for the job and gender or race is not a qualification.

  10. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail. This was a fascinating overview. At this time, Clinton is the only logical choice who is fit to be president, considering the loose cannon that is the Republican presumed nominee. Trump gets more outrageous daily. I would love to see Elizabeth Warren, as Clinton’s VP, but I don’t believe the country is ready for two women on the Democratic ticket. Elizabeth Warren is my favorite senator, as she tells it like it is and has no fear of speaking up to Wall Street, big banks, and wealthy billionaires like Trump, who won’t even show his tax returns, which is a first in a presidential election. Obviously he is concerned about what they will reveal so he is stonewalling (plus, he has absolutely NO political experience whatsoever). We are living in an election year that appears to be unparalleled. I look forward to more updates!

  11. Anne Bassett says:

    Where is all this dishonesty by Hillary that I keep hearing about. So far she and Bill have been exhonerated for White Water and all the waters she has had to swim to. All her business dealings and Bill’s are an open book. The fact that, as First Lady, she stayed with the President during the challenging time shows character to me.

    She has always been a fighter for women’s rights, insurance coverage for all, and when she forgets herself, she is very funny. She did an admirable job as Secretary of State-contrary to some people’s opinions.

    What is this about she can’t run the country. She was right there for 8 years of Bill, and 4 years as Secretary of State. Has everyone forgotten how well our country was financially during Bill Clinton? He paid off all our debts and had earmarked the surplus to go to Social Security to bolster it up. Don’t you think she learned anything from Bill and still has him to advise her?


  12. Debbie says:

    You are the third Numerologist, to say she will most likely win the election. It’s almost a how can she not. In a 9 year now & 2017 a one year for her & I believe Innauguration day is for her. However, I know one terrific numerologist & one terrific astrologer , that are friends & totally disagree. The Numerologist, says she’s in (however, she is in a 9 year & that can also be letting go or endings…either her personal life (no privacy, due to the position) or an ending to her political career) The Astrolger, says: Not So Fast, as she has MAJOR issues/situations coming up in her chart come the end of summer & it’s NOT small stuff…major doo doo. (? Indictments ???)
    …and to make it more interesting a channel said as you have. She is the perfect candidate for the future: Half Feminine/Half Feminine.
    It’ll certainly be interesting to watch.
    I seriously want a female president, I just wish it wasn’t her. I admire her brain & tenacity, but she is corrupt as all get out. I was hoping for someone that wouldn’t put up w/ her husbands infidelities (a lady deserves better than that crap) & someone whom is REALLY honest & not corrupt in any way. I want a woman that can show men & the world, how it SHOULD be done !
    Maybe, someday.

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