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On the Brink of New World Renaissance–Believe it or Not!

Gracious, from the looks and sounds of the media and the crowds, you would think that the world is crashing apart.  Here in

Flowers bloom in time.

Flowers bloom in time.

America we have the angry and outrageous and the exhausted and the silent.  Overseas we have wars cropping up like mushrooms after the rain.  We have people closing ranks and wanting walls to keep the “others” out.  Nobody else is allowed on this ship or the whole thing will sink.  Grrrrrrr!

And then, there is the rest of the story.  We are progressing.  This is what it looks like as we move forward into a new age.  It looks like its all kicking and screaming and temper tantrums of delayed adults.  Nothing like change to scare people to death.  The one thing humans do not like is change.  Somehow, I think they think it signifies loss.  I have to give up this old car to get a new one.  The good news is that no matter how much it looks like the good, the bad and the ugly, a new dawn is here.  Remember, the last Renaissance we had began in 1301 and was launched by the plague in Europe.  It killed off about 1/3 of the population and ended the feudal system, the beginning of the end of the kings, Popes and feudal lords and developed a merchant class.  Each Renaissance lasts approximately 300 years and it ushered in the birth of the United States which would then become the catalyst of change for the New World.  The New World was actually created in the 1600’s and gave us the pilgrims, colonists and eventually a Revolution.

Guess what folks, we are in another Renaissance.  This is one of the reasons why the world’s hair is on fire.  Regions that have been left in the dark ages are now being pulled into the light of the new era.  Hence, much of the middle east is in the cross hairs.  You will see the beginning of the end of the heavy thuggish rulerships left over from colonial days, dictators left over from the cold war and the rise of the female into power positions.  Make no mistake, what you are seeing as candidates and leaders are archetypes of the old and new coming into view.  Old ways of corruption, power grabs, fake and false prophets are all in the cross hairs.  The advancement of technology will put everyone through data and spit out the useless.

It won’t happen overnight but do not think that it is not happening.  We are transforming as a civilization.  We are learning about our eternal origin and destiny.  We are being unified through antagonistic factors in human affairs.  We are completing and transforming world religions.  We are entering the “era of humanity”.  Old leaders are dying out and younger more inclusive leaders are taking their place.  Have faith and calm down.  Anger really doesn’t get you much except the possibilities of making a mistake and developing high blood pressure.  Keep your sense of humor or find it if you have lost it during these last several months.  Watch out for the pitfalls of consuming the latest fads and quick fixes–especially in the area of spiritual development.

“If you don’t realize the source, you stumble in confusion and sorrow.  When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, distinterested, amused, dignified as a king.  Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes, you are ready.”  Tao Te Ching. 


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  1. William Dawson says:

    An Internet Video Publication….Voicing Economic Development Plans Not Being Heard
    esprit de corps
    The Poet’s Creed
    For I would go to the far grey edges of sanity with my pen if called upon.
    To defend your right and the pleasures of your music and soul.
    From ” Publisher’s Lament ”

    To: International Indigenous People’s Alliance Dated 9-21-2017
    Black Hills Unity Festival
    Center For Sacred Studies
    Ehanmani (Dr. A. C. Ross)
    Mary Beth & Peter Yarrow
    My Friends and Family:
    Below are my comments with respect to the International Indigenous People’s Alliance To Protect Sacred Sites: A Proclamation. My intention is Healing, my own and others in this regard, and the vehicle I am using is an old Indian method of story telling. Thus I am completing a story, The Life and Times of General Noswad, I began in 1981 (see Ps. below), in which I can say whatever I want to for from my perspective….You Have Not Heeded The Voice of Your Elders of Old nor have you learned how to defend yourselves in a world that takes their share off the top.
    Focal Point: The Declaration of Independence of 1776 can best be defined as follows….To rid ourselves of A Currency Dominated Society, its Social Ills, its Elitism and Royalty, and its Jealously Induced Class Distinctions. A Document, universal and spiritually derived, that resonates with every heart of mankind around the world….Terrorist Robber Rapist and Saint.
    With this as your Focal Point and the fact that you are a Sovereign Nation within a Nation that has dictated and imposed its banking system that is not aligned with the Declaration of Independence upon your Nation….YOUR FIRST and ONLY STEP IS THE CREATION of A BANKING SYSTEM ALIGNED WITH YOUR SPIRITAULITY….The Philosophy of The Squaw, I Shall Eat Last….The Essence of Jesus Christ. This banking system I envision to be an Internet Trade Bank that connects all the Tribes around The World. This system will be backed up by A Homing Bird Communication System for those occasional down times. This was The Intent of The Founding Fathers of America to consume that which one produces for their family and trade the remainder. No Court will deny you this right. As to Your Sacred Sites, one must learn detachment to survive emotionally. The more you detach and flow with the current the easier time one will have once The Currents of Change have settled. No one nor No God can ever sever your communication system with The High Power. Unity and Peace will only come when we again learn to Communicate with our hearts, the original language of silence, instead of the other lower senses such as sight for life is an illusion, and it is the play behind the screen that is real. This means no longer referring to your fellow human beings by color for they are all Red Blooded and that is all that counts. Keep in Mind Your Past, for You have Given Away Paradise for The want of A Nickel, and now you want someone to give it back. Take Responsibility for allowing this to happen and remember in a Spiritual War You Claim and Act Accordingly, you do not Protest.
    This Proclamation stands superior to any other Proclamation or Declaration (UNDRIP) yet inferior to its Origin….The Declaration of Independence of 1776.

    Respectfully Yours,

    William T. Dawson
    Ps. I have titled this chapter….General Noswad Returns to The Black Hills To Retrieve Dawson’s Horses
    When my world cratered in Houston Texas in 1980 there was anywhere between 35-70,000 people relocating to town a month, and I unconsciously began channeling the voice of God in the form of Art and Writing. At the time I still had not yet discovered that I was a Highly Sensitive Person. What I began doing can best be described by Marta Ramos Oliveira in her dissertation WEAVING LIFE STORIES: HEALING SELVES IN NATIVE AMERICAN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVES….”My aim is to show how indigenous writers have appropriated a Western mode which, in its canonical configuration, was used to sustain narratives of individuation and how they use it to heal historical wounds resulting from the violent colonization process and its consequences so as to envision collective survival”. In this context, the biggest wound that needed closure was when my mother took my music away from me and restricted/prohibited my listening to any music, thus I began to write and paint. I titled the story The Life and Times of General Noswad. General Noswad being a social worker who did not know how to read or write who has a twin brother, Brother “Tom Ass”, a primitive abstract artist and The General’s Spiritual Guide. Just Bill is The General’s Adjunct and letter writer. Below is what I wrote and with your assistance will be completed….The Production of The Family Re-Union. Its message seems more fitting today though.

  2. Geza Kisch says:

    It seems that most people think out of theirright brain ( the emotional side),
    envisioning a lovydoby hugfest in the new era, which is probaly is inaccurate.

    It would be refreshing to see a left brained approach how will the new era actually looks like.
    What will be the societal structure, how will it function on Monday mornign (not on weekeneds) what will be the engine, human product etc.

    Comments seem to indicate we all wish for something better, but noboday seem to be able to diescribe what are the inner workings, and content of the society coming and why will be that way?

    Utopia is the subject of envisisoning a desired society at various time in history. Then again, not all visions are well thought through and desirable in all ages. Plato’s description of utopian society makes the DDR look like a picnic looking back from our age.

    Nobody can see the future with 100% accuracy, that is why defining the main structure and engine of the coming society is importamt so we can gradually developa more refined vision specific enough to serve as a guidance system.

    Perhaps the tendencies are not strong enough yet to see details and Gail is right, this election and perhaps the next is not as important as the election in 1024 will be, when tendencies will be more pronounced and in sharper focus.

  3. Linda says:

    Thank you, Gail, for your post ~ yes, sometimes it does feel like the world is crashing apart. The only bright spot I see with this horrific election is that hopefully it has shaken the parties to their core and new beginnings will sprout.
    The saying, no pain, no gain comes to mind. I pray there will be eventual gain…

  4. Sharon says:

    I don’t know how Jessica Leeds and Trump got into a comment section about Renaissance and transformation, but indeed it has now been verified back then arm rests did go up. Phil Derner, founder of NYC Aviation and an aviation consultant, said flights using the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed L-1011 aircraft flew into both La Guardia and John F. Kennedy airports in New York during the time period in question. In fact, the aircraft were designed specifically for shorter runways like La Guardia’s — the wide-bodied planes had a third engine, giving them additional thrust and making it possible for them to operate in more confined airports. Further, Derner said it is impossible to claim that the seats in the plane Leeds and Trump were flying in didn’t have movable arm rests without knowing specifically which flight they were on. He reported that every airline had the option of outfitting their aircraft with a variety of different seat types, including arm rests that moved up and down to allow passengers to create a larger, two-person seat if they so wished.

    I give thanks that transformation is afoot and what we need is patience and prayers that all beings are awakening. It begins with each of us having grateful hearts that we are evolving, personally and collectively, as part of this renaissance process. EVOLVE has the word LOVE in it (spelled backwards) which is the essence of our being and an important part of humanity unfolding. Crisis awakens and often what looks like crisis (Chinese ideogram for danger or opportunity) is energy for change in our commitment to trusting the process. Resources tell us that the ancients realized when there were times of great upheaval and the stakes were high and the outcome very much in doubt, the possibility existed for creating something far better. Crisis can be an empowering process because it causes us to become more conscious, which is what is transpiring all around us. And as Herman Hesse said, “the healing magic is attention.”

  5. loretta ricciardi says:

    Out with the old, in the with new is right! Bring on a NEW government system completely. We won’t stand for corruption any longer.

  6. Sue Davis says:

    this is wonderful. I can’t hardly wait to see some of the changes The is what we call the age of aquarius. There will be love,peace, and understanding.

  7. Pearl Nicolino says:

    I will be very glad when this election will be over. When I heard the story of the woman who talked about being in 1 st class on the airplane and was assaulted by Donald Trump. If you buy that story…….If you have ever been in 1 st class seats on an airplane. The arm rests DON”T move. That is a BOLD faced LIE!!!!

  8. Debbie says:

    As Always, very enjoyable !
    However, I do think most everyone, will be glad when early November, is over !
    Even if you try & ignore it…ENOUGH !!!

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