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October 2010 Numerology Shows Improvements

October 2010 Numerology Shows Improvements

October 2010 Numerology Shows Improvements

October 2010 Numerology Shows Improvements

If you are feeling really stressed and under a great deal of pressure right now,

you should be aware that this summer is one of the most active in both Numerology and Astrology.

Do not despair.  July, August and much of September are energy intense months.  They are filled with all kinds of transits, squares, oppositions and eclipses that are, mildly put, oppressive.  If you are feeling discouraged about the progress of your plans, keep this in mind.

October starts a one month and cleans out much of this heavy stuff.  You are not alone in your situation.  Keep moving yourself forward as best you can, without harsh self-judgment.  We are going from the eye of the storm through the storm to get to the calm after the storm.

If things are not working out for you in July, keep your eye on the ball and many of your plans will fall into place after September.  There is another Mercury Retograde coming up August 20th and completes on September 12th.  My advice is to get as much done before and after these dates.  More on that next month.

To help you through this period:

1)   Take care of one day at a time.

2)   Take advantage of great pricing right now and purchase accordingly.  Build your business NOW.  Bet on yourself.  2010 is a 3 year in Numerology.  This means be really creative and be unusual.

3)   Re-arrange your finances. Look at what you need to do that you have avoided.  Do you need to move to a new location? Close out accounts, a business?  Call your bank.  Ask for a discount from your doctor/dentist/hospital.  I have had success with all three when I asked.

Look into university dental schools for dental work.  Those close to the Mexican border can go to a very good dental practice down there.  Several people in Southern California drive over the border into Tijuana for good, inexpensive dental care.  Keep thinking outside the box for your services.

4)   Give up your pride. This period can free you from many of your old beliefs that don’t work for you any more.

5)   Remember, women, young people and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds are increasingly ascending to power.  The seeds of change are in this group.

Think global for your business.  My favorite Indian restaurant now does the bulk of his business from Indian tour buses that come to Los Angeles.  In the last two months, 6,000 customers came to his restaurant through tour buses.  He is not a big restaurant, just a good one.  He became creative to save his business.

6)   You are not desperate. Get calm through these next 3 months.  All you can do is all you can do. Lean into what you can do easily even if you think it is silly.

My best to you always,

Gail Minogue

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