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Numerology vs Astrology–What is the difference?

I am often asked this question.  It seems most people know their “sign” but theyIllustration of fictional planet with rising sun. don’t know their number (or more appropriately, numbers).  If they do know their signs and numbers, they most likely do not know how they work separately and together.  Numbers make the world go round.  Everything is made up of quantifiable energy.  We use numbers to identify it.  Every blade of grass or stick of gum is made up of chemical formulas that are registered by numbers.  So are we!

When we are born and take our first breath, we are magnetized by the planetary alignment that occurs at that instant.  This lifelong magnetizing carries us along and sets up a particular energy package that we learn to work with and identify with.  For instance, if you were born with a sun in Cancer and a Moon in Sagittarius, you would operate in this lifetime with the characteristics of the Cancerian.  Your emotional makeup is governed by the moon and so your emotional nature would take on the characteristics of Sagittarius.  Where each planet is located at the time you took your first breath will result in creating your unique personality, action behavior, karma etc.   Your entire energy package is dictated by the constellations in the heavens at the time of your birth.

Since constellations change placements in the heavens (as observed from earth), we say these planets are in transit.  The movements affect each of us in our own unique way.

This entire planetary system has unique geometric properties.  We can say that the universe is, in some way, a unique giant brain filled with synapses, neurons etc.  The structure is analogous to a warehouse that houses all the constellations.  The blueprint for the house is called sacred geometry and an easier way to work with sacred geometry is called Numerology.

On the date of your birthday you were given a direction and time frame for this life.  You would know when to begin, to end, to hold, to rest, to run, to change etc.  We call this the life path.  The name you chose before birth and registered at birth contains letters that mask the numbers of your personality, past live experience, motivations and destiny for this lifetime.  It’s very telling for those who can interpret these letters and uncover the information.

When we set out on our journey at birth, we spiral in, breath our first breath, use the energy package given to us by the heavens and work within the numeric blueprint the entire time we remain here.  They go together.  You cannot be here without a structural blueprint in the date of birth and the name.  You also cannot be here without the energy package.

All planets and letters (numbers) are constantly transiting so this could be a hard year and next year a good year.  You could be shy or bold.  It is all there for you to explore.


5 responses to “Numerology vs Astrology–What is the difference?”

  1. PostMan says:

    I love your blog. Wonderful thoughts and explanations. Never make the mistake that science knows everything, or can even get close to real understanding of the universe. Even science says there are billions of galaxies like ours and most probably billions of universes. How could these exist without meaning. The meaning was known by our ancestors and is there in numerology and astrology.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    What do you mean by real Brian?

  3. Personal Numerology says:

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  4. Brian says:

    Is numerology real?

  5. How do I get numbering I’m a Gemini

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