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Numerological Blueprint of The Presidential Candidates of 2008

Presidential Candidates of 2008

Presidential Candidates of 2008

Numerological Blueprint of The Presidential Candidates of 2008

A few things to remember when looking at a person’s birth blueprint: 1) The name was chosen before birth to be used by that Soul who would be journeying on the earth plane. 2) The name chosen is impressed upon the parents’ subconscious to be given as the name at birth. 3) The date is chosen as well. These tools, the date of birth and the name at birth tell the tale of the personality, emotional makeup, talents, challenges, karmic implications from past lives, what that individual is striving to accomplish and the major learning lesson of this particular lifetime.

From this backdrop, I present an outline of each candidate. They all represent a picture of us — as does the current administration of George Bush. Be very careful as to whom you place in the office. Has the country’s ability to discern grown during the last eight years?


Who is this person who seems to have appeared from nowhere? The great orator! No wonder he won the primary! Can he win a general election? Who knows! He is definitely the visionary. No doubt about it. His chart has three master numbers in it Most of us don’t even have one. He has three placement of the #11 — the number of light. Biden, McCain and Obama all have the same Life Path, the #11. All have some type of visionary presence but Obama triples it. This power can change the environment to create new conditions and new lives. Faith Javane in her book “Master Numbers” states that “people who have incarnated under the number 11 have not reached the heights, but they can draw on Cosmic aid for attainment… …These individuals will be tested for their honesty and sincerity. They will be required to practice the ‘Golden Rule’ and to live up to the standards expected of a master number person.”

The difference between Obama and McCain is that in McCain’s chart, he is missing this number in his name and Obama already has it in his. This signals that McCain has a karmic situation in that he must learn how to do this rather than “be it”. Obama has already done this in prior lives and it is natural behavior to him. He is truly the peacekeeper and can use his power to achieve rather than force the issue.

Do you notice how others are always encouraging him to be more aggressive and more combative? That is not his approach. He reasons and declares. His emotional makeup is like the bull in the pen. He appears very quiet just standing there and is slow to anger. When he does, watch out! His power is strong and scary. Obama has the 800 pound gorilla in the basement. You do not want to mess with it when it gets mad. He can break your knees or worse. He can use it when he must. Besides, he strongly dislikes authority. This has to do with an issue with his father. It shows in his chart that his original authority figure (the father) was not there for him. Very early on, I mean really early on, as a little boy, he made an unconscious decision to be his own authority. To be what he has become today required him to have this perfect set up with the parents. By learning to be his own authority, he could take stands that others could not fathom. By being born into a mixed racial family it allowed him to prepare for a future time when he would come on the world scene. No doubt about it, he is a force. Question is, is America at a developmental stage of itself to accept this leader?

With a personality, destiny and Life Path of the #11, he is endowed with qualities of leadership and inspiration above the ordinary. When you hear him speak, you are hearing the great #11 personality speaking. This is very powerful. With so much #11 and so much insight and light, it can frighten off people who are really afraid of “being exposed”. Much of what you read about him being almost “Lincoln-like” is true. He has the ability to see both sides and to reason to conclusion that satisfies both sides.

His chart is showing the #9 humanitarian as his Soul number. Wow, here is another power number. He has been here in other lives as almost a Gandhi figure. He has learned to detach and let go of lots of stuff. By having recent past lives as a humanitarian, he is well versed in the suffering of the human condition.

All in all, he conveys a spiritual quality and people have resonated to him at the collective unconscious level. In some powerful way he has tapped into America’s collective unconscious. This quality can also backfire. Certainly this package, including the physical aspect, can stir up negative aspects of the collective — its fears and its anxieties. The question then is, are the fears stronger than the light?

Although Obama is born under the sign of Leo, he possesses a great deal of Aquarian energy. This powerful combination places him as coming from the heart — the Leo aspect as well as the head — the Aquarian aspect. He thinks, reasons and innovates. As we are transitioning into the Aquarian age, away from the Piscean Age, I believe he is the way shower of what this new energy, Aquarius energy, is all about. For those who are frightened by a thinking, perceptive person, they will call him aloof, elitist etc. The fact is he is somewhat detached to needing all the stuff others think is so “cool”. He can be detached in order to serve better. This is the leader filled with innovative ideas and light and powerful psychic ability. He has the ability to channel and some of the masses really don’t know what to make of it.

He did come into this earth plane missing the number 7 in his chart. He has had to learn to not take things at face value and to become more discerning. He must not, in this lifetime, have a superficial understanding of important matters. This is critical. It is excellent that he spent so much time as a child learning the discipline of learning. The fact that he invested much time in challenging schools is an indication that he is self-directed to know more and to ask the right questions. I would hope that that quality would continue on with the people who surround him.

Last but least, he is born on a #4 day. This indicates he is a really hard worker. Work and being productive is extremely important to him. He will work until it is accomplished.

Question is: “Is America ready for him?”


First of all, the III represents only an earth placement. That means he is coming in as the 3rd placement of a group. Here, again we have the Master Number 11. This is a very different energy than Obama. McCain is missing this number in his name and that has great significance. The missing #2 or 11 indicates a Soul who must learn patience, diplomacy, tact and persuasion. Above all patience and partnership must be fostered. You have heard he has a temper. I’ll take it further and says he has a temper and is very impatient. I am sure he was not patient in choosing his running mate.

Deep in his heart is the #1. That is his Soul Number. That means he has had quite a number of past lives working with the energy of the individual, the leader, the innovator. He does not want to be #2 at all. This is where you see the maverick quality in his personality. He wants to do it the way he wants to do it.

His personality is the number 3, the witty one, the funny one, the schmoozer. These are the people who say what you want to hear rather than what they may really be thinking. They want you to like them so, to be careful; they can keep things on a pretty superficial. I have no doubt that on his bus or train “the straight-talk express”, he had a great time with the reporters and the media. He got to schmooze.

His destiny is the number 4, This is the doer and the organizer. It is definitely the traditional destiny. He can see a project through from start to finish but is not really that comfortable with change. He can put his nose to the grindstone and become a workaholic. Even though he wants to be seen as independent, he has a contempt for what is unstable, insecure and unpredictable. He trusts the tried and true. That is why it is easy for him to be in the military and be able to survive the prison conditions in Hanoi.

These qualities can make him a good government official and lawmaker but not necessarily the leader. This #4 destiny can focus too much on details and fall into a rut becoming dull and overly serious. That is the side you see at times when he is delivering a speech. If you notice, he can use Palin as his door opener. He doesn’t have the ability to sway the masses or charge the audience. She represents his maverick side for him and can stir up the audience.

Emotionally McCain had a challenging time early in life with the nurturing principle. His chart shows that the maternal influence would be detached and cold. This situation, mind you, is always set up prior to birth. He may get along famously with his Mother now but that was not always the case. In some way, he lost her early on even though she physically never left. He did not get the emotional nourishment from her very early on. It shows in his chart a very lonely childhood as if he was talked about in the 3rd person. What affect did it have on him and how does this play out in his life?

When this condition is in a person’s chart to the extent that it is in his, the person has a tendency to have a chip on their shoulder. They can feel every slight and come out swinging. They take things personally even those things that have nothing to do with them. They have a tendency to really want success and accomplishment to gain the Mother’s love. Mind you this is not conscious for McCain, it is an unconscious driver, left over from very early days. This is not to say he doesn’t love his Mother. He has learned to do that over time and he has become more patient and wiser as he has matured. Do you notice that he has used that word “I wasn’t mature” as his reasons for why he had an affair and left his first wife?

What is somewhat scary about this emotional makeup is a “user” quality. He is probably unaware of this quality. He can look at a person or a condition and consider how they can be useful to him. He has been bopped around several times for this. The most recent being when George Bush was able to bat him out of the park in the 2000 election. People catch on.

In the latter part of his life, he seems to be operating more from the Life Path #11 more and more. He seems to be more patient, more philosophical. In his chart, the latter part of his life is supposed to be devoted to helping humanity. I don’t know how much of that he is really doing. The #4 destiny, though, is still the traditionalist. I think if he is elected you will see him flip flop quite a bit on some of the issues. That is why a big part of the Republican base was suspect. His running mate Palin is supposed to cover that for him. Whether she does or not remains to be seen.

His chart shows a complete identity change that began over a year ago. It stays in his chart through next summer. I don’t think this is an easy time for him. The lonely childhood has helped him to understand the human condition more and he knows how people suffer. In some way, I honestly think he wants to help them. He also is a strong family man and I think he wants more and more the simplicity of childhood. It is almost his last hurrah. I wonder if, deep down, he really wants the presidency. If elected, he may not run a second term. I don’t think he will.


Here we have a very strong, strong individual. Good heavens can he work. He has the #4 personality that is willing to plow the back forty and the front forty. I don’t think anyone has any idea of who this guy really is. Currently he seems to stay out of the spot light. Again, he has the same Life Path as Obama but not nearly the amount of visionary presence. He can be a fabulous speaker and willing to say some things that come off as being very funny. He also can be extremely, I mean extremely sarcastic. I think he holds back on that one.

Biden is a man who, if sent off to battle, would wage war with everything he had and more. There is this enormous strength that outlasts most of his enemies. I am sure he has to keep it in check to operate in the Senate. He loves a good battle. It gives him a chance to match wits and practice with his verbal swords. The downside of this is that he can say things that just seem to fall out of his mouth without thinking. He is direct and blunt and can really provide the press with juicy comments on the talk shows.

Here is something that most people have no idea he possesses, he is very, very psychic. It is spooky. He probably wouldn’t call it that but boy he knows more that he lets on. He is very prophetic. Tremendously psychic and probably has prophetic dreams. The reason he has chosen to be in this role with Obama is connected to some sort of intuitive sense he has to do it. Fixed, my goodness, he is fixed. He uses his intuition and remains steadfast in his decision. I would never want to cross him in a fight. I think he can keep many, many secrets and wait until the right moment to use them.

Biden has a #9 destiny number so in this life time he is to become the humanitarian. This is a perfect condition for Obama. One of the things both of these men have in common is great loss. They have been forced to lose someone close to them, Obama both his Mother and Father and Biden his wife and daughter. The prominent 9 in a chart also has the lesson of detachment and letting go. It is the finishing number and requires that to serve well, you must be detached. This doesn’t mean aloofness; it really means the ability to think straight and clearly in times of trial and tribulation. The ability to detach allows a person to better assist and take action because one is not broken down by events. Both of these men are visionary in their ability to see into the future. Very nice quality during these times. They are sincerely interested in truth and in the masses.

Biden is missing the #3 in his chart. This usually results from past lives where he was extremely creative and gifted. Everything was provided in that lifetime, the right teachers, the best venues etc. Somehow or other, he walked away from it all. Back now in this lifetime, he has to work very hard in this area. Especially with the gift of the creative word. Do you notice how he excuses himself? Recently, he even suggested that Hillary Clinton might have been a better candidate than he. Amazing!

What happens when a person is missing the #3 is that they are very self-critical and always find something wrong with their own performance, i.e., the Clinton comments. He has to learn to again and again speak up for himself so that he is heard. This is a serious issue for the campaign. So far, nobody is paying much attention to him. It is essential that he go out of his way to be heard and to not be so critical of what he says. He must lighten up on himself and go have fun with the speeches. If he can do that, and see it more as a sport, he will do well. His aides must keep him away from the microphones when he mentions denigrating comments about his own performance. That is his 800 pound gorilla. He is harder on himself than anyone else can be on him. He does have patience — Lordy does he have patience. That is a good thing. He also is very, very good in the diplomatic area. He can work very well with the world and he has had excellent training on the Foreign Relations committee in the Senate.

Regarding his childhood, he had to stuff many things. He was told to not talk about family matters. This included how he felt about things. He learned to never talk about deep personal stuff. What that did to him was keep him talking in safe areas that he knew something about. His deepest fear was not to look stupid. Hopefully, he has overcome this fear. Taken to the extreme, this can result in a person who needs to be right. The reason they need to be right is so they don’t look like they don’t know what they are talking about (fear of looking stupid).

Deep in Biden’s heart he loves his freedom. I don’t think change rattles him. He has had plenty of past life experience where change was a constant. He can adjust to it quite well. He has a #5 Soul Number, the same number as America’s Life Path. He can be very progressive and that is the gasoline in his engine.

This latter part of his life is to be occupied assisting humanity–#9 pinnacle. He is in a similar position as McCain in that this time of their lives should be devoted to benefitting not only themselves but also the masses. This is activating Biden’s destiny of the #9 and it is as if he had been preparing for this time of his life for a long time.

Biden speaks the truth but has the detective mind. It doesn’t reveal all but it is all in there waiting for the right moment to use the information. Powerful!


Where did she come from? Probably deep within the recesses of our minds. Palin is definitely on her mission. She has another Master Number 33 — the same number as our current President George Bush. 33’s all have something similar in common, they feel they know what is best for you and they are compelled to see that it is accomplished. Lynn Buess in his book “Numerology for the New Age” speaks of those who possess this life path “come to serve mankind in a grand fashion and affiliate with groups or institutions whose primary aim is to relieve the suffering of humanity on Earth. In many instances, those with the thirty-three have been part of a group in an earlier life that created frustration, confusion, or pain for others on the planet. Consequently, they come back laden with a compulsion to help. At their worst, the compulsion is grating, even obnoxious to those who see them as self-righteous to a fault.”

Thirty three’s frequently have deep rooted conflicts to overcome before they can serve effectively. They have to overcome their own “self-righteous” behavior. You can see that strongly in Bush’s behavior. What normally happens to a 33 life path is the necessity for a humbling experience to get rid of the self-righteous behavior. You can see that just beginning in Bush’s life. It will also occur in Palin’s. When, I don’t know. Perhaps this is part of it being played out now.

Ambitious, whew is she ambitious. She has a #4 personality and #4 Soul Number. She has to work and want things definitely a certain way. Four’s tend to box themselves in and are not the best at making changes. Her own chart is missing the #4 so work is a karmic condition for her. She will tend to overdo it or underdo it. It was not her favorite area in past lives. This energy, the #4 personality and #4 Soul Number is why you see her being called the barracuda. Relentess in her drive. Others tend to not make suggestions to her because they are somewhat afraid of her. With all this #4 in her chart and having it also as one of her Karmic numbers, her general attitude is conservative and can be intolerant, even hostile toward people who seem not willing to earn their way. Much of her self-image is based upon her accomplishments and the achievements of her family. Social standing, property and success are very much related to her personal security. I have no doubt that if she fails to get the vice-presidency, she will be back for another run at something else in Washington.

Her destiny is the #8, the big power number. None of the other candidates has this number. She wants power and that is where she is headed. If not now then it will be later. I have no doubt she loves the power and contacts of Washington and will be back.

Her belief systems are in line with the #4 personality. Very traditional. The religious issue is strong in her chart because of the #33 life path. Both she and bush are in the same camp with religion and the blending of it with government.

Being an Aquarian, she is born at the right time to enact her belief systems. Her emotional makeup is something else. She has the same makeup in her chart as McCain. I don’t believe that she had the nurturing Mother situation and can get very slighted where no slight was intended. She has to prove, therefore, that she has the authority and will come out fighting even when the comment was not directed at her. Again, as with McCain, there is a “using” capacity in this emotional makeup. “How can you be useful to me?”

When she turned 40, Palin set off a very strong 9 year period of power, wealth and authority. She is in this power zone until she is 49. She is in a learning curve of how to use her energy, time and resources right now. If she does become part of the Presidency, she will grow in power over the next 4 years. At 49, things will begin to go in a very different direction. Up until she was 40, Palin was in a box and at that age she was let out. Notice that she only got her passport last year and has never travelled or had experience with the outside world. After 49, she goes back to a smaller arena. This is her moment.

Palin appeals to another collective unconscious of America. This is a more angry part of the unconscious, those who feel they have been wronged or misunderstood or left behind. In this way, it is almost as if the collective is being used to further her ambition. She can, therefore, satisfy this 33 Life Path. Because the underlying aspect of this number is to be genuinely concerned with the welfare of the world, unless her intention are pure in this respect, a humbling experience will be created to help get her to that point of consciousness.

Last, but not least, she is missing the #7 in her birth name. This is a karmic condition in which she must learn discernment and the need to specialize. She cannot take things at face value or stay on the surface of information. She must learn to go deeper and want to know. This is also a deeply spiritual number. Missing in her chart signifies the need to learn faith over fear and to develop the higher mind.

She will not be fading from the scene. She has just entered it. If she is not part of the new team in Washington, she will find a way to get there. America lives in change since it has a 5 Life Path. Palin has to learn how to handle change. It is not her favorite experience. Even though both she and McCain talk about change, they each have prominent 4’s, they really don’t thrive on change.

The Candidates’ Wives

Since these are the people who pillow talk with the candidates, I thought you might be interested in knowing more about them. The old expression that behind every successful man is a woman has a great deal of merit. Since one of these women will influence the decisions that affect us, it would be nice to know more about them.


The Leader. Who would figure on that? I have barely heard a word from this woman. She seems to be the smiling replacement of Nancy Reagan. She’s not. Her Life Path is the big Master Number 44 and her Destiny is the Master Number 11. If you read the piece last month on the four candidates, you will understand that all of them show the number 11. Obama has 3 of them, McCain has one and Biden has one. Palin is born on an 11 day. That is the weakest of the bunch. I still believe this whole group has been together before.

Cindy’s chart shows past life military experience and I am not surprised that she was attracted to a military man. I do not think she ever bargained for what went with it. Cindy’s learning lesion in this lifetime is to become the benevolent leader. Her Soul Number is the six which indicates a real longing to help those less fortunate or with special needs. She got her master’s degree in Special Education and tried to do that work. Her family and her marriage have pulled her far from her real love — being in charge of compassionate service work that brings light to a weary world. Instead she finds herself devoting time to her husband’s office and the duties involved with it. I am sure she dislikes Washington and what goes with it.

As Chairman of Hensley & Co., one of the largest beer and spirits distributors in the United States, she is honoring her family’s business. I would imagine this has provided her with an enormously comfortable life but not a fulfilled one. My guess is that much of her back problems and the ensuing surgery that went with it, are a result of her not feeling supported by the universe and those around her. Backs give out by injury or aging as an indication of lack of support. Certainly the addiction to painkilling drugs, the deception to get the drugs and the intervention and eventual rehab point to a form of self-medication. There were two pains in her life at the time, the surgical and the emotional.

Cindy is a very smart woman who loves variety and freedom. I wonder how much she actually gets. She has a big 5 personality. The number of the rolling stone, the adventurer and the change agent. Five also rules the five senses and this type of personality can over-indulge in things of the senses — food, booze, sex, drugs etc. The prior drug addiction is not surprising. It’s interesting too, that she is chairwoman of a booze business. This is not to say that she indulges in it. The curiosity aspect and the need to be free are still there.

Cindy is missing the number two in her name. So is her husband. The two of them are really trying to learn what it really means to be in relationship. As part of that learning, they need to learn patience, compromise, diplomacy, tact, persuasion etc. It is evident that John has to learn this but it is not as evident in her chart. She has the big 11 destiny which compensates for the missing 2. The downside of this missing number is the other extreme, the person who loses their identity to another. In trying to be compromising, patient, etc., they lose themselves. My sense is that is what Cindy McCain has done.

There are glimmers through her trail of light that she sincerely wants to be a leader of some compassionate work. This is really her passion. If she can do that and still remain a free bird, she will be a happy camper. Certainly the wealth derived from her business can afford the opportunity to form and run that sort of endeavor.

Part of her pain in this lifetime is an early letdown by one or both parents. I would say probably her father. Whatever the circumstances coming into this life, she felt a sense of betrayal very early. This left an indelible impression regarding the issue of trust. This is the wound of this chart — trust. She has had to rely on herself and really dislikes leaning on anyone else. Because of the lack of trust early on, she might create people she can’t trust or who let her down. As a result, she may not have gotten the emotional support she needed. Certainly she was betrayed by the person who reported her former addiction to painkillers.

My sense is that she would be very happy not being the candidate’s wife. This just doesn’t fit her chart. She needs to be seen much more as the true leader in this group. The person who hires and fires and raises others’ boats as she becomes more successful. I believe she can be a big influence in the Special Education area and she may have influenced her husband in his choice of Sarah Palin. One of the areas of interest to Cindy is children with Down’s syndrome.

Cindy’s emotional nature is to see things in the light of a girl scout. She sees things in a positive light and doesn’t want to be burdened by the heaviness or seriousness of a situation. She can be very funny and witty. She should be allowed to let it rip but I have a feeling she toes the company line and loses her identity in the girl-scout profile. She is very personable. Cindy has been through a lot and is still standing. She is not a user of people and is more generous than not. I think she would be very happy basing herself out of Arizona and visiting Washington. She needs a lighter environment. Her chart shows 2008 as a power year for her. After this year she goes into an ending period (2009). I am not sure if that will be an ending to Washington or an ending to Arizona. Her life really goes into a big new beginning in 2010.


The Brilliant One. Oh my gosh is she smart! I wonder how she tolerates all the lies floating around her. Talk about a thinker, she is it. Truth teller too. Can’t stand lying. Michelle is a very private person and needs time alone to process events. She has been to this earth plane so many times and, at some level, she is probably bored by some of it. She certainly can be bored by trivial thinkers and shallow conversation.

Michelle is a very much in step with her husband. She, too, has the big Life Path 11. She is on her “assignment” in this lifetime. The same as Obama. They both are to inspire the rest of us and bring us forward out of our own darkness. She will do it with her mind. She has also been a writer in prior lives so she can deliver the written word very well in this one. There is much past life experience coming through in her chart.

Michelle’s Soul number is nine. This indicates a recent past life as the humanitarian. This is the same Soul number as Obama. They come from similar motives — how can we benefit humanity. No wonder she has had such good education. The money to educate her in better academic circles has been money well spent. Her Destiny and Personality numbers are both the number seven. In the ancient days if you had had this number as your destiny, you would have been removed from your family to be raised by priests and scholars so that your mind could be properly developed. Her thinking is vast and visionary. She could have run for office herself but I believe she is too private for that.

Michelle’s manner of speaking is saying what she means and meaning what she says. This is the person who sees the big picture and can be very diplomatic if need be. For those who want sweet talk, this is not your person. If she is not careful, she can be perceived as too critical or judgmental, too mental and too detached. She is the thinking person’s representative. That may or may not work to her advantage in a campaign. Most campaigns are built on gut feelings and sizzle. I don’t think people really know who she is and I think, at this point, that is perfect for her. Remember, she is very private.

An underlying pain in this chart has to do with friendship. She is a better friend to her friends than they are to her. That can sometimes hurt. She gives more to her friends that she gets. The trick here, though, is that she can make it hard for the friends to give back to her. She is really learning the give and take of friendship. If one of her friends landed in jail, she would bail them out and wouldn’t ask anything in return for that. That is the type of friend she is. Problem with all of that is the lesson of receiving and learning how to do that. Friendship is about giving AND receiving.

One of the goals of a person with a seven destiny is to teach people how to think. She can be seen as someone to go to for rational ideas, common sense and a broader picture. I have no doubt that Obama recognizes these qualities and uses her as a guide and a sounding board. He is missing the number seven in his chart and she supplies ample amounts of it. They really are a dedicated, united pair. Whatever happens in this election, she is going on to a very high calling. Her chart shows 2008 as a brand new beginning, launching a new way of life. It will be interesting to see if the launch is to Washington.

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