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At Disneyland there is a children’s ride called “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”.  The first time I went on this ride umpteen years ago, it twisted and turned and went up and down–sort of like our economy and our stock market.  It can make you a little dizzy if you stay on this ride too long.  I would suggest you not follow the ride too closely these days.  It can do some harmful things to your stress levels.

All of these extreme ups and downs of our markets, the world’s markets, the oil spill, the identity check in Arizona, the housing crisis, the job crisis, the government shortfalls, the deficit, the health care bill, the tax bill and, of course, all of our own bills is enough to drive you to drink.  During this pressure cooker period, please remember a few things:

1)   We need to clean up the government house, the financial house, the foreign house and, of course, our own house.  We could not continute to move forward in light of the bloated conditions of the society.  It is the lean horse that runs the long race.  We need to get lean and so we are.

2)   There really isn’t any “safe” place to park your monies at the current time.  You can try gold but that should fluctuate all over the place over the next five years.

3)   There is always money made in harsh times.  Find the business or investment that makes sense to you, gives good value and has legs.

4)   Think of yourself as “self-employed” always.  Even if you work for the government, think that you  are your own employer.

5)   Do not follow the markets every day unless you are a day trader or a broker as your livelihood.

6)   Remember there is abundance all around you.  Notice it.  God did not file bankruptcy and never has and never will.  Lean into the supreme intelligence and stay close.  Every morning read a passage that sustains you so that you stop paying so much attention to the scary stuff out there.

7)   Know what you want.  Get clear with this and write it out.  Do not keep going back and checking it.  Stay connected to the unseen world from which all ideas, inventions and material goods come from.  Read Joel Goldsmith’s “Invisible Supply” and depend upon this invisible supply at all time.  Stop working for the money.  Does that sound nuts?  Instead work well without suffering and depend upon the “invisible supply” to pay you.  It will.

8)   We have about 14-15 years of this corrective stuff.  Adjust, adjust and adjust some more.  We are in the midst of creative destruction so we can build a better social and economic contract.  In a way,  America is going through another revolution.

9)   Pay more attention to the people who are running your government and your monies.  If you do not like the way the system is headed, become intelligently involved to change it.

10)  These are important times.  An era is dying.  People are clinging to the lifeboats and acting rude.  Never forget that we are all connected and always have been, that you live in supply as a fish lives in the ocean.  Stop searching for it, you are in it.   You will be restored.

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