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I have spoken and written many times of the unspoken language of our times.  It is filled with symbols and metaphors of a larger system in play.  I call it the invisible system as it appears to operate unseen–unless you understand how and where to look  for it.  We have just experienced one of the unspoken symbols of this language and that is the relentless closing down of an Age.  In this time period it is the ending of the Piscean Age.

The Piscean Age is transiting out while the Aquarian Age in transiting in.  Remember, we must grow out of something in order to grow into something.  These transits are huge but slow.  An Age itself is approximately 2200 years.  We have been living under the Age of Pisces shortly before the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.  This is the Age of religions, compassion, feelings, emotions, guilt, fear, suffering and sacrifice.  It is represented by fluids–namely water.  During this period we have had many initiations by water, water got turned into wine, Jesus walks on water, calms stormy seas, baptisms by water etc.  It is also a time of fluids such as oil.  It is the time of the collective versus the individual.  We all sang the same songs, listened to the Kings, priests, Lords etc. to tell us what to do.

As we go deeper into the Aquarian Age, the Age of air, rational mind, the individual, detachment, practical over the sentimental, brotherhood of man, technological advancements and the speeding up of time, we begin to adapt and take on the qualities of the new Age.  No greater was the contrast than was shown to us in our recent election for the American President Here were two men representing the past and the future.  Romney, born under the sign of Pisces (he has three planets in Pisces) and Obama, born under the sign of Leo (polarity of Aquarius) with an Ascendant and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius.  (Very much a part of America’s birth chart–America’s moon (representing the people) is in the sign of Aquarius).

Recognize that a door to the past Age is closing.  The old order of  religious righteousness, concentrated power–particularly in the older white male, anti-abortion etc. is fading away.  We are developing the strength of the individual “in the collective”, establishing the brotherhood of man (gay rights, minority leadership, rights of women, raising of the middle class) as well as the ability to think, rationalize, encourage higher education, science, technology and detachment.  Rather than community developed through religious orders, we are developing community through social media, compatible interests and non-religious charitable organizations.  Humans want community but they are learning to develop as individuals–thinking rather than only feeling or reacting.  It takes time but we have plenty of that.

This giant system of order in the universe is directly connected to the constellations.  As they transit and move based on the precession of the equinox, humanity advances.  It was very important for our and the world’s advancement that we elect a leader in line with where we are going not where we have been.  The difference in China’s election of a closed system where the individual has no say in its government is a part of the old Piscean order.  In time, they, too, will advance forward into a world where the rights of the individual are respected.  America is the experimental station for this grand advancement.  We must remember how we began and what we stand for.  Welcome Aquarius!  It is coming whether you try to cling to the past or not.  The old paradigm of central, powerful control in the hands of a few–particularly male–does not work and will be very costly if maintained.  Since we have begun living in the world of the 21st century, we now will experience a rise in the feminine.  Since the number two is a feminine number in numerology, we have a little under 988 more years of her rise in power.  Remember, we no longer “man” the booth, we “staff” it.  It takes time to gradually learn a new vocabulary of non-gender words but it is here.

The United States has some rough years ahead but remember the invisible system that is pulling the levers.  Recognize the signs and symbols of the unspoken language.


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