July 2013

More News on the Way

More News on the Way

July, 2013 – Happy Birthday America

1) The 7th month of the Year—July

It is important for you to remember that we are now in the throes of a Mercury Retrograde transit. It is wise to postpone any new starts, interviews, signing of contracts and major purchases (especially electronic) during this period. I would caution you about moving during this period as well as house shopping. You can look but do not sign. People tend to ignore this transit and later down the road they learn of problems in the items they purchased or contracts they signed. Be patient. Go over areas of your life that need finishing touches. This is a wonderful time to finish up long standing projects and to rest and recover. Things begin to move forward around July 22nd so the wait is only a few weeks. Make sure you trust but verify during this period. Above all, check your GPS to see that it is really giving you the correct directions. Double check that you have all your information before you leave home or attend an important meeting. Write yourself a check list. Do not assume during a Mercury Retrograde period.

We are all being assisted by another big transit, Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune entered the sign of Cancer on June 25th. It will stay in Cancer for one year and beam some good energy to the United States. The United States is a Cancerian country with a large portion of its original blueprint in the sign of Cancer. We benefit from this transit. It definitely will help with home prices for the one year period. It will also help us weather the economic challenges.

Since it is the 7th month of the year, we are being invited to rest and restore during this month. You do not need a big vacation, but you do need to restore yourself and process what has happened to you since the year began. Make it simple! Simplify yourself and then simplify your environment. Get out into the natural world this month. Hug a tree or go to the ocean. Remember soil rests in the 7th year. Go back to your origins of the land and the water. You will feel refreshed and renewed. Make it a priority!

2) View from the Freeway-Supreme Court rulings and Polarization of the Population

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The Aquarian Age is truly challenging the status quo. We are living through a very important time of the world’s advancement. We are pulling away from the Age of Pisces and moving towards the Aquarian Age with all of its weird, wild and wonderful qualities. In the evolution of the human, the transition from one age to the next is always the most chaotic and stressful period for the human.

The recent Supreme Court Rulings are definitely part of this transition. Here we see the rise in the rights of the individual and the assimilation of all kinds of relationships. We have moved from: Tribes, Popes and Religions and Religious Leaders, Kings and Feudal Lords, Dictators, Elected officials, Democratic leaders and governments, Male-Female marriage and family, foster parents, step parents, divorced parents, single parents, gay couples, gay couples with children, gay marriage, abortion and adoption.

We are the experimental station for assimilation of the world’s humanity. We, as the United States, must learn how to do it here first. We are to learn the “how” and help spread the rights of the individual to the world. All of this bending and bobbing by our elected officials is part of the process. You will see much more as Americans keep practicing trying to get it right. Currently, it is a loss of privacy and heavy hands by the government in directing or influencing all parts of our society. As government goes to the extreme, there will be a back lash. We are currently building the back lash. It is several years away. See it as a necessary correction to the heavy hand of the government, collusion with corporations, lobbying by special interests and protection of the powerful.

Do not get hung up in conspiracy theories, chemtrails or Monsanto. Exposure of wrong doings, corruption, influence and injustice are the first steps of change. Exposure is essential and involvement of the people is essential. If you can remember, this is all a work in progress NOT a finished product. If you would read history, you will see that the robber barons, the horrible Triangle Shirt factory fire, the Civil War, American slavery, the gilded age all were outrageously extreme in their influence on the society. All of them have initiated change in our development and our awareness of humanity’s needs. We continue to move forward learning what works, what doesn’t and what we need to do to make it better.

We all need to do our own part to be all we can and to wisely live the life we have been gifted with. It is important to remember to give up our righteous minds. What is creating much of our polarization and paralysis is our righteous minds. We seem to need to be right and self-righteous. It is stunning how much “gotcha” conversation takes place, particularly in social media and television. People would rather be right than be loved. We gather in groups that agree with us and whip up ourselves looking for proof we are right.

Michio Kushi, in his book “The Book of Macrobiotics”—the Universal Way of Health, Happiness and Peace”, speaks of the last stage of the development of diseases. He states that “arrogance” is the highest level of sickness and the one that most universally affects people’s lives today. Selfishness, egocentricity, vanity, self-pride, exclusivity and self-justification are some of the common symptoms. “To cure arrogance takes from a few years to an indefinite length of time to develop a more appreciative and natural way of life.” Restore appreciation, humility and recognize our own ignorance. As I mentioned earlier—it is a work in progress. It is not a finished project. “We must remember that is this is not a bad world but a good world in the process of becoming.” (Wallace Wattles)

3) Trends–Great Stuff

Google Project Loon – Google has initiated Project Loon aimed to provide web access around the world using hot- air

Moving ahead into the future!

Moving ahead into the future!

balloons. The balloons are intended to connect rural, remote and underserved areas. They would be carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes and deliver 3G or faster speeds. A pilot program is underway in New Zealand.

BIG DISCOVERYAlzheimer and the link to the brain’s garbage truck theory. Researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center have discovered a system by which the brain removes waste as a powerful new tool to treat neurological disorders. Scientists believe that some of these conditions arise because the waste system of the brain is not operating properly. They are just now learning that there is a complex waste removal system for the brain. They are calling it the “glymphatic system”. This system is not detected in brain tissue but new imaging technology called two-photon microscopy enables scientists to peer deep within the living brain. Scientists will learn more about this unknown plumbing system that is responsible for flushing waste from the brain.

New York City has placed the first of 25 free solar charging stations for mobile phones. This has come as a result of Superstorm Sandy when residents had to walk miles to charge their phones. Powered by solar panels, they will work day or night in sun or shade. AT&T is paying for the 25 stations.

Turnover in the Senate holds long-term policy shifts.Kiplinger Letter” ( June 14, 2013) has mentioned that as older members leave the Senate, more moderate members of the Senate are replacing them. Most of the 54 senators who caucus with Democrats have come aboard since 2006 and caucus figures to gain new faces by 2015 because of the vacancies. Environmental issues and immigration reform will help sharpen the partisan differences in Congress for years to come.

The cost of US aid to Afghanistan will keep rising even as troop levels go down. Washington plans to deliver billions in foreign assistance to keep the Taliban from gaining power. The US taxpayer will be on the hook for years to come. The commitment is open-ended.

Facebook—Anger mounts after Facebook’s “shadow profiles” leak (Read “ Zero Day Net” – June 23, 2013). It seems Facebook appeared to obtain users offsite email address and phone numbers and attempted to match them to other accounts. It appeared that the invisible collected information was then being stored in each user’s “shadow profile” that is somehow attached to accounts. Users were completely unaware that offsite data was being collected, matched to them and then stored by Facebook. “FUTUREedition”, June 30, 2013

4) Events

My three-day Texas workshop—March 21 – 23, 2014-three nights, 3 days of information. “SACRED, SECRET

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5) Ponder this

Where freedom is not, there is my country”—Thomas Paine, Revolutionary War hero—the apostle of Liberty and author of “Common Sense”

This book worked wonderful change in the minds and hearts of men. Joel Barlow declared that “the American owes as much to the pen of Paine as to the sword of Washington”. “As certain nations are chosen and set aside to perform a specific work, so also are individuals selected to accomplish given tasks and to fulfill special missions. Such persons are generally known as “destiny individuals.” Their time, environment and circumstances all appear to tally with the work they have chosen to do. Such a ‘destiny individual’ was the persecuted, deeply misunder stood and undervalued Thomas Paine.

This great libertarian was born January 29, 1737 (an Aquarian)…There is a strange working of occult law that one who is ‘born out of time’, as St.

Thomas Paine is back!

Thomas Paine is back!

Paul expresses it, is most generally destined to walk the lonely way. Such a one is often times born into uncongenial or alien surroundings and so becomes accustomed to sorrow, persecution and loneliness in early life; hence these things do not deter him in his work nor compromise his dedication when the real life mission is begun.” America’s Invisible Guidance” by Corrine Heline


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