April 2010 Numerology Newsletter

April 2010 Numerology Newsletter

An Assessment of Where We Are




Meaning of the Number Four

Numerology Newsletter March 2010

Table of Contents:

  1. Significance of the month of April, the 4th month of the year

  2. Question and Answer

  3. View from the Freeway

  4. Tip/trend of the Month

  5. Suggested Books and/or Articles

April, 2010

1) Significance of the Number Four—April

The Earth was considered formed on the “fourth” day of Creation. As a result of this order, Earthly things come under the number four. It is the building number, the producing number, hardworking, orderly, disciplined, structured and methodical. Remember the Bible generously using the number four in this respect. It rains 40 days and 40 nights. They wander in the wilderness 40 years. They are enslaved for 400 years. The theme is repeated throughout the book and always signifying a time of trial, testing, preparation and hard work before being freed. So it is with the month of April.

This is your month to take care of the orderly, disciplined and structured areas of your life. It is the month to do your taxes, both Federal, State and property taxes. It is the month of “spring” cleaning of your house. It is the month to detoxify the body as the natural flow of the body to release is evident. The liver discharges in the spring and releases many toxins into the system. This is the month to rid yourself—safely and wisely—of these toxins. Once the flow of toxins is discharged by the liver, we feel lighter and happier. We call it “spring fever”.

On top of this disciplined behavior, we have a Mercury Retrograde transit that officially begins April 18th and ends May 11th. I suggest you get going the first week of the month to get as much done on legal work, communications, purchases and such—prior to this transit kicking in. Once it arrives, use the period of the transit to clean up your life and go back to the items you have postponed or are incomplete. Don’t start new beginnings until the period has passed. Double check all communication during the transit. Do Not Assume!!! The shadow of this period begins to appear the week before it begins and the week after it ends. So it can actually be about a six week period. The bottom line is don’t waste time now, do as much as you can early in the month.

2) Question and Answer

Question: How can we encourage persons, who owe us money, to pay their bills?

Answer: We help them best by believing in their will and desire to pay their obligations. Every time we think of them we should say, for instance, “Mary Smith, I believe in you and trust you; and I pray that Divine Good will bless you with abundance and that you will be free of indebtedness, a prospered and happy daughter of God”. Flower Newhouse, “Here Are Your Answers”

Question: Do we suffer from having interfered with the decisions of others?

Answer: Indeed we do! Should those older than 18 choose undesirable habits, it is unwise for us to try to sway or change them after we have once expressed our frank advice. We must not allow ourselves to become obsessed with watchfulness, misery, and fearfulness about the mistakes of others. I have observed cases where the dominating soul was punished more quickly “by the law” than was the prodigal son. The more we learn in the school of life, the better do we understand that we should not interfere with the preferences of others.” Flower Newhouse, “Here Are Your Answers.”

3) View from the Freeway

“Knowing others is intelligence;

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

Mastering yourself is true power.

If you realize that you have enough,

You are truly rich…..” Tao Te Ching

These are powerful words for the day. What an opportunity we have right now to master ourselves and reveal true power. This is especially true when you can’t pay your rent/mortgage, utility bills or provide your child with what you could have provided them merely one year ago. What a difference a massive transit makes in our lives.

That is what is going on. One big massive transit caused by the natural cycle and rhythm of the Ages is moving us forward and causing fits as it does so. I have mentioned that there are at least 14 more years to go of this transit. You will be well served if you begin to make the adjustments now and make the changes that will help you over long cycles of time. Build with a three year goal and a ten year goal in mind. Where do you want to be in three years? Out of debt? Healthier? Living in a different place? With a different mate? Prospering sensibly? What are your priorities? What does your life look like in 2024? What are your goals for 2024? Start laying the groundwork for them now.

Here are a few things to expect over the next 14 years.

  1. Permanent downsizing of the workplace. An official ending to the Industrial Revolution.
  2. Judicious expansion. In other words, “freedom with discipline”.
  3. Continued expansion of the female in authority positions
  4. More regulation on every level
  5. Unraveling of government structures
  6. Rise in volunteerism and dependency on it to support the system during its transition

To learn more, I will be presenting two important workshops on the Trends and Forecasts for these years.

Sunday, May 16th in Chicago, Saturday, June 12th in Los Angeles and November 13th and 14th, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can learn more about these events on my calendar. I price these programs very attractively to make affordable for you. You are very welcome to attend and bring your questions.

We are all being asked to be more conservative at this time and to be more intelligent with our choices. Intelligence is a key ingredient. This means reliance on our inner knowledge and intuition and less dependence on the talking heads and sales pitches out there. I don’t think I can overstate the number of people who continuously look outside themselves to others for their answers. So many of these same people are smarter than the person they are asking. I highly recommend each one of you go around the block and meet yourself.

Cultivate the habit of finding what you need to know about something and then make your own decisions. It is much easier to correct from your own decision than it is a decision made by somebody else for you. The key is to investigate the information for yourself and be willing to look a little foolish once in awhile. It does the Soul good. Part of the lesson of this period is to not be the sheep, not rely on gossip, heresay or fads to answer your problem. Concentrate on solutions and more solutions.

Do not be frightened by the extremes you read and hear about. This is nothing new for America. If you read its history, you will see that it has always been an unruly teenager. It is maturing, it is confident, it is youthful, and it can be loud, rebellious and obnoxious. Look at the governing bodies. It is looks like kids throwing a big bunch of rotten tomatoes.

It is democracy in the making. We are a hothouse of growth, a human experience to tame ourselves and develop the individual. If not here, where???? Can you think of another country on the globe that promotes and develops the individual the way America does? This is part of its plan. We have eons of years of the collective and authority. Now how can the “individual” grow inside of this collective? We are fortunate to be born here, or got here so that we can be part of this grand scheme.

Do not get disheartened at this time. If you are in retirement—think about getting out of it. You did not come here to retire. The Soul wants to learn and continuously develop on its journey—not to play golf and develop fanny fatigue. Governments, including social security and retirement programs are all up for review and change. Do not be frightened. Be creative and above all else take better care of your health in natural and sensible ways. Bigger is not always better. Large doses are not necessarily going to make you better faster.

Work with nature’s rhythm and stop warring on cancer and other diseases of the body. We are not at war with our bodies when they become ill. We don’t fight it, kill it or overcome it. Words are powerful. Talk to it and about it in the best possible light. Never condemn your hair or skin or other parts. Talk to it kindly and in a comforting manner. Support it with really healthy habits and it will respond favorably.

Regarding the whole health care legislation, this is just the start. It is going to be worked on for years and eventually will eliminate this employer-based structure. At least now there is something to work with. It is truly a work in progress.

Regarding the Tea Party movement, it speaks more to a group that feels frightened, disconnected and angry. Probably another word to use here is disenfranchised.

It is mainly made up of white people and an older population. As we move forward in this growth period of the planet and in particular of this nation, there is a rise in the female and an erosion of male power, there is a rise in mixed race and brown skin population and a lower white population, there is a rise in the individual and less of the collective, there is a rise in new and mixed religious and spiritual teachings and less of main stream, traditional teachings (the Catholic Church, main stream Protestant churches).

For heaven’s sake there is an African American in the White House. The Tea Party movement is not a surprise. At the birth of the United States we had all kinds of assorted groups. Loud and noisy too. It is called democracy. It is part of the growth.

Never lose site of the big picture. Do not distract yourself with things that are a waste of your time. Many times we think we are doing something grand and important and all along we wasted our precious time and energy. As Brian Tracy is known to say, “Separate the urgent from the important”. There is a vast difference.

So the View from the Freeway today is very hopeful, excited and relieved that America is self-correcting. It is pretty messy but necessary. Save your breath to cool your soup and focus on today and what is most important.

4) Tip/Trend of the Month

Simple elegance. That is the word for the day. We are beginning in the midst of a trend where we appreciate the loveliness of elegance and taste. We have had years of grubby T-shirts and the like, baggy pants and all. We are now looking for beauty but in a way that is very inexpensive. It could be a lovely tablecloth, or blouse but it did not cost a fortune to get it or make it. This goes also for returning to a sense of grace that we have lost over the years of bubbles and huge houses. It will grow and will help us get through this contracting period. A respect and demand for lovely handmade items is included in this trend. This goes for both men and women.

5) Recommended books and Articles

“Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston. This is a great book for the 4th month and any other month. After you read this compact book, you will understand the importance of cleaning up your home and environment. More important, it will tell you what not to do and how to prevent negativity from reoccurring in your life. Boy, is this a useful, helpful book and very inexpensive. Treat yourself this month to this book.

“The Natural Superwoman” by Uzzi Reiss, MD. For all of my female audience, this is a primer for you. Keep this book as a reference. Dr. Reiss provides a vast knowledge on hormones and how to keep the female body balanced. It covers many areas and you will need to have this as an important reference. It is especially useful to dispel the wrong teachings and myths about taking which types and delivery systems of hormones and other supplements. A must read! It teaches you how the female system works at a cellular level. It removes a lot of fear.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope to see you at one of the workshops.

Keep trusting yourself,

My best to you,


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