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MINDSET–Think and Prepare Like a Warrior–Revisited!

In 2021 I wrote about this topic. We were still in pandemic mode but better able to work with it than 2020. I sent out this piece about thinking and preparing like a warrior as it seemed it could be helpful in light of all that was going on with jobs, vaccinations, masks, etc.

Now I find this information is even more important as the world has become a giant battlefield of real war, global economic problems, food shortages, inflation, supply chain challenges and life and death decisions. The world is shaping up as allies and non-allies and sometimes depending on a non-ally for your survival. You hear about good versus evil now and horrific photos of humankind’s destruction of itself. We weep at what we have done to ourselves and yet many of us turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world. We can’t seem to understand that we are all connected. We equate everything to a competition–even our houses of worship. They can be some of the worst offenders. Our leaders continue to focus on staying in power and represent themselves as actors playing to cameras, soundbites and disingenuous promises. We are in the last and final stage of sickness–arrogance.

This actual war is going into a new phase. It will probably get worse. All countries who want and love democratic freedom must realize that Ukraine represents an invigoration of democracy and an enhancement of European security. A strong democratic Ukraine can thwart Russian expansionism because its borders would be secure. Unfortunately, the West seems blind to this historic chance. It is shortsighted. It does not assist in Ukraine in taking a more offensive mode but keeping it always on defense. Ukraine has won the first phase just by surviving. It now needs to advance and the West would make a terrible mistake if what stood between a bad peace and good one was a failure of imagination in the capitals of Europe.

Dear reader, you will now see how relevant this Mindset piece is. As you read it, see how important the mindset is being played out in Ukraine. Pay attention to how Zelensky thinks and acts. Compare it to the delay and discussions of Europe and the United States. Sanctions take a long, long time to work, if they do. Meanwhile, Zelensky lives in the chaos and the destruction.

These 9 points are from an article by John Perkins a judo and black belt instructor. He worked with rooky cops coming out of police academies back East. Although they had police training, they had to learn how to think in the chaos of the streets. The 9 points can apply to all areas of one’s life. Whenever under stress, return to these 9 points and manage yourself. I am not sure I titled it “Think and Prepare Like a Warrior” or John did. It is definitely a MINDSET.

  1. Maintain a highly developed mind that possesses a well-grounded uncomplicated outlook.
  2. Your mind must remain sharp and have the ability to cut through the clutter and quickly get to the heart of the matter.
  3. The mind remains clear in chaos, trained to act with spontaneous deliberation. While others are trapped in fear, disharmony and depression, the Warrior has mastered the techniques of “Guided Chaos”.
  4. The mind is tough enough to withstand hardship, but flexible enough to quickly shift tactics to the rapidly changing conditions and fluid realities of combat.
  5. The mind becomes resourceful within. The Warrior never underestimates the enemy nor overestimates his own abilities.
  6. The mind develops the ability to distill a situation down to its raw essence, without getting trapped in illusion, for all warfare is based upon deception.
  7. The mind see things that others do not. It creates its own opportunities. Preparing for the worst, it sizes up the situation for what it is. If it requires an all-out assault, the Warrior is prepared. If the option to pull back exists, only because it is prepared for the worst can it exercise that option.
  8. “Hope” is not a plan. Pinning your hopes on someone else to come to the rescue is not an option.
  9. Survival entails personal tenacity and will. Immediate action is required. The sooner you are able to change the way you view yourself, the sooner survival options will present themselves.

Something else to ponder, this Ukrainian war is only one part Russian history and restoring its old Empire. A big part of why Russia wants Ukraine is to be able to control all the riches of Ukraine, including, but not limited to its rich uranium deposits, several nuclear power plants, and its abilities to make nuclear weapons. It doesn’t want a Western leaning country that can be that enriched sitting on its border. Not only that, if Russia can control the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and the major city of Odessa, it can control a key water route to stifle Europe. I think this is more in line with his train of thought. Keep distilling information down to its raw essence.

There is some good news ahead once we get to 2025 and the economy should pick up in 2024. In the meantime stay grounded and connected.

4 responses to “MINDSET–Think and Prepare Like a Warrior–Revisited!”

  1. Ira Ernst says:

    Your points are well taken and number 2 should emphasize that there are usually 3 sides to every story. In 2014 Russia and the Ukraine had strong financial ties. Ukraine government was overthrown in that year and the financial ties then went to Europe. Recently, Russia wanted assurance that Ukraine would not be a NATO member. The European countries acquiesced that they could live with that. Biden basically said no and the European countries then followed. What do we know about the supposed negotiations that took place. Could this whole situation have been avoided? There is no question that Russia is tragically wrong in their actions but the causes and effects are worthy of taking notice.

  2. sue says:

    thank you very much.

  3. Oh happy day! I have been blogging and leaving many videos on IG about learning what it means to be conscious and responsible etc. Yes, we can be warriors however we are so used to leaving it to this government that we vote and then cross our fingers. With the immense possibilities on our planet to forge new thinking processes and rising to the top I am in prayer that we don’t turn away in “hope” anymore.

  4. Barbara says:

    I look forward to your blogs as a source of hope. Thank you.

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