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Millennials vs Baby Boomers

We keep reading about the ending years of the baby boomers.  They are turning the curve Young-Peoples-Blueprintinto their 60’s and early 70’s and are headed into the home stretch.  They have been a huge force in our society–all 78 million of them.  Most of them were born with Pluto in Leo which means the theme would always be “we deserve it”.  This is the original group that would smoke dope on the senior home front porch.  They don’t like growing old and are even creating all different kinds of summer camps, sleep overs and dress up camps.  Rock and roll forever is this group.  They always thought they could do better and they did.

They have led the push for products, services and consumption.  They have been a driving engine for the United States and will drive the economic engine for products and services that keep them “in the game”.  These include artificial parts, devices that help the aged, better nursing home and the health care industry in general.  They affect this huge push for youthful appearance.  It’s botoxed, eye and neck jobs, liposuction, laser skin treatments, all kinds of implants and injections lead the way for generations to come.  It also keeps cosmetic surgeons rolling in the dough.  They also have low or no retirement plans–thinking more about rock and roll than long-term care or 401K plans.

But the window is closing.  The new group replacing the baby boomers are the millennials.  They are about 75 million and are quite young–from about 18 to early 30’s.  This force has already changed the face of our society and as it ages, it will have a bigger impact.  They are born of Generation X, the children of the baby boomers.  They are the grandchildren of the baby boomers.  They are very different from the baby boomers and our society will reflect that.  Most of them have Pluto in Scorpio and Pluto in Sagittarius.  The theme is sudden endings and extremes between complete destruction or transformation.  We are watching the disruptions to various industries and institutions around the world.  This group will take the seats of power by 2029.  Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Snapchat and other smart phone applications are just a sample of quick and continuous changes to our working order.  Self-funding through the internet, reliance on technology for all areas of their lives is a complete turn around from the baby boomers.

Our tech heads and global terrorists are, for the most part, in this age group–transformational and destructive.  Since most of them are still in childhood (childhood officially ends at 30), they are still not integrated enough within themselves to lead.  What they are doing now is shaking up society and giving us a window as to their values.  They definitely enjoy the group experience as you can see from the type of office arrangements they create.  As they mature in consciousness, they provide us with the material means to bring us social and economic reforms on a global scale.

Their grandparents are smiling while standing on their artificial hips and knees.

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  1. Judith says:

    Great article, Gail!

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