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Martin Luther King Jr’s Numerology Plan

Martin was born on January 15, 1929 which gives him a 37/1` Life Path. The leader, the innovator, the unique one. Here to develop the courage and strength of will to go a separate path. People with Number 1 life paths are always to beat to their own drummer and not look over their shoulder to see if and who doubts them or tries to stop them. These are the Lewis and Clark people. The pioneers who blaze a trail where no one has gone. He definitely did this and he was able to influence the masses and the politicians. He life was short-lived here, being shot down at age 39.

Nevertheless, as is true of many who initiate change in this world, they are taken off the earth prior to old age. However, the message and behavior has already influenced the change. They waste no time in their assignment. A history of change agents show they are were not here that long on the earth but they were able to establish new ways and new thinking for the general population.They are to go it alone and must refuse to accept limitations. This is what you hear over and over again in his speeches. Martin, with his first vowel being an “a”, made him a very hard worker who did much work that was never credited to him. These are the people who clean up after a late party when everyone has gone to bed.

Martin’s Soul number, the number total of his vowels, is the number 9. This indicates his past life (lives) were spent being an humanitarian and trying to relieve human suffering. The 9 is the final number so if a person has a prominent 9 in their blueprint, they must learn to stay somewhat detached and be able to let go. They have belonged to the masses in past lives and he was motivated in this life to do the same.

Martin’s Personality number, from the total of the consonants in his name, was the number 3, the communicator. These are the creative ones. They have a gift of the spoken and written word. When we combine both the Soul and Personality numbers we have a reduced number 3 Destiny number. The pleasant one, the creative one and the communicator.

His missing number is the number 6. There is no letters f, o, or x in his name. This is why he chose to be born on the 15th day, or the number 6. Add 1 + 5 = 6. This helps to correct this karmic correction. He had to learn all about commitment, not to stay emotionally guarded and to be responsible in all areas. He had to genuinely commit to the path he chose. His history of infidelity may have been more flirt than follow through. He has elements in his chart that he would be very inquisitive and charming and that can be very attractive to the female followers. I call it a flirt and flee quality. He never got distracted from his assignment and had the patience to be the peacekeeper inspite of the awful treatment by those in power.

He showed the way how peaceful power was eventually more powerful than those who went against him. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. He knew this and he withstood the slings and arrows. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (both of these given posthumously).

There are very few great men or women who come our way. Abraham Lincoln was one as was Gandhi and Alexander the Great. We do not see the likes of their kind very often. Usually we don’t recognize them until many years have past. Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe was one of these. He was extremely psychic and his thinking process was way ahead of the masses. There is a sacrificial element in their chart and he had it as well.

He died on April 4, 1968 when the heavenly aspects were set to have him leave. His legacy lives on and we continue to learn what he was trying to teach us. We have much work ahead in equality and justice. It is a volatile subject but as we push out the current leaders and replace them with younger and more inclusive humans, we will grow in assimilation and understanding. It remains a work in progress.

5 responses to “Martin Luther King Jr’s Numerology Plan”

  1. Sherry says:

    I am always amazed on how numerology hits the mark. This was one of the best numerology charts I have read. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Sharon Warren says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent overview. So articulate and timely.

  3. Vernna Darnel says:

    Thank you for the insight and the honor your bestowed.

  4. Catherine Murphy says:

    A true leader as Jesus was.



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