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Managing Ourselves Better–Can We?

No matter what you do or how good your plans are, things happen.  They seem to happen at the most trying time and they do,LOUD NOISE TO CHILD many times, come in 3’s.  Today I discovered rusty streaks of water running down the walls of  the stairway.  It looks like the air conditioner piping broke in the attic.  It’s expected to be 95 degrees in Los Angeles today.  They are announcing a “heat alert” on the radio.  This comes on top of two other event that one had no control over.  This is definitely a test!  First you consider the hot night ahead, then the amount of money needed to correct this hits you.

We all have experiences of things going afoul when we seem to have the least fortitude for them.  No matter what it is, the car, the house, your health, the job, the family it will always come “out of the blue”.  I immediately have to control the urge to panic or go into why me, why now type of head talk.  Somehow you call the right person, take necessary measures and try not to borrow trouble.  It brought me to the space where I must apply a sense of perspective.  It isn’t life and death, it is inconvenient, expensive and very uncomfortable.

When I land in these conditions, I remind myself of some of the wisdom I have acquired over the years.  Here are a few wise words given to me over the years:

  • Remember that comfort comes first as a guest–then as a host–then as a MASTER.  Do not got too comfortable.
  • Skillful living is the key.  Let some desires wear off.  The voice of discrimination must be stronger.
  • Take out that which is nurturing and throw out the rest.  Extract the nourishment from each situation and discard the waste of the situation.
  • Peace of mind is the result of self-training.
  • Occasionally give yourself a break.
  • Here’s to the end of the heat wave!

2 responses to “Managing Ourselves Better–Can We?”

  1. gail says:

    Thank you Stephen. Another wonderful pearl of wisdom–The present moment should be so kind, there would be no need to wonder in the past.

  2. Gail, thanks for the post. I happened upon it on this rainy afternoon in the Midwest, while taking a break at a coffee shop. Though the inside of the shop is dry and comfortably air conditioned, I feel more nourished being outside, and I found a nice little covered table on the patio. A few rain drops are blowing onto me, but my voice of discrimination tells me this is only a minor discomfort. I feel at peace.

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