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Why You May or May Not Live a Long Life

I recently taught a class on how your own personal blueprint (your birth name) reveals the direction for your life during your latter years.  There are three parts to the life plan of each soul.  There are the “Youth” years that are age 0 to approximately 28.  There are the “Power” years from age 29-30 to about age 54-55 and the final segment, the “Wisdom” years.  These begin at age 54.  It is during this time period from age 54 to 81 years that we make the decision on how we plan to live our finals days.  Since a blueprint is at least 120 years long, it behooves us to consider what we will be doing the 2nd half of our lives–starting at age 60.

Many of us unconsciously make the decision to exit somewhere in the 80’s.  Once this  Wisdom period ends at 81 years of age, we have the choice of returning to childhood (the “Youth”–becoming like infants, losing body hair, losing body function control and being in an infant position where we are taken care of including being fed, diapered and put to bed OR returning to the beginning of the “Wisdom” years (age 54) and growing in wisdom and discernment.  The choice is ours.  If we choose the 2nd choice, we can have a very long-lived life, looking at the approach of having new careers, options and enhancements as if we were 54.

If we have no productive plans for the 2nd half of our lives, we can easily coast through the wisdom years, relying on retirement money, poorly maintaining the body, becoming more insulated and less relevant to the society.  We plan on retirement, getting out of working so hard, and closing our minds to opportunities simply because “we are too old”.  Since I do not see anyone living to 120 years or even 110 years, it is pretty safe to say, we do not anticipate our ability to do this.  If we did, we do not expect to have a decent quality of life.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker in their book “The Divine Triangle”, speak of life past 81 as being very karmic.  One choice is to leave this lifetime altogether or, a second choice…. “if we have wasted our life energies…..we may very well take the path we originally trod at birth”.  That path would begin at 0 and go to 9 years of age.  Because this is the beginning of childhood, “we too will become childlike (senile) and need to be cared for like an infant.”  For those who take the third choice, this path is “for those who have sown wisely, who have used the precious God-given life energies and have honored the body-temple in service to the material world through understanding, compassion and love towards others……blessed are those who tread this path, for theirs is the destiny of supreme devotion to life.”

While you are in the midst of planning your activities, your money, your “golden” years, perhaps, it would be wise to really give thought to how you honor your time here and how it advances or contracts your growth.   You are the decider!  If you grow your wisdom and discernment, you could advance to 81 years of age and look forward to living a life similar to a thought pattern of your mid 50’s.  Choose wisely!


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I love this! Thank you for this enlightening advise to our two wisdom year periods. I look forward to 81 with a new outlook of being 54 again! Yeah!! Thank you again!!

  2. Gail, You know me and I am living that wonderful time of 91 plus. Lucele

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