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Lady Gaga–Her Numerology, Her Assignment

If any of you saw the Academy Awards last night, you probably saw the stirring performance of Lady Gaga at the piano singing

Lady Gaga in Los Angeles, October, 2016 for premiere of "American Horror Story Hotel"

Lady Gaga in Los Angeles, October, 2016 for premiere of “American Horror Story Hotel”

her movie hit song “Til it Happens to You” from the movie dealing with campus sexual assaults “The Hunting Grounds”.  She received a standing ovation and moved some of the audience to tears.  So it goes with another Lady Gaga performance.

She is a true millennial.  Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986 and ready to blaze a new trail.  This is a big, bold chart and she is definitely living up to her numbers.  All of her main numbers, her Life Path (55/1) (the total numbers of her date of birth), her personality (11/2) (the total numbers of her consonants), her Soul number (11/2) (the total number of her vowels) and her destiny (22/4) (the sum total of all numbers in her full name reduced to final number) are all master numbers.  That’s a big wow.  Double digits indicate master numbers and you can watch each of them in action.  Her personality and Soul are the inspirational and channeling number 11–this is where she reaches you at the heart of you.  She is literally channeled as she performs.  Her destiny number the big number 22 /4 is the master builder.  This is the individual who literally can see or sense things in the archetype world and bring it down to earth.  That is a wow.

Her Life Path is the big 55/1–the trailblazer, the avant garde, the Martin Luther King Jr. of her world.  She leads and doesn’t look over her shoulder.  She cannot.  She is here to open doors, change thinking and help us to get on a new road.  She will continue to blaze a new trail her entire life.  She will modify conditions where they have broken down and teach new forms of communication to us.  She could, in her lifetime, use mental telepathy to communicate.  She is very psychic and knows things but doesn’t know how she knows them.  Powerful stuff!.

She needs to lighten up on herself.  Due to all these master numbers, she would be born with a very finely tuned nervous system.  She must guard her health and stay very grounded.  Her diet should be very supportive and she must not brood over situations or people.  The possibility of brooding is very strong in this chart but it could impede her health so she must find a way to move herself out of this habit.  Meditation, calm people and retreats are important to keep her balanced .

The first 35 years of her chart are all about work and more work.  All of that changes at 36 where she goes more inward and introspective for nine year until she is 45.  It is as if her body and soul need a rest.   After that period, she will begin the most inspirational and famous period of her life.  Even though she is a big success now, her imprint will become bigger from 45 through 53.  After this period, she will still be very involved in the arts but her life will take on a very philanthropic tone and she will step into her role as the great humanitarian.

She will be interesting to watch.  She must guard her finely tuned nervous system like a Mother Hen with her chicks so she can have a healthy, active and enriched life.

5 responses to “Lady Gaga–Her Numerology, Her Assignment”

  1. Kishane says:

    This is misleading many people. This is not how you calculate a soul’s identity. You reduce the numbers before adding, not after adding.

    Her Life Path is 10/1 not 55/1.
    Soul Expression – 31/4. If you were to add the the numbers in her four names before reducing (Stefani/29 Joanne/23 Angelina/36 Germanotta/42) you’d get 103/4 not 22/4.
    Soul Urge – 20/2
    Personality – 29/11/2 (
    Maturity – 5 (not 41/5 because you reduce the Life Path and Expression before adding, in case any one wonders)

    Seriously, she is probably the furthest thing from Dr. King. You don’t need the science of numbers to tell you that. Plus, having Mastery doesn’t mean you also possess righteousness or goodwill towards all men. The freemason society which has been hijacked from our ancients is littered with Master spirits. George Washington had Mastery. Hitler had Mastery. Progressive? Sure. Righteous? lol

    Forgive if I offend you.
    Forgive me if I offend you.

  2. gail says:

    Hi Robin,

    How I found the master number life path is by adding her date of birth which is 3/28/1986. 3 + 28 + 24 (1986 added and reduced) = 55. You don’t reduce the day or year of birth to single digits.

  3. Robin says:

    I don’t understand how her Life Path number added up to 55/1? When I added up her birthdate I got 37/1. Can you explain?
    Thank you, this is very interesting!

  4. Judith says:

    What a blueprint! I didn’t see the Oscars last night and will look on You Tube for her performance! Loved reading about her!

  5. Jan says:

    No question that she is impressive. Listening to her sing during the Super Bowl was awe-inspiring….watching her draped in raw meat, not so much! Hope all this talent will be channeled responsibly.

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