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Kobe Bryant-A Shooting Star

The world was shocked and saddened last week by the abrupt departure of one of the world’s best basketball players and princely figures.  That someone so popular, charismatic and young could just quickly leave our human condition demonstrates again that we live our lives from moment to moment.  We think our lives from days, weeks, months and years but the truth is it could end in a flash and, and for some of us, it does.

Kobe Bean Bryant was born in Pennsylvania on August 23, 1978.  He squeaked inside the sign of Virgo but still has quite a bit of Leo energy in his planetary energy package.  In numerology his life path, from the total of his date of birth, was a master number 11.  He was born to lead, inspire and shed light.  In the scheme of things, 11’s are late bloomers and can have a fabulous career after what was thought to be a big career.  The number 11 life path belongs to Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Madonna, Tony Robbins and Michelle Obama.  These are the souls that can reach the masses by their light and inspiration.  They all have the ability to channel.  People listen to them.

Not only did he have an 11 life path, his main learning lesson, but he also had an 11 personality from his consonants.  This gave him double master numbers (double digits are always considered master numbers).  These people are on missions or assignments.  The word “light”, when the letters are added together and reduced, will be the number 11.  All of those who carry the master number 11 are the light workers.

His Soul number was the number 7, the philosopher, the thinker, the spiritual one–not religious–but spiritual.  It would also give him somewhat of a critical eye and the need to be around smart people.  He was a thinker.  His destiny, and this is where he was headed for this lifetime, was to become the number 9, the humanitarian.  That was his true destiny.  Basketball was simply the preparation and connections for him to be able to do his work relieving suffering and improving the human condition.  Remember, 11’s can have a big career only to step into an even bigger role.  Reagan was a movie star and governor before he became president.   Kobe’s work with female basketball teachings was just the start of a strong career with raising the role of the female in the world.  It was perfect that he had four daughters.

His karmic corrections are also challenging.  He is missing the number 3 (no c, l or u in his name), missing the number 4 (no d, m or v) and the number 8 (no h, q or z).  The number 3 would make him very hard on himself.  He would not be satisfied with his own performance and would continue on to always pick it apart.  In many ways he took his own joy away when playing due this perfectionist quality.  He would also strive to become more creative as the 3 is very creative with writing, acting, performing etc.  I am not surprised he tried his hand at an award winning film on basketball–singing too.  The missing 4 would also make him overwork.  When we are missing the number 4 in our name, we tend to push too hard to make up for past-life issues where we avoided work.  The missing 8 would make him very ambitious.  Early in his life it would be hard to give him advice.  He would see this as criticism.  Only as he grew older in his adult life would he realize it was only advice and not criticism.  This is standard behavior for those missing an 8.  Eight is all about money, time and energy and he has had to learn how to use those wisely.  This comes with maturity.

Some will say it was God’s plan that he leave so soon.  I think that is what most people would say to comfort themselves.  When something happens out of the blue and is unexplained, we tend to say it is God’s will.  I don’t believe this to be the case with Kobe.  His chart is really poised to launch a big second career.  He was about to enter a big, successful number 8 year.  His chart does not show his life to be cut short.

Rather I would take a look at the astrological transits of the aviation world at the time of his crash.  This will give you the reason for the crash.  There are many challenges going on today in the aviation world, including the grounding of the Boeing 757 Max, Southwest being called up for long term poor maintenance on its planes, the missile shooting down a Ukrainian plane with many Iranian passengers on board and other random crashes and hidden problems with planes.  There are hard Pluto/Saturn transits affecting this area and that is pretty tough to navigate.   The fact that his daughter and other friends went with him may have some relevance with this crash.  I don’t know their charts but he was not destined to leave at this time.  It is not unusual to have several exit chances in one’s life but our Soul makes the decision.  Of course, there could have been an ego-driven decision made here that changed the lives of all these Souls.  Remember, life doesn’t end.  It just ends at this time on this plane.  He will continue on being the light being and helping those on the other side.  We are not able to see that world with this body but when we leave it as well, we will.


6 responses to “Kobe Bryant-A Shooting Star”

  1. Mark says:

    Read mine please

  2. Sharon says:

    This is a thoughtful, unique perspective. It has really given me pause to reflect on the circumstances that revolved and evolved around Bryant’s passing.

    I have passed this onto friends and it is has elicited more feedback on ‘Gail’s Blogs” than anything I have forwarded in the past. It is a tragic loss given the light and inspiration Kobe Bryant shared in our world.

  3. Nesta Haynes says:

    Very sad indeed….but please NO BLAME.. only a BIG LESSON…listen to your Mother Nature!!!!
    Small planes /helicopters are downright dangerous and I will never get on one IF there is any chance of cloudy skies. I learned this when living in the Bahamas, where you could virtually “hitch” a ride on a small plane to Florida…… we have to stay informed when we employ our “mod-cons”.

  4. Pam Hale says:

    Gail, my husband has been an accomplished pilot all his adult life, and knows aviation. I, too, am a pilot, and we both agree that this accident could have easily been prevented if the pilot had done his job and refused to fly in terrible weather. He was flying Special VFR (visual flight rules), “scud-running” underneath clouds. He could see below him, but not the mountain ahead of him that he hit full force. He may have been pressured to get to the soccer game (an ego-driven motive), but it’s tragic that he couldn’t stop the fatal disease of “get-there-itis” by simply saying it wasn’t safe, and that safe flying was his job. It’s fine to take big risks if you’re by yourself, but with 8 other souls? Don’t think so, no matter how great the pressure.

  5. Heather says:

    As soon as the report hit the news… I got such a jolt that someone extremely famous was on that helicopter. I have been thinking of this a lot… staying more connected with the spiritual mind… And it just takes a second to connect. Thanks Gail. It was and is a heartbreaker.


    Thank you, Gail. rev pt

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