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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

What is the prize?  Do we actually get one in this lifetime.  Did we ever think about it?  We definitely think about goals and seta man holding up a gold trophy cup as a winner in a competition up our plans to achieve something.  I distinctly remember the old “Crackerjack” boxes where there was a prize buried in the bottom.  You couldn’t eat the candy coated popcorn fast enough to get to the prize.  I do think most of us want something more in life, more money, more success, better relationships, good health, a new car. a better place to live and a good night’s sleep.

We plan away, get degrees, get jobs, try to invest, be responsible and are thrilled when success unfolds.  Nice going!  But then we get scared, we are afraid our portfolios won’t do well, maybe we lose the house in a downturn, perhaps the health deteriorates and the relationship doesn’t last.  We start our fear and worry routine.  We fear the unknown.  We worry a lot about it.  We plan some more but then we worry that our plans won’t work.  Will we have enough to retire, to pay the mortgage/rent, make the car payments, pay the healthcare bills and buy groceries?  We fear some more even though most of the things we fear will never happen.  We worry about our fears.  What a cycle?  It is the human condition and it is an epidemic.  It seems there is no peace on the planet.

We take classes in meditation, we chant, we burn incense, we take more classes, we follow gurus for answers, we tithe thinking we can buy our way into grace, we wear robes, pray at altars, light candles, kiss rings, sing hymns, bless ourselves with holy water, we focus on the mind and mindfulness and even take hallucinogenics to alter our states of mind .  We have been taught that these activities can somehow bring us to some place where we feel connected to our higher selves and to God.

Did we ever consider that all of this activity is outside of ourselves?  That even mindfulness keeps you in your mind?  We have been told to believe that the God we speak of is the divine mind.  We even study “science of mind”.  But what if the prize is not found in our mind?  What if we have to get out of our minds to access the divine?  What if it is “consciousness” we are seeking?  What if “God” is NOT mind but consciousness and in order to develop a higher order for ourselves, we must leave the mind and things outside of ourselves (that includes outer sounds) to connect to this consciousness.  What if the prize was already won?  All we ever had to do was to go within ourselves and connect.  What if all of this is “the theater of the mind” and consciousness is inside.  There is no fear or worry there.  We have always been carrying the “prize”.  We have always been carrying our own sound.   We just didn’t keep our eyes, inner eyes and inner ears, on it.  It has always been an inside job.  Meditate from the inner eye and the prize is the homecoming you have been seeking.  Keep your eyes on the prize!

6 responses to “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”

  1. “We are the prize! Now, stop thinking and just BE!” (Reminding myself…damn, in my head again.)

  2. gail says:

    Thank you Sharon and Jan for commenting.

  3. Sharon says:

    Superb reflections and reminder that is very timely on this day of the Autumn Equinox. Thank you.

  4. Jan says:

    As Glinda said to Dorothy, “You’ve always had the power, dear.” Thank you, Gail. Indeed I have been scared lately, induced by outside expectations, yet inside I know it is all unfolding the way it is meant to. I am already everything that I came here to be. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. gail says:

    Great going Neil. Just remember the focus is internal as if you can see from your 3rd eye out. No music, no external anything–no mantra. Are you becoming a vegetarian–or are you already one? Keep up the good work!

  6. Neil D says:

    Excellent article Gail. Attended a lecture on transcendental meditation last week in Copenhagen of all places. A reminder to actually practice it – regularly!

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