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Ivanka and Chelsea–Powerful daughters’ Numbers

We have two millennials waiting and preparing for their power years ahead--Chelsea Victoria Clinton and Ivanka

Chelsea Victoria Clinton

Chelsea Victoria Clinton

Ivanka Marie Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump

Marie Trump. Both of these young women are definitely being groomed for leadership.  They have fascinating birth charts and I have no doubt you will see both of them either in office or as influential leaders.  They come from, however, very different perspectives in how they would lead and affect the masses.

Let’s begin with Ivanka Marie Trump born October 30th, 1981 under the sign of Scorpio.  She is a number 5 Life Path and will always be looking for change and freedom.  Her destiny from her name is the number 3, Soul number 11 and personality of the number 1.  To top it off, she was born on a number 3 day, “30”.  Having this much 3 would cause her to be very attractive in appearance and charming in manner  even if she had been born poor–which she was not.  Her credentials with the finest finishing school education and an undergraduate degree from Wharton give her great skill in supporting her chart.  To top it off, she was groomed by her mother in the modeling industry and started to model at age 16 (Ivanka is 5′ 9″ tall).  Since she is in the charm business, it would stand to reason she would have her own line of “beauty” products, clothing etc.  Three destiny people are charged with bringing “joy”.

Her Soul Number is the number 11, very powerful from prior lives.  She was a light worker and peacekeeper.  She comes from a point of really valuing being a peacemaker.  She is wonderful with her ability to get up there and calm the troubled waters her father has created.  People who can’t stand Donald still like her.  She is the epitomy of diplomacy.  The personality as she presents herself is one of the initiator, the number 1.  I have no doubt she pushes her father to try something new.  She cannot control his outbursts but she does understand them.  There is a part of her that is acted out by her father.  Deep down there is an issue of responsibility.  There is no number 6 or 8 in her chart.  This indicates that in past life she walked away from responsibility, particularly in the domestic area.  There is an underlying quality/weakness of rationalizing everything.  In too many instances, “it’s the other guys fault”.  On top of that, missing the number 8 is the quality of a great ambition but a weakness in the area of understanding, money, time and other resources.  Normally those with a missing 8 start out as stubborn know-it-all’s.  Eventually, as they develop, they begin to see advice as simply advice, not criticism.  Ivanka is finding that out.

The key to her chart is the number 5 Life Path from her date of birth.  She wants freedom, craves change and will make sure she has both.  She is learning the nuances of change and how to do it constructively.  Number 5’s are always agents of change.  In addition, they are super sales people.  No wonder Donald puts her up front.  She sells him.  She doesn’t like to take no for an answer and will manipulate the conditions so you will say yes.  Noboy sells better than a 5.   If she is patient and builds her reputation and networks, I would expect Ivanka to do her greater work after the age of 50.  From now until then, she will be working very hard, will be very successful in business and prepare for a larger leadership role the second half of her life.

My concern is that she has very little “earth” energy in her chart.  Those who lead well, need to have all four elements in their charts, earth, air, fire and water.  Ivanka is heavy on fire and air.  She can be breezy, charming, action oriented but where are the results?  One needs earth energy to create the results.  I have no doubt she will be progressive and try to shake things up but not in the manner of her father.  Her father’s wound coming into this incarnation was in the area of poor self-esteem.  This is one of the reasons he acts out as he does.  Invanka’s wound coming in was to experience the inequality of power.  In this case her parents.  She would see that one person would rule the roost and continue to create relationships of inequality.  Over time and having the number 11 Soul Number she has been healing herself.  The number 11 allows her to see both sides of an issue.  As a side note, she is interested in mystical religions.  She has converted to orthordox Judaism and it will be interesting to see how that affects her life.

Next post will be on Chelsea.  Stay tuned…….

7 responses to “Ivanka and Chelsea–Powerful daughters’ Numbers”

  1. Thank you Gail. Very interesting, especially the missing elements which I haven’t really studied. I appreciate your perspective on what makes people tick.

  2. Sharon says:

    This was a very interesting reflection about Ivanka, as the daughter of a powerful person, as well as your comments about Ivanka and DT’s wounds.
    Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.” I can only hope and pray DT receives more light and love from his wounded soul.

    I look forward to your overview on Chelsea. It was beautiful to behold her last night at the convention when her father spoke about Hillary and many of her good deeds most of the public never knew or read about when Hillary was a teenager and young woman in college, as well as significant other contributions years ago that have not been reported. She did hide her light under a bushel basket for years in many respects. And of course DT continues to trash and Tweet with name calling and ridicule. Someday perhaps he will learn that when you point the finger at someone else, three point back at you.

  3. Hi Gail,
    I also find Ivanka very interesting. I have wondered if her close relationship with her father in business is because he is a loving and supportive father or because he is very wealthy and powerful, which gives her the opportunity to attract without having to work hard for it. I would think it has to be very tough for her to listen & watch his ridiculous and hateful rants against women, hispanics, and muslims, just name a few.
    I onder if her father would give her so much attention she was not so beautiful. He does not appear to give daughter Tiffany, with Marla Maples, the same attention and adoration. Plus he has often made inappropriate comments about her such as if she wasn’t his daughter he would “date her”, among other even more creepy lecherous remarks.
    I am in the fashion business which is one of the things that Ivanka is also involved in. Recently a friend asked my advice about the care of a pair of pants that she had purchased so I said “let’s look at the label and see what it says”. The label was Ivanka Trump. Made in China. When she nominated him at the GOP convention she was wearing one of her dresses which she promoted while she was giving her intro to her father. It was researched and found out it was made “out of the USA”. Most likely China. It sold out shortly afterwards.
    We also know that The Donald manufacturers many of his Trump label products out of the country, even though one of his main campaign themes is to bring manufacturing back to America because China is stealing our business.
    All of this duplicity bothers me. I don’t like him but I did feel some sense of admiration for her before for being an entrepreneur. Now I am just as disappointed in her. Your thoughts please.

  4. Hello Lorinda,
    Thanks for commenting. We find numbers are related to the elements. For instance the number 4 is an earth number, so is the number 8. We can also see the elements in the astrological chart of a person. In answer to your question about the married name. When a wife chooses to carry and work with the last name of her husband, she takes on the family inheritance of that group. No doubt the h in your husband’s name was some help. But you still maintain the karma in your own name. If you are not using the married name, it is not relevant. It is a double edged sword. It can help or hinder.

  5. Lorinda Pollack says:

    Your article on Ivanka was fascinating. I love her.

    Where do you find out in numerology the earth, wind, fire, and water? I am missing an h in my birth name but my married name had an h in it.
    This marriage taught me about money. Do our marriages count in numerology?

  6. Hi Debbie,
    You are so welcome. Watch powerful young women begin to be noticed.

  7. Debbie says:

    Fascinating , Thank You !

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