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How Your House Number Affects Your Life

Are these numbers lucky for you?

Most of us buy or rent a home based on how it “feels”, “looks”, “location” and price.  We move for various reasons, job change, bad neighbors, bad landlord,  divorce, affordability and change in our financial status.  Up until the current “Great Recession”, Americans were big movers.  We would move on a whim.  Being the Number 5 country in Numerology, we are the changers and movers.  We want to know what is around the corner and take on the challenges to find out.

There is another very important consideration in making a move.  That is the number on the unit or the house.  Each house, condo or apartment–even your car–has its own number and blueprint.  It was built in a certain year and was also purchased in a certain year.  It has a distinct number on its door and that number stays for the life of the house or unit.  It is registered and put on the tax rolls.  You could say it has a birth date and a personality.

Your Home Has Feelings Too!

The number will describe the energy and atmosphere of the house.  If the sum total of the number of the house reduces to the number “1”, you can say that this house enjoys independent people living in it.  It encourages its inhabitants to take risks, stand on their own two feet and be able to start over or modify their lives on a regular basis.  It is not necessarily a house for couples–especially if it is two lovebirds.  The number one house can welcome couples but they must be independent people.

Now, if the number on your unit or your house matches one of your karmic numbers in your name (karmic numbers are the numbers you do NOT have in your birth name), then you intensify the karma in your birth chart while you live in that house.   The house will continuously present you with the challenges of that number.  For example, say you are missing the number “5” in your name.  A person missing the number 5 doesn’t do well with much change.  They make change slowly or not at all and want more of a routinized life.    Once you move into a house number that reduces to a five (for example number 23–2 + 3 = 5) issues around change begin to happen.  You have to make a job change, your job requires you to travel more, you have to have a home office, people keep coming in and out of your home creating more change.  Just when you thought everything was set the way you like, you have to make important changes.

The Challenges of a Karmic House

They didn't check their numbers!

Things can get very challenging and difficult if you do not know how to handle the energy of a karmic house.   “If your house number is one of your Karmic corrections………,you will always be working on that Karma while you live in that house.  This shows you why you just love certain houses and others you wish you had never moved into…….In an apartment building only use the apartment number and letters on your door.  The general building numbers have relevance, but not as much as your individual apartment number.”   From “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You Are Living”  by Gail Minogue.

8 responses to “How Your House Number Affects Your Life”

  1. PJB says:


    I’m in a unit 4
    Street number 80
    I hope this works for me. I love the place.

    thank you!

  2. Saadia says:

    Name: Saadia
    DOB: 13 Jan 1969
    birth time: around 1.30pm
    House no ( I wanted to shift to): 598C
    Does this number suits me?
    Please reply soon.

  3. Saadia says:

    How is house number 598 for me. Pkease reply soon. Have to shift there in a week’s time.

  4. Narayanan Sundararajan and Madhu Narayanan says:

    We are looking for a house on rent and are getting one with a number, 503. Should we go for it. Which numbers will be compatible for us from an overall perspective?

  5. gail says:

    503 house number is an 8 numbered housel
    You determine karmic numbers by seeing which numbers are missing in the letters of your name

  6. J. says:

    Address is 503. What does that mean?

    And, how do determinekarmic numbers in our name?

  7. Traditionally house number 13 is supposed to be unlucky but a recent study revealed that since January 2007, the house number 243 has reported the most home insurance claims – house number 13 came in at 182nd place!

  8. Patricia Truman says:

    Address is 1131 = 6 what does that mean?
    thank you

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