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Many of us choose to ignore what I call the invisible world--otherwise known as unintended consequences.  As we move along with our innovations and advances, there is always an unseen track running right along side.  Each has power!  We need to remember that whatever we are doing needs to be given due consideration and pre-planning.  We are tied at ALL times to the unseen order, the constellations, the astrological transits and the geometric shapes and numbers that affect all of us.  One of these transits is affecting the housing market.  America, being a Cancerian nation, (born under the sign of Cancer, July 4th, 1776) will be affected by a large astrological transit that arrives on June 25th and stays with us until July, 2014.

What does this mean for us all and do we benefit?  Yes, we do, particularly in the areas that Jupiter in Cancer affects–home (housing), responsibility for loved ones and the general caring of others.  For this post, I want to zero in on housing.  We should all note that the value of homes will rise during this period.  Yeah, for the home owners!  This is great if you are considering selling your home and want top dollar.  Those who are buying should also realize that prices will continue to go up during this period.  What happens after this period ends??  Prices will go flat and maintain that position for several years. I would not expect much of bump in increase of prices until 2017.  This doesn’t mean some increase in home prices but it does mean the big jump in prices from now through July 2014 will not last.

So if you are planning to sell your home, do it before this period ends in July of 2014.  If you are planning to buy, be governed accordingly.  Prices are not coming down for a year and will be rising–along with gradual interest rate rises. (Interest rates will rise very gradually so there should not be a shock during this period).  Of course, housing is always local.  Common sense will prevail.  What happens in the California market will not be the same as the market in Mississippi–or Minnesota.  But, the good news is that housing will continue to go up in value but do not expect a year-after-year bubble.  By the Fall of 2014 you will know otherwise.


3 responses to “Housing Market Update”

  1. Susan L. says:

    I would also be interested in hearing more about the implications of Snowden’s exposure of secrets held by our government. Very interested. Right now, the media makes it appear as though Snowden’s future is doomed, but could this possibly be the forerunner of secrets discovered by others and exposing them too? Will this help the people of the U.S.? Many questions surrounding this issue…..

  2. John Phillips says:

    I also would like to have your take on Edward Snowden: who he is and what may be his motivation. From what I have heard and read, he is motivated by a desire to expose state secrets and inform us of what is going on in secret. The attacks on the messenger are camouflaging the exposure of the status quo to public scrutiny. I am also persuaded by Daniel Ellsberg’s support.
    As to the housing markets, as a renter I am curious about the direction of rental pricing as a reaction to lowered expectations in the job market and credit. Thanks for your wise counsel over the years.

  3. Chris Foutris says:

    I wondered what your take on this Snowden guy is…transparency is definitely the order of the day whether welcomed or not…but he makes me even more uneasy than the government scrutiny.
    Maybe it’s his age, how he came to be employed or that he worked for a corporation, actually.

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