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House Numbers Continued

I receive quite a few requests for information regarding house and apartment numbers.  In addition to the actual house numbers, readers want to know when they should list their house or buy their house.  This entire area of choosing the dates and numbers of the property must be of great concern so I thought I would write a bit more about them.  House, condo and apartment numbers are like vessels of energy and space.  They have certain qualities and personalities.  A number 4 house will have a different “feel” and requirements than a number 5 house or a 6 house.

Certain numbers can benefit you or hinder you.  Much depends upon your own individual chart and how this house will play into it.  Certainly if you have a karmic correction in your name and you move into a house with that number, lessons to be learned with this correction can be activated.  That is why when I am asked how this or that number will affect a person, it is challenging to offer a reasonable answer without knowing how this house is impacting your own blueprint.  Sometimes we have an excess of a number in our chart and by moving into a property that has the same number we exacerbate the issue.

Many times a person is going through a phase in their chart.  It is called a pinnacle and can last up to 9 years or more.  It is not surprising to find the individual moving into a house number that matches their pinnacle.  Should they stay there all their life?  We need to know when a period has ended so we can move on.  Many times the property is great for one person in the household but bad for another household member.  This should be reconciled in advance so that a mutually beneficial property can be found.

I personally avoid certain house numbers in my chart as I realize I do not want to contend with that energy or the potential restriction it would deliver to my life.  We all want the best place to locate and we want to know how we can be enhanced by our move rather than be contracted.  This can also relate to a city and a state.  Some areas are too rigid, others too insulated and slow to change.  Much depends on what you truly want.  Any time a person is making such a major investment in a move, purchase or relocation, you should do as much as possible –up front– to help you make the best decision.  It amazes me how many people ask me if they made the right decision AFTER they made the decision.  Always do your homework up front.  If you need to, order a session with me to prevent mistakes, I truly recommend it.

Some individuals are stuck in their housing not realizing that once they move out of their abode, all kinds of opportunities can be opened to them.  The key is know your timing, your chart and how the property will impact you.

Remember, never list, look or move during a Mercury Retrograde.  This is waste of time and what you think this property will be for you, will not.  Our next retrograde is coming up June 7th.  Be prepared.

Last but not least, know your timing.  Are you in a number 1 personal years of new beginnings?  Are you in a number 4 year of blockage?  Are you in a number 9 year of endings?  There is a general rule that you can move in a number 9 year but you can expect to move again in a number one or two years.  In short, the 9 ending move wants a new beginning.

Happy trails to you and please contact me if you would like a session to clarify some of these important decisions.

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  1. Joey says:

    Really enjoyed your article. Interestingly, my family home of 42 (6) years, where I grew up and where Jill and I later raised our three kids, had a house number of 2436, which reduces to 15 and then 6. Our current home, which we truly felt was meant for us, has a house number of 483, which also reduces to 15 and then to 6. Jill’s birthday, 8/5/1955, also reduces to 6. I understand that 6 is about harmony and balance, while also being the “mother number.” It is also Beauty in the Tree of Life and also balances all the other centers in the Tree. Nice to take note of this after all these years. Thank you.

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