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Holiday Gifts by the Number

All of us are born with numerical blueprints hidden in our dates of birth and our birth names.  Our blueprints reveal our life direction, destiny, personalities and an enormous amount of information about us.  Our most important number is our life path, or the road we our traveling.  This is found in your date of birth and is your major learning lesson.  You are living this number while you are here on earth.  This number will have certain qualities that will draw in a variety of experiences for you to learn and grow.  It also gives you clues when you are choosing a gift for this person.

To help you buy a gift (or make a gift) that an individual would love, look to their learning lesson for the clue.  You will need the person’s date of birth.  To discover their number, add their full birth date together and then reduce to a single digit.  For example, if a person is born April 6, 1960, they would be working with the number 8 life path/learning lesson.  4 + 6+ 16 = 26.  2+ 6 = 8.  I just added the month to the day to the year.  I got the compound number 26 and reduced the compound number to a single digit.  You can do the same.  Here are some suggestions for the various numbers:

The No. 1--These people are pretty independent.  They are learning to be courageous, bold and self-starters.  They are learning to blaze trails.  You might want to get them courses, products, services that help foster independence and leadership.  Buy them tickets to hear a good speaker on being avant-garde or starting your own business.  Cheer on their inventiveness and help them to find the money to fund their ideas.

The No. 2–These are your peacekeepers.  They are learning how to see both sides of issues, diplomacy, tact, negotiators, peacekeepers.  They work well with others but must be careful that they don’t become doormats.  These are sensitive souls.  Gift them with products or services that will give them confidence and help them value themselves.  They also love information on relationships–both intimate and business.

The No. 3--These are your creative people who are learning how to bring joy to others and to themselves.  They lighten everything up for us.  You find them in the entertainment world, your local design and fengshui person as well as your motivational speaker.  They make great hosts and you definitely want to go to their parties.  Gift them with services or products that are beautiful, fun and creative.  Buy them tickets to the theater, buy them enrollment in a writing class or other creative endeavor.  Encougage their hosting abilities.

The No. 4--These are your worker bees.  They work very hard and can get themselves stuck in work.  They produce.  Sometimes they can box themselves in so let’s give the 4’s  a break.  Gift them with a spa trip or a massage.  Buy them software to help organize something so they don’t physically have to do it.  Buy a gift certificate for an extravagant restaurant.  They are traditional deep down so buy traditional items.

The No. 5–These are your free expression people who are always as a point of change.  Anything to do with travel is a plus.  New luggage, clothes that pack easily and have a dual role, classes on meditation to calm them down, easy travel products and a gift certificate to Zappos online for new shoes.  These people are always moving somewhere.

The No. 6–These are your domestic individuals.  Them seem to always be needed by somebody.  Family, community, employees are all important to them.  They are your rescuers and need to be needed.  Sometimes they will burn themselves out with all of this responsibility.  Definitely get this group body care products–really healthy products that are chemical free–a day at a spa, cookbooks, food products, flowers and anything to do with gardening, music and even tickets to a great concert.

The No. 7–These are your cerebrals.  The thinkers.  They tend to analyze everything and want to know.  They need time alone–but not too much.  They like fine quality items so do not buy this group anything that doesn’t have some refinement to it.  It might be small but it should be of very good quality.  Buy them things for their brains.  They are drawn to the natural world, history and archaeology so give them information about the ancient worlds, perhaps a trip if money permits.  Gift them natural items of wood, earth etc.

The No. 8–These are your bosses and money people.  They like to be in charge.  Give them gifts that go with power.  They want power and are learning how to do it wisely.  Extravagance can be spread here.  If they are bosses-in-the-making, gift them with power lunches, money-making classes, good quality jewelery, cases, clothes.  No junky stuff here.  If they are children, start teaching them about stocks by buying them a share or two of something of high quality and have them follow it.  They need to learn about money early.

The No. 9--These are your humanitarians and artists.  The natural shrinks.  They are always giving advice and have good ability to assist others into their potential.  They are universal and international so anything in this genre is fine.  Beautiful hand-made gifts from foreign lands are naturals.  They can be dramatic so clothes that are black with color are great.  Remember they appreciate the arts so take them to the theater, opera, galleries.  They have a great eye for beauty so follow that lead.  Buy them a beautiful vase, print, great fabric or photography.  They are great at photography and sculpturing.

Enjoy the holidays and perhaps, you might want to gift yourself.


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