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Free Numerology Tips

Free Numerology Tips

By Gail Minogue

Numerology Free Tips to Remember in a Recession/Depression

Free Numerology Tips

Free Numerology Tips

  • 1) For now, do NOT believe everything you hear. Question, question and speak up.
    I encourage everyone to get back to citizen participation. It is a great place to meet people and to do some good for the well being of our society.
    For all those who are busy indulging yourselves in “feel good” New Age programs or get rich quick schemes, could your time be better spent in helping our government right itself and help it take better care of its citizens? It needs feedback and participation by its citizens.
  • 2) Some of the government programs will work. Investigate the many Federal programs available to you. For housing relief, contact Keep asking and searching for relief.
  • 3) Be very careful of the home relief schemes out there. You do not have to pay any upfront monies for these programs. If you can’t work it out with the bank, contact They will most likely do a better job for you than the mortgage firms or banks who claim to do so.
  • 4) Keep the pump primed. Do two or three odd jobs until it clicks for a better money flow. Remember health care and education areas are hiring.
  • 5) Flower Newhouse states “To master unemployment, we should examine ourselves to see wherein in the past we have worked grudgingly. Steadiness of work shall be ours to the degree that we give service willingly and in love of God. One should express all the appreciation for employment he or she can. It needs to be a genuine and maintained appreciation.Resentment, false pride, and envy can be melted by the right attitude of sincere and wholehearted self-giving.
  • 6) Those who belittle positions they already possess cannot hope to raise themselves to better kinds of activity, for they are unfaithful to that which they now know. We climb out of lowly chores, not by scorning them, but by blessing them with service so well done that wider opportunities can open naturally.”
  • 7) Keep “financial independence” as a goal. It takes time but promise yourself you will do everything you can to get there. Out of all monies you do receive, save something, even if it is just a few dollars a week. It sends out a message and creates an invisible attraction for more. Put it in a bank that you can’t get at easily. Think 3 years out and 10 years out. Where do want to be in 3 years? How do you want to be living in 10 years? If you think long term, you won’t be so consumed by the fears of today.
  • 8 ) Remember, many people are suffering. Be kinder and more patient during these times. Many rules are bending, people are cutting deals, ask for that discount. It is okay to be paying off debt and using that as a reason to say ”No”.
  • 9) Stay away from dumb fake TV news shows. They need “stuff” to fill the airwaves 24/7. They feed on hype, trivia and fear. What is passed off as “news” and “information” is time-filling opinions. There is lots of hot air and makeup on screen. Let’s get smarter.
  • 10) You will survive this period. You will thrive again. Do not operate on man-made time frames. If you have had your portfolio cut in half and you are in retirement, you have plenty of time. Stop buying into manmade time that tells you if you are 65 and older you are just really going to have to work at Wal-Mart as a greeter or McDonald’s as a hamburger flipper. Start your life at 70 and do everything possible to simplify it and support a healthy body.
  • 11) Every day, WALK. I don’t care where. Just walk. Get out into nature. Walk and walk some more. You are above ground. Amen. Just know that every step you take is taking you towards your good. You are moving on, moving on.
  • 12) Keep the flow moving. Do not wait for the perfect job or even a job that uses your former skills. Go try something totally foreign to you. While you are waiting for a better position, be productive i.e. walk dogs, maintain vacant houses for absent owners, stand in line for the elderly, bundle up clothing you or your children no longer use and sell it. All in all get innovative. Volunteer.
    Keep moving as energy moves constantly. Good things can happen to you when you are out in the flow. Use the internet and you no longer are limited to your town or city as your market. The whole world can be your market. You could find yourself working every day for 3 different people. It is all now about thinking outside your comfort zone.
  • 13) Do not wait for anyone or anything to save you. You are your own best supporter.

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  1. Lulu says:

    positive productive tips and links Gail.
    God bless your life richly

  2. gail says:

    Thank you Lors. Happy New Year to you both.

  3. Numerology says:

    Thnaks for the tips.They are very useful

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