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Free Numerology Reading ; is it really a reading?

Free Numerology Reading —is it really a reading?

The internet is full of “free numerology readings”.  You can click on a link and be brought to a site that will punch out

free numerology readings ?

free numerology readings ?

some information from a computer program and call it a reading.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you have gone this route.

1)                  The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is really true, nobody gives away their product or service.  If you want a real detailed interpretation of your date of birth and name, you will pay for it.  If not, you could be damaged by being given only a portion of the information.  It could be compared to a person being instructed how to fly a plane but never instructed on how to land the plane.

2)                  What you get for “free” is usually a cursory and general comment on either your date of birth or your name.  For instance, it might tell you that you are a number one or a number 9.  It then tells you what a number one or nine means.

3)                  Did you know that behind the letters of your birth names is much hidden information that you must have a person interpret for you to really understand the meaning? For instance, how many number ones are in your name?  What is the average number?  Do you have an excessive amount of them?  What does that mean?  Are they missing?  What does that mean?  Does the missing number show up somewhere else in your chart for protection?

4)                  If you are a number one or a number nine, what type of number one or nine are you? Did you know that your date of birth or name always total compounded numbers like 23 or 56?  Do you know there are many types of 9’s and many types of 1’s?  The numbers behind your final number tells you how to work with your number and your life.

5)                  Did you know that your personal year is only part of your timing? If you are in a 5 year, do you know if this will activate karma in your chart based on your name?  What is the bigger pinnacle or timeframe that your personal year falls in?

Is It Really a Numerology Reading?

Is It Really a Numerology Reading?

6)                  Free readings never talk about the 7-year cycles.  These are critical in that great change takes place in your life every 7 years.

7)                  Numerology software is very limited in interpretation.  One size cannot fit all.  For instance the letter “y” is normally a vowel in numerology.  There are exceptions, software cannot tell the difference.

8)         The next time you consider “FREE”, remember you are cheating yourself and what could be worse, you could base your decisions on faulty information.  Too scary!!!

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