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Firing Bill O’Reilly and the Fading of the Patriarchy

“Misfortune is needed to plumb certain mysterious depths in the understanding of men; pressure is needed to explode the charge.”  Alexandre Dumas, 19th century French Writer

None of us should be surprised that Bill O’Reilly has been fired from FOX.  From the sounds of it, the Murdoch

The Feminine Power and Number 2

The Feminine Power and Number 2

younger male leadership (James and Lachlan) has taken over more authority in how the news corporation (Murdoch Enterprises) will be run.  It isn’t cost effective to have the public threaten to boycott your advertisers.  One by one they dropped off the show.  The reason is usually a money trail versus ethics.  Irregardless, it does demonstrate that something is going on out there in the population that bad behavior against women is increasingly being called out.  Roger Ailes from the same FOX enterprise was also let go for similar reasons.  Another candidate that falls in the same age bracket and gender is Donald Trump.  He has been called out on it but due to the strength of his base, it hasn’t worked against him…yet.  What it did do was bring women out of the woodwork to begin to present more female visibility in the all areas of society, but especially in the political arena.  So far to date, 11,000 women are preparing themselves to run for political office.  Trump may not have been fired, but he fired up an even bigger base of female players who are active and angry.  As a sidebar to this, the two Murdoch brothers who are stepping up to run FOX, are interested in climate science and the environment, have younger children and couldn’t stand Ailes.  They also want to appeal to a younger audience than the audience of older whites that FOX is currently appealing to.

It is easy to see that a large majority of Trump’s cabinet appointments and management positions are older white males.  He feels safe surrounding himself with them.  From Mike Pence to Rex Tillerson, the white older men repeat the pattern of the patriarchy that is fading away.  On the horizon are the females, preparing, learning, and becoming more visible.  Over the next seven years they will begin to gradually replace these older white males.  By 2024, you will see many of these men gone from the scene.  Gone not only in visible news print, but also from these strong positions of power.  You are watching the ending of the patriarchy.  This is not just going on in the United States, it is going on around the world.  The United States, however, was slow to incorporate women in positions of power and what the United States does is visible for the world to see.  She didn’t even get the vote until 1920 and that took marches, imprisonment, protests, beatings and murder before she was allowed to vote.

She is on the March again.  This time it is bigger, includes supportive men and has money behind it.  You are again seeing sacrifice by women to be seen and heard.  It has always been a visibility problem for women.  She is the invisible gender of power.  Not taken seriously enough by the business world, political world, financial world or even by other women.  Since women have had so little power for thousands of years, she is learning how to use it and how to support other women rather than being threatened by them.  She is learning how to conduct herself, manage herself and be the force of nature that she is.  She is learning to use power as a woman, not as a man.  She knows how to multi-task and her keen intuition is formidable.  Her cooperative nature enhances the bottom line of companies she leads.  Her true power terrifies older men and those who emulate them and they have done their best to shut her down.  The waning days of the patriarchy are here.

As we slip more and more into the years of the feminine number two (2,000–2999) women will increase their power and men will begin to recognize their own feminine qualities.  This can scare men, particularly older white males who have been used to running the show, not being challenged, allowed to sexually marginalize women through comments and offensive behavior.

You will see more bad behavior by men being called out.  Social media and gossip are a 24 hour machine.  Pluto in Capricorn continues to uncover and expose secrets and lies.  This is true in both our public figures and in our own personal lives.  We will continue to do this for another seven years.  Even though we have had investigation after investigation and it seems to be going nowhere, there will be more exposure in Washington simply because of the timing and the nature of Pluto to create death and transformation of existing conditions.

Many of these men who are being called out in a certain age bracket have a similar pattern of being born during a window of time when Pluto was in the sign of LeoThese years are 1939 through August of 1957.  This is the “I deserve it” group.  A big portion of it are baby boomers–who again feel “I deserve it”.  A big group of white males in power have been born during these years.  It also has the “entitled” type of quality to it.  As they die off, younger men, feeling less entitled, are replacing them along with females who see their opportunity and are taking it.  The younger males are much more apt to support the females than this older group born during the Pluto in Leo transit.

So let’s go back to Bill O’Reilly who entertained millions around the world.  He will still do well with his books, podcast etc. but he has been called out for his bad behavior and it cost him.  It will cost more in colleges, sports and a myriad of social groups as the strength of the female and the exposure of the hidden is brought to the surface.  Bill has a number one personality in Numerology and a number eight destiny.  He has to be number one and he has to be the boss.  Born with a number six life path, he will always feel he knows what’s best and what you should do.  His Mars sits in Leo so he will fire away to be seen and heard.  He needs the attention.  Interestingly enough, he is missing the numbers two and eight.  The number two is all about cooperation, persuasion, seeing another viewpoint and patience.  How funny is that?  The missing eight is all about learning limits, power, authority and avoid being a stubborn know-it-all.  Numbers don’t lie.  The timing of his dismissal fell close to an eclipse so I am not surprised.

Be ready for more surprises after the big eclipse late August.  In the meantime, I saw my FIRST bumper sticker relating to this whole subject.  It was on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, two 20-somthing women were in the car and the sticker read “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY”.  Wow, that is a first but it won’t be the last.  A bigger movement is taking place right in front of you.  Women are rising and she is a huge force.  Read the future and see the outer edges that are getting closer.  As Edith Wharton wrote in her book “Ethan Fromm”, “the wheels grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small”





6 responses to “Firing Bill O’Reilly and the Fading of the Patriarchy”

  1. DawnMarie says:

    Love men. Dislike profoundly abuse of power. Nice to know that this younger generation doesn’t seem to be afflicted with a starving need for power and, worse, the need to abuse others with it. I believe that this upcoming generation is a force for good. As for Bill Reilly and the rest of them … good riddance!

  2. Scott says:

    Spot on Gail !!! older white male here 1962 so I missed the line…
    The new Paradigm is fast approaching revealing truth and exposing the profound level of lies surrounding our world. Looking forward to when humanity takes responsibility, snaps out of their dreams and selfishness to awaken to each and every one of their own personal destinies. Making this world the great place that it is meant to be.

    I have been digging deep for over ten +++ years absorbing all I can and sad to say on one hand the malice we humans have inflicted on one another (due to the male control) while on the other hand the beauty and greatness of our world (due mostly to women and their powerful connection with mother earth, community, families and children).

    Often times civilizations have to hit bottom before they can wake up !!! many never did awaken and failed…I believe we have hope and a chance for a great future. We need women with their intelligence, sensitivity, balance, integrity. Women will rise to power and lead as they once did…we men have allowed greed and our pathetic egos and judgements to interfere with our responsibilities. Time to expose truths on many levels and love our neighbor, inspire those who lost faith to be self sufficient and encourage the youth to shoot for the stars…

    Thanks Gail, this write up hit the spot, anticipating dozens of your followers to write more, plan and coordinate more and step up to their power…bless you

  3. Anne says:

    It is sad when you hear men and women saying, just leave if you don’t feel comfortable in the job. I remember working, having two daughters to raise, and leaving was not a choice that would let me take care of my family at the time. There are many reasons people keep quiet. I was once an acting business manager for three months, and during that time we had staff meetings in our office that were crude and awful with the company comptroller. I felt terrible I couldn’t tell the publisher about this, for I was new on the job, replacing a woman on maternity leave. It still bothers me over 20 years later.

    This is just one more example of how we are degraded, as if we were responsible for not telling anyone about our experiences. BUT we are now able to share experiences, and hopefully, other women will not have to suffer as a bunch of us did years ago. The only one I feel sorry for is Ivanka. I believe she is really a good person at heart and caught up in all this.

  4. Dreama Kattenbraker says:

    Gail, this is the most encouraged I have felt since November 2016. Thank you for this clarification and hope for us found in the numbers. It is rare to experience swift justice these days, but the firing of Bill O’Reilly is was certainly justice. The direction the Murdoch sons intend is also very positive! A local group of women (here in my very conservative rural agricultural area) has formed to move forward with resistance but more importantly with a progressive, inclusive strategy to change the status quo. Our numbers are growing larger and stronger even here, without any public advertising on social media. We are staying calm, relatively quiet, finding and supporting women to run against the current (all older white males) incumbents. It is impressive and encouraging. You have shared enormous hope and I THANK YOU, wise friend.

  5. Carrie says:

    Yes, yes and yes! About time. I was born in 1951 and have waited my whole life for this! Ms Clinton will get her revenge on the patriarchy!

  6. Great insights. While I feel sorry that this part of his powerful journalistic career ended in such an inglorious fashion, it reminds me of the quote, “Pride cometh before the fall.” How arrogant that this man thought he could put himself in the same situation with women on staff and get away with it. And Fox settled 5 out-of-court allegations in order to protect their “investment.”Ironic that the incident involving the only woman who did NOT file or threaten a lawsuit was the one that finally brought him down. Karma is a bitch, isn’t She?

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