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Complete and Total Transformation of the United States

Ten years ago I began writing about the transformation of the United States and the big Pluto in Past Present FutureCapricorn heavenly transit.  I have often repeated that in order to understand the times and the behavior, look to the heavens.  We don’t.  Instead, we look to the stock market or we look to the jobs report.  We were born as a nation under this transit, 240 years ago and we are back to revisit and experience what we created and how far we removed ourselves from the rails.

Some of the experiences we are now witnessing are very similar to the 1760’s when the colonists got fed up with the King.  At that time, in the early 1760’s pamphlets and writings about individual liberties and personal freedom were distributed throughout the colonies .  Thomas Paine was a big contributor to this trend.  The King didn’t like this and saw this as seditious.  Long story short, in 1776, the Declaration of Independence declared that the colonists resented the King and that it wanted its own country etc.   Today, the resentment is towards the government and the squeeze it puts on the people.  Since the sign of Capricorn forces one to grow up and face life, Pluto, the planet of transformation, is asking America to grow up.

Sitting in the sign of Capricorn gives this long transit the focus on big business, supremacy and power.  It is not  forward or progressive in its thinking.  It is about upholding existing law, even if that law is not a good one.  It is conservative.  However, Pluto itself represents the spark of a fight and that is what ushered in the American Revolution and will in turn usher in another revolution in how America changes culturally, politically and socially.  Remember that Pluto in Capricorn left America’s chart after the Declaration of Independence.  It changed into the heavenly constellation of Aquarius and it was here that the Revolution took its full bloom.  Pluto in Capricorn was needed to awaken the masses, get them roused up and declare themselves a nation.  Then it turned it over to Aquarius.

This is coming and we just don’t see it or know what it will be like.  Pluto in Capricorn moves on into Aquarius in 2024 and that is when you will really see the transformation begin.  The heavy conservative view of immigration,  the extremes in religious fervor,  the increase of military power, the focus on the power of the corporation, lobbyists etc. will be challenged and changed.

Jeremy Rifkin, futurist and Washington “think tank” specialist wrote a wonderful book back in 1995, “The End of Work”.  He stated that we would be working less and less and have a larger percentage of the population having less relevancy in their jobs.  David Graber, and anthropologist from the London School of Economics, has just published a book “Bull Shit Jobs”.  He cites that 1/3 to 40% of the workers feel that their jobs are pointless.  Less than half their time at their jobs are meaningful.  Some even said they could do their jobs within just a few hours a week.  Many of them said they just play computer games or update their social media pages.  Even more telling up to 40% feel that if their jobs didn’t exist, it wouldn’t make much difference in the world.

However, we keep touting high job reports, with low unemployment and we will while our focus stays with Pluto in Capricorn.  These figures were not just private corporate employees, it was also the same percentage in the government sector jobs.  Here are a few stats that are worth looking at “auto loans are going delinquent at a far greater pace than what record low US initial jobless claims would suggest they should be (suggesting that either the jobs being created are low quality, or consumer expenses have begun rising sharply, or the initial jobless claims data are being “massaged”) Source: Wall Street Journal.  Many Americans are just hanging on despite solid job market – 5/22/18  One in four Americans don’t feel they’re “at least doing OK” & two in five Americans say they still can’t afford $400 emergency expense. …and by the fact that US birthrates continue to fall to their lowest rate ever, unlike the US economic recoveries of the 1980s, 1990s, & 2000s. 

We have six more years before America gets out of the big business syndrome.  What will she do?  She has been following the capitalist template for her whole existence.   She will still be doing business but not the same way.  We will still have employment but not the same way.  It takes years to get these changes in place.  The 2020’s will be an organized society moving into an Aquarian focus.  Tough years of this transit that began in 2008 will be the years 2015 through 2019.  As we get closer to 2024, the desire to make changes away from the corporate/government directive will begin to appear.   The millennials will be an 80,000,000 group force.  The baby boomers are dying off.

The emotional makeup of America is Aquarian.  It has its sun in Cancer (the world’s nurturing mother) but its moon (the emotions of a nation) are in the sign of Aquarius.  This energy will rise up at the appropriate time and begin to change what the Pluto in Capricorn created.  The focus of the individual in the collective will be its emphasis.  The advancement of the  brotherhood/sisterhood of the human species and evolutionary steps towards union of the masses will be its goal. These lofty ideas seem as if they came from another world.  They are just waiting for the right time.  The same thing is going on with the rise of the female energy and power.  She is preparing and learning to become visible again.  The turnover began in earnest when we crossed over into 2,000 and will experience 1,000 years of the number 2.

There is a convergence going on of seemingly unrelated events and inventions.  Many jobs will be replaced by automation.  Robots, 3-D printing and other unrealized breakthroughs will force America to look at how she relates to her own citizens.  Will there be a guaranteed wage?  What will happen to the underemployed and those who are replaced by automation and other advancements?  The small city of Stockton, California is considering giving certain citizens guaranteed wages even those not on welfare.  Switzerland is considering giving its citizens a minimum wage whether they are working or not.

It’s a brave new world out there.  Follow the heavenly transits.  Everything will change.  It will not be whether a football player “took a knee” to the American anthem.  That is very Pluto in Capricorn.  You are either a strong patriot or you are rubbish.  You are either working or you are not deserving.  Times will change.






7 responses to “Complete and Total Transformation of the United States”

  1. Carol Kyrias, I’m flattered 😉 Feel free to pass along. Remember, it’s only an opinion. Peace

  2. Carol Kyrias says:

    Cheryl Cuttineau – beautifully stated. I need to be reminded of this! So important! Would you care if I shared your words on social media?

  3. Gail,
    You have amazing insight with your combination of Astrology and Numerology. I, like many I know and respect, are appalled by the fact that the Trump administration has been so successful “spinning” whatever is said as “fake” when from my perspective, rarely does any statement from this administration have any “truth”. Their success at labeling anything that is not absolute praise of the Narcissistic, Lying, Egomaniac who happens to hold the office of the President of the United States is unreal. As others have said, I don’t know whether the Government (it used to be a Democracy but it is no longer) can survive as it currently exists, but worse yet, it is not clear to me what would replace it and how that “socialization” would trickle down to the masses.
    As the old Chinese curse says, “May you live in interest times”, and clearly we are living in “interesting” times, and I fear that it may get a lot worse for the average citizen.

  4. michele schwartz says:

    Very Insightful! Feels as though we are going thru the FIRE- We will evolve . Just so sad to see the corrupt looking like they are getting “away with the goods” without America’s Justice. Will this administration be made accountable for their deeds?

    Will the scary behavior of this administration bring us to another World War or will our Environment get us before that happens?

    O what a web we weave; when first we practice to deceive.

  5. Gaye Rehder says:

    Thank you Gail. I took a lot away from the post.

  6. Sharon, One must always look at the bigger picture instead of what is seen through the end of the straw. If you read or heard ANY of the hatred, anger and vitriol posted on social media last week, there is a very real cultural war going on, it is not going away, and in fact, the volume just seems to get louder and the temper more vicious. The corruption and disregard for our laws by government higher ups who abused their power and betrayed the trust of the American citizens has been going on for years; it will take many years to “clean house”, but just like anything else that needs to be healed, the infection must be drawn to the surface, EXPOSED and cleansed. In 2016 Americans made a decision, consciously or not, to shake up the status quo and the class of political elites, and ferret out decades of doing things that were not working for the highest good of the American people. Burying our heads in the political sand of a different administration and continuing to do “business as usual” would have been the path of least resistance. Leave it to divine intervention, a return of the American Spirit of independence or both, we have chosen the painful but necessary path to an American renaissance beginning 2024. “Do not let your heart be troubled” (John 14:1)

  7. Sharon W says:

    I’m wondering if our democracy can survive six more years. The swamp is deeper and higher now than ever before.

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