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Chinese New Year of the Sheep 2015

Some call this the year of the goat.  Others get very specific and name it the wooly goat or sheep or the African black sheep.

Happy Year of the Sheep

Happy Year of the Sheep

Never mind, it is still the Year of the Sheep and began on February 19th and its energy lasts until February 7th, 2016.  What does all this mean?  It can be fun to look up your own Chinese character and see how it will fare in the Year of the Sheep.

Overall, this should be a calmer year than 2014.  Nothing is taken in isolation and that includes the Chinese calendar.  We do have to consider the astrological and numerical characteristics.  One of the first characteristics of the Year of the Sheep is that it is the 8th animal of the Chinese Zodiac, a most important number in the Chinese number system.  To top it off, this is the 8th year in Numerology and both of these together should make this year more auspicious and more prosperous.  2014 was the year of the horse and was much more volatile and wild than the Year of the Sheep.  Things will seem more solid this year, a bit more stable in the areas important to us all, jobs and wages.

The type of sheep in 2015 is the “wood sheep”.  This characteristic of wood encourages a calmer, more cooperative approach.  More community spirit, more rational thinking and a focus more on what are our commonalities than our differences.  2015 definitely requires patience.  Remember wood takes a long time to grow.  That would be the watch word for the year.  It is a more creative year and more sensitive in nature.  After we get through a challenging solar eclipse on March 20th and the last (Amen) of the 7 Uranus Pluto squares, we can start to exhale and feel that the sky is not falling.  April onward should prove to be lighter with a focus on patient progress so there will be something to harvest by the fall.  Remember goats and sheep seem to land on their own two feet.  This is a stance we need to master in 2015.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Nancy Gilmore says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Gail. Hope you are doing well and fully recuperated from your surgery. Christopher keeps me posted on you and I appreciate that. My house in Michigan will go back on the market in March or April and I fully expect to complete my transition to Highland Lake this year. Be well, safe and happy, Nancy

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