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Chance, Odds and Luck

We do have “lucky” numbers, we do have better luck on some days, we call things “chance” when it was really

Stay in Front of the Eight Ball

Stay in Front of the Eight Ball

preparation meeting opportunity. Odds are in your favor that you have certain fortuitous times. We do have such a thing as “grace” earned from prior lives. We all have numerical blueprints that spell things out for us but we ignore the information, are too lazy to figure it out or give up prematurely. So we play the lottery, hoping for a miracle, we don’t play the lottery because it is foolish or we don’t insure our health, our homes and our cars because we have prioritized other requirements.

Just as the law of gravity is certain, your life is governed by numbers, rhythm and cycles. Your name gives you information about your natural talents, your weaknesses, your best direction for this life and the transit times for certain experiences (even the harsh ones). Your date of birth gives you timing, opportunities and spells out environments to avoid. It also gives you an “energy” package so you know when and how best to use this blueprint. Nice information to have on your journey here.

Yet, most of us marginalize this information as it is not sanctioned by a university, a corporation or by your friends and family. It’s a shame because you can experience your life in a most contented manner when you are aware. As each of us becomes more awake and aware, humankind rises to a higher viewpoint.

Wallace Wattles in his book “The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles” cites that “people make society what it is……..see government and industry as being perfect now, and as advancing rapidly toward being complete–then you will understand that there is nothing to fear, no cause for anxiety, nothing to worry about. Never complain of any of these things. They are perfect; this is the very best possible world for the stage of development man has reached.”

Why not promise yourself that you will help advance society rather than tear it down through polarization and



negativity. Understand your own blueprint and help our society advance. “The world and all it contains is perfect, though not completed.”

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  1. Gail says:

    Area code is not important. Just use your 7 digit individual number

  2. Michelle Landeros says:


    HI, I received a long session with you while you were in Tucson a few years ago. I’d like to know if your total phone # (including your area code) is important or just the 10 digit #?


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