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Cancer Keeps Taking Our Friends

I had planned to write a different piece today but I got blindsided again by news of another friend bigstock--137887115diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  This time it is Karen Ashley of San Francisco and the person in charge of the West Coast Dowsers for the last several conferences.  She is also the best “face reader” I have ever met.  Not only was Karen diagnosed with cancer but she was put in hospice very quickly.  For those of you who know her, please send your love, flowers or whatever feels best to you.  Dick Tippett is her loving spouse.

I also have another friend Ann Hanson, who is being treated for stage 4 ovarian cancer (her daughter has started a Go Fund Me page to help her with expenses) and another friend, Brenda who has had both breasts removed last month.  The list goes on and on and on.  I am never ready for the news and each time I hear it I know what lies ahead.  Last month one of my son’s friends died of pancreatic cancer in her 50’s.  Since my son died of kidney cancer two years ago, more and more of my friends are leaving with cancer or living with cancer.  At the time of his death, one of my good friends had died just before and another after his death.  All cancer.

We need to learn how we can help ourselves and others prevent this disease and understand the emotional nature of cancer.  Yes, we have environmental conditions that encourage cancer.  We have inherited traits for the disease.  We are living longer and there is more time for it to develop.  We also, must know, there is an emotional component to cancer.  Track cancer from the time of diagnosis back 1 & 1/2 to 2 years earlier.  What was your emotional state?  What issues were you dealing with?  There is always a clue.  In order to assist in preventing this disease, it is critical that we focus on what is bugging us at a deeper level.  What won’t you acknowledge?  What do you resent?  What toxic condition are you living with?  Tumors form when there is stagnation in the emotional area.  They can harden into masses and spread into other areas.  The original source of diagnosis can also be the clue as to the emotions you are not dealing with.

In addition to really understanding and working at the emotional level, we need to also live a more natural life.  Not a fake fad kale and beef broth trend but really a more natural life.  We do not need all the stuff and we need to simplify as much as possible.  We need time in nature as nature knows how to heal.  We need to eat and sleep according to the earth’s rhythm.  We need to process events when they happen to us instead of saying we are so “busy” that we don’t ever process the last shock before we are on to the next shock.  We need to eat at home more and learn how to cook for ourselves and feed ourselves.  We need to stop eating so much processed foods.  Protein bars and vitamins do not make up for poor eating habits.

America is a fast-paced country.  It has little patience and it looks like it will speed up even faster.  We want our food delivered, our groceries delivered, our packages delivered in as short a time as possible.  Do we really need 2-hour delivery from Amazon?  What price are we paying for speed?  How good is our anxiety level?  Just remember, the body is a fabulous wonder.  It wants to be taken care of in a sensible manner, a loving manner and a respectful manner.  If you had a fine race horse that you paid a high price for, would you feed it lots of processed foods, create a lot of anxiety around it so it could get fearful, angry and depressed?  Would you ride it to death expecting it to go anywhere you demand it?  Would you try to make up for bad habits by giving it lots of drugs and vitamins?  When your horse throws over the rider, do you blame the horse?

Through watching our emotions and how we relate to our world and being consciously aware of what is good and not good for us, we can help ourselves prevent cancer.  Through healthy sensible eating we can nourish our bodies rather than trick ourselves into feeling we are really do something worthwhile when we live on protein drinks.  Nothing against protein drinks but remember, they are another processed food.  I recommend to you all the book “The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases” by Jacques Martel.  It is priceless book, about 600 pages, of  “the most comprehensive dictionary dealing with the conflicted thoughts, feelings and emotions at the root of illnesses.”

As we all our saddened by the great loss of our friends and loved ones remember you have been given life, the greatest gift of all.  Use it well, use it wisely, appreciate it and know that it will not last.  We all must leave here but commit to living a more balanced life starting with a balanced day.





6 responses to “Cancer Keeps Taking Our Friends”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Carolyn for this wonderful and helpful information. I know many people will be encouraged and uplifted by your words. So many people have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and basically feel they have a death sentence. To hear of those who move out of this phase and live to tell about it, can only inspire and assure. Blessings for your share.

  2. Carolyn Gray says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I was forwarded this post by one of my professors at Coastline Community College after she became aware of the multiple recent losses of loved ones in my life. I just wanted to say that with everything I have observed over the last 5-7 years, watching people battle cancer and other deadly diseases, that what Gail says about our emotional state of mind and our diets is “spot on.” We have known for many years that half the battle with cancer is mental. The other half, the physical half is greatly affected by our diets. Depending on the type of cancer that you have, certain natural, herbal treatments can be very beneficial in conjunction with traditional therapies. Accupuncture is very effective in helping deal with many different aspects of your cancer experience. I also wanted to share the recent experience of my friend’s sister. She is young, only 52 years old and was diagnosed with late-stage 4 colon cancer. She was immediately placed in hospice services because just like the doctors I have never heard of anyone recovering from or going into remission from stage 4 colon cancer. She had multiple, very large, matasticized tumors. Surgery was not an option because it was too advanced and had spread outside of her colon. They gave her a continuous IV chemotherapy pump that was placed near her shoulder on her chest and sent home. She cut out nearly all processed foods that she could. White flour, rice, sugar, and food with high preservative contents. She began juicing with organic vegetables and drinking as many as she could stand in a day. No sodas, no sugary juice products (with low actual juice content), no red meat. And she began to drink Alkaline Water that she bought from the health food store. It is kind of expensive, $6 a gallon, but it is worth it. she no longer drank even bottled water. Within one month her tumors had shrunk from 57cm to 3cm. she no longer showed signs of the cancer having spread to her liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and stomach. Those tumors or lesions were completely gone. Her doctors are incredulous and she no longer quaifies for hospice services because they do not expect her to die within six months, which is the criteria for recieving hospice services. One of her oncologists told her that she doesn’t see why she wouldn’t go into complete remission as long as she continued to do what she was doing and they took her off of the chemotherapy drugs. She continues to improve and the Dr. told her that if all goes well they will not recommend any type of scheduled maintenance chemotherapy at intervals like they usually do when patients go into remission from Stage 1 or 2 cancer. I have seen with my own experience now, that stage 4 cancer does not have to be a death sentence for everyone. In combinaton with traditional western medicine therapies for cancer, nature cures! She didn’t do anything outlandish or unreasonable, nothing that would hurt her. It could only help, in any circumstances and perhaps this information will help even one more person cheat death from cancer. I hope so. Each life is precious and if it helps even just one person, it is worth a share. Please. Pass it along.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Right on Gail – the more simple our lives and diets, the healthier we become. My two best friends were both gone before age 65 due to cancer. We can all feel what you feel as we’ve been there too. Has anyone read Anthony William’s books and seen his website for the Medical Medium? He advocates a diet of fruits and vegetables, herbs & spices and wild foods and in the case of certain viruses, cutting out eggs, dairy, corn and wheat. See what he has to say about cancer on his website or listen to him on Hay House Radio on Monday afternoons at 2:00 PST. He’s become quite a phenomenon.

  4. Vikki says:

    Gail, Thank you again for opening your heart to share what we truly need to hear. Not only is cancer taking our friends, a host of illnesses, stresses, depressions, losses, and other challenges are upon us. Your thoughts on a natural life, pace, simplicity, nature, healthy eating, anxiety and and our emotions ring so true. I appreciate you for always bringing my awareness back to center.

  5. Rosa Glenn Reilly says:

    Thank you, Gail. A timely message. I am also surrounded by more and more cancer diagnosis. It is always a surprise. It always hurts my heart. Which, speaking of . . . we do need to take care of our hearts, too. And the very same things that can prevent cancer can prevent heart disease. TWO for the price of ONE, folks!!

  6. Olesya says:

    How true. Thanks, Gail.
    Just recently I came to the same realization, the more simple you live the more happier you are, the more closer to the nature you are the more healthier you become! Do not rush trying to accomplish a lot of things, but be mindful with everything you are doing, and Be THANKFUL for Everything you have! Even if you don’t have anything, it could be a blessing too…

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