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Let’s take a look at California’s controversial candidates.  It is always interesting to see what is going on with the real people behind the political scripts, sound bites and press releases.


Born Margaret Cushing Whitman

Date of birth August 4, 1956

 Missing numbers in her name—the number 6

 Margaret (Meg) has a No. 7 Personality, an 11/2 Soul Number and a No. 9 Destiny.  On top of that, she has a 33/6 Life Path and is born on a No. 4 day as well.

 What does all this mean and how does it play out do be a good/bad leader? 

First off, she is very smart.  Her No. 7 personality gives her a personality that is very interested in figuring things out, loves to get at the truth and can be very critical of others and conditions as a result.  She needs time alone to get away from the crowds and then go back again to them.  Deep down she wants to be with “smart” people and is critical of those who are not. 

 Her missing number 6 and her Life Path number 33/6 are related.  This is the life path of someone who feels compelled to fix things and be of service.  George Bush had the same 33/6.  He was always on his crusade to know what is best for you.  The number six has a bit of the counselor, the teacher the “should” person; such as “you should do this, you should do that”.  In a healthy 6 this is a good quality, in an unhealthy situation, it can be bossy, dictatorial and resentful when you do not do what she suggests.  Taken in a healthy light, it can be very caring, and assist others to help themselves.  “Six” people who have a missing No. 6 in their name tend to overdue.  Meaning, “do as I say”, I know what is best. 

 When a number is missing, there is a karmic implication of not dealing with the energy of that number during past incarnations.  Instead a person would try to make up for the missing number by overdoing.  The No. 6 is the number of compassion, love, domestic responsibility, justice and mercy, family, marriage service, harmony, art and counseling.  My sense is that Meg is trying to help.   Author Lynn Buess, in his book “Numerology for the New Age”, states that “In many instances, those with the 33/6 have been part of a group in an earlier life who created frustration, confusion, or pain for others on the planet.  Consequently, they come back laden with a compulsion to help.  At their worst, the compulsion is grating, even obnoxious to those who see them as self-righteous to a fault.”

 Meg’s Destiny number is the No. 9, the finishing number.  This is the final number, the No. 9, as there are no other numbers after it.  All numbers repeat themselves after the No. 9.  This indicates that Meg must learn to “let go” and serve as a Universal Helper or Humanitarian.  This is extremely challenging.  She must learn some pretty high principles.  One of these being “To be in this world, but not of this world’ and another being “To use this world, but do not depend upon it.”  She MUST learn to let go.  This is a finishing incarnation and she is preparing for another Soul’s evolution after this one—meaning advancement.  In order to learn the final lesson of “letting go”, she must take on the qualities of “Gandhi”.   She is to become the Universalist, the Humanitarian, and the person who does not worry about what is in it for them.  This is extremely challenging.  It is a prophetic destiny and one that she will experience whether she voluntarily does it or it is forced upon her.  She must learn to let go and sacrifice something of her ego to do it.  The Universe has a very interesting way of arranging conditions so one is forced to let go. 

 If she pursues a path of compassionate service, works for the good of the many without worrying what is in it for her, she can do very well.  If she pursues the path for her own gain, her chart indicates that it will not support her in that direction.  She is in a timeframe of fame if she does not seek it.  Of course, that is not what she is doing.  She is definitely seeking it.  Indirectly, rather than directly seeking it, her options could have been to be appointed to a government position and through her good service be indirectly raised to the top. 

 Meg is born on a No. 4 day and is a very hard worker.  She likes things done a certain way, is quite traditional and a natural organizer.  She needs to work on being more flexible and tactful.  A 4 can become very stubborn and rigid with its ideas so flexibility is essential. 

 Her Soul number 11/2 is a master number and deep in her heart, she is a peacekeeper.  This is an excellent placement for seeing both sides of a situation, an excellent quality of an arbitrator.  The downside of this 11/2 is the indecisiveness it creates.  She has the ability to look at both sides, see the value of each and remain indecisive.    This placement can work very well for her as she really does want to bring the peace to a situation.

 Emotionally Meg has a major wound and that is “trust”.  She was “emotionally let down” by one or both persons as a very little girl.  How that would be experienced in her life is perhaps through the loss of a parent very early, the parent being very preoccupied so it could not be there for the child—as in married to the job, a divorce, illness—in general the parent “emotionally lets the child down”.  In a scenario like this, the child can be well fed and physically taken care of, but still feels betrayed.  This happens so early that the adult cannot consciously name the reason.  As an adult, it results in a person who does not “trust others” very well.  Nor does she lean on others very well.  “Trust” is Meg’s wound.  She must learn to trust and lean on others even if they “let her down”.  People can sense she does not trust them so she may not get the emotional and financial support she needs.   At its worst it can manifest by creating people that she cannot trust.    This is a big issue in running a company or a government. 

 In 2010, Meg will give everything to become elected.  She is in a No. 6 Personal Year and she is in a very karmic period hitting off the missing 6 in her chart and her Life Path of 33/6.  This is the compulsion of the 33 that I mentioned earlier.  Her chart

shows that next year, in 2011, she will be tired and want to rest, particularly after spring.  She “loves” the limelight, Hollywood-type stuff and thrives in it.  Although she can be emotionally moody and needs her space and privacy, she returns to the camera easily. This is a chart that is not at all religious but has, in fact, advanced past religion and understands the deeper spiritual meaning of man-made religions.   If she drives herself towards fame, power and becomes at all ruthless, this will go against herself—if not now then further down the road.   Her chart is powerful and is filled with potential IF she will understand the law of her own chart—Have great compassion and seek to create a more humane society. 


Born Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr.

Date of birth April 7, 1938

 Missing number in his name No. 8

 No matter what you say about Jerry Brown, Governor Moonbeam etc., he is progressive.  Jerry will live at least four or five lives in one life.  Although you would normally think his age of 72 years would work against him, in this chart it is not true.  He is reinventing himself—again.

 Jerry has the No. 5 Life Path, No. 1 Destiny, No. 8 Personality and the No. 11/2 Soul Number (the same Soul number as Meg Whitman—in their hearts they are peacekeepers) and he is born on a No. 7 day.

 The most important part of Jerry’s chart is the Life Path.  This is the number 32/5.  A five person is normally the catalyst of change.  They see the past and the future and are able to get things unstuck.  When the United States was in great need of change, it brought in presidents with the Life Path of the No. 5–two prominent examples being Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.  Those who have No. 5 Life Paths usually have had recent very restrictive past lives i.e. living in Saudi Arabia as a female.  In this life time they must experience all kinds of situations and people from all walks of life.  They learn from all these experiences and use them to help others progress forward.  The most important word for the No. 5 Life Path is “freedom”.  They must be free to create constructive change. 

 The overriding quality of the No. 5 leader is the ability to do change things whether that results in your liking them or not.  They normally don’t look for popularity contest winnings but instead want to see actual change.  A current example of this is Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.  Another example would be the United States itself which is a No. 5 country.  It is a catalyst of change for the world.  It is constantly progressing and moving the world forward.  Many love us and hate us for this very reason.

 Jerry is missing the No. 8 in his chart.  This creates a very ambitious person who early on in life was probably a stubborn “know it all”.  As he matured, he would see advice not as criticism but as simply advice.  A missing No. 8 requires the learning of skills of leadership and the correct use of time, energy and money—these being major resources.  I am sure he has had to learn this over many times as he has developed through his various political and social positions. 

 His Personality number is the No. 8 which fits perfectly to counter the missing No. 8.  No. 8 shows itself as the leader.  He will continue to create situations where he can do this.  The No. 8 personality represents executive ability, financial success, power and leadership.  He is at his best when he is in charge of a successful venture.  He has excellent insight into what motivates people and is learning that money, just for wealth and power, comes at great expense to the self.   No. 8 personalities need a goal so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he is running for office again.  It also doesn’t surprise me that he has never really been in it “for the money” or that he would drive an inexpensive car or live in a similar apartment.

 Jerry’s Soul Number, the No 11/ 2, is again, like Meg Whitman, the Soul of the peacekeeper, and the light worker.  Here again we have the arbitrator and the negotiator who sees both sides to an issue.  This is powerful in both of these candidates.  Jerry has taken it further and became a lawyer which is very common with those who have the No. 11/2 Soul.  Negotiating and arbitrating are part of the legal profession.

 Jerry’s destiny is the No. 1, the pioneer.  He is definitely the person who will, if p [possible, try something new and blaze a trail for the rest of us.  There is great innovation and inspiration in this destiny.  He will always meet success at the forefront of endeavors rather than by following anyone.  He must beat to a different drummer or nothing would change.  A No. 1 Destiny is called upon to lead, direct and manage.  It is not intimidated by expressions of “will” in others and it no longer needs to dominate. 

 A No. 1 Destiny can be quite opinionated and can inspire or repel others.  He definitely will stand up for his convictions and will hold his ground.  He has to control the tendency of being critical of others and complaining that they lack the determination that he possesses.  In order to maintain harmony, he has to avoid obstinacy and antagonism and cultivate balance and compassion   

 He is born on the No. 7 day.  This is the number of the highly developed mind.  It is the instrument for investigating all subjects of the world.  He is more spiritually and philosophically oriented than religious.  He tends to be analytical and rational in his approach and needs to use the more sensitive and feeling nature of within him.  He must guard against becoming too analytical or cynical. 

 Jerry’ wound is the wound of “not being heard”.  This, too, goes back to very early childhood where he had to either grow up too quickly or was not able to have a normal, playful childhood where you get to express your ego as you grow.  The parents somehow did not foster “selfhood”.   The result of this is the need to be heard, both in intimate relationships and, of course, in public.  Jerry must be heard.  He will speak up and is excellent at debating issues.  He really does want you to like him and he does not like to let go of power.  Jerry’s chart is remarkable in its competitive nature and its strength.  He is somewhat like a bulldog, extremely tenacious and can really persist long after the crowd has gone home.

 I don’t like to predict outcome of elections as there is so much that can happen between now and November.  I will say this is a good competitive race.  Both candidates are good.  They each have different issues.  Knowing that Jerry is very independent and progressive, I do not believe he will just cave in to the unions.  My sense is he will be heavily supported by the unions and environmentalists but he will force them to come to the table and change many of their existing programs, i.e. pensions, benefits etc. and will cut spending.  This may sound odd in light of what you would normally think him to do.  Meg will do her best to rein in state spending but will be severely challenged by the legislature as is our current governor. 

 Transit-wise, Jerry has very harsh transits in his chart for two more years.  He is also going through a big identity change during the same two years.  He could pull this off even though he has a fraction of the funds of Meg.  The transits, though, are curve balls, they throw one at you and you cannot hit it.  Since Jerry does not care if he is re-elected, he can run the state to get more done.  He doesn’t care if you like him or not at that point.  Meg will want to be re-elected and, therefore, would pursue a very different course.  She will, I believe, be more cautious so that she can become electable in 2014.  Meg’s challenging transits begin in the latter part of 2012.

 It is all very fascinating and worthy of your involvement.  As California goes, so goes the United States.  It is the innovator for the country with its prominent No. 1 in its chart. 




  1. Halima M. Christy says:

    Thanks for the analysis of CA gub candidates– not a very
    strong indication of who will succeed????
    Looking forward to your visit to Dowsers in NM in the Fall.
    director, Ecosage Wellness Institute
    2904 Dakota St NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87110

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