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By Your Words You Will be Praised or Condemned

Over the years you have probably heard this expression or read it somewhere in a book or article.  “By your words you will be praised or condemned”.  It is in the Bible and used casually today in various forms of speech.  We go on our merry way saying things with little thought of the impact of our words.  This is dangerous business. Letters have vibrational sounds and send out a force field that creates  them into manifestation.  We wonder why odd things happen to us when there seems to be no cause for their experience.  I thought it might be helpful to listen to some of the things you say.  I reviewed a book called “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Ron Watson.  It’s a really super little book but, alas, out of print.  If you can find it, buy it.  In it contains some really everyday destructive language we use to destroy ourselves.  Listen to what you say:

Heart Problems

It’s killing me

This job is killing me (earth death attributable to job stress)

It’s a killer

You scared me to death

It (or he/she) is breaking my heart.

I’m eating my heart out seeing them together

What are you trying to do,  give me a heart attack

You almost gave me a heart attack

My heart’s breaking over this

You broke my heart

What a heartbreaker!

Stomach Problems

Makes me sick to my stomach

I can’t stomach it

It nauseates me

I have no stomach for it (ulcers to surgical removal)

Belly Aching

Back Problems

Oh my aching back (obvious)

I can’t stand it anymore (balance disorders to back problems)

I’m bent out of shape (numerous possibilities here, from disabling & disfiguring arthritic problems to back disorders)

Carrying all the weight on my shoulders (shoulder and back problems)

He’s always stabbing me in the back (stabbing back pains)

He’s a back stabber (stabbing back pains)

Vision Problems

I can’t bear to see it (vision problems)

I can’t see my way through this

Hearing Problems

I don’t want to hear it (hearing disorders)

I won’t listen to you


I am sick and tired (many people are)

I’m retired (it is bad enough to be tired, but to be “re-tired!)  Remember the soul did not come here to retire.

Other miscellaneous disorders

It makes my head swim (sinus & congestive disorders)

I can’t keep my head above water (sinus & congestive disorders)

I need a little breathing space (try breathing out of a stuffed up nose)

I’ll breathe better when I get on my feet (breathing problems upon lying down and sleeping)

Get your bowels in an uproar (diarrhea and flatulence)

I’m fed up to here with him (constipation)

My heart bleeds for you

I bleed for them

What a bloody state of affairs (England)

It burns me up  (fevers)

He gets on my nerves (nervous disorders)

Personal true life story of condemnation by my own words

Several years ago I purchased a wonderful old home.  The renovation took much longer and was much harder than anticipated.  It was one thing after another and by the time we could move in, I was exhausted.  Once we moved in, guests came and I found I was even more tired.  Then came Christmas and more guests came.  I said numerous times, “I just need a break so I can catch my breath”.  I said it several times.  Finally two days before Christmas, I slipped and fell in the kitchen.  I slammed so hard into the dishwasher handle that I broke (not cracked) my rib.

I could barely breathe and the pain was so bad, I could barely move.  So I did get my “break” and I had to try and breathe through pain.  I literally had to “catch my breath”.  The next few months were pretty miserable. BUT, I did get the break and the opportunity to catch my breath as I had requested.

Beware.  We must learn to praise our situations no matter how nasty and harsh.  We will be taken out of our “prison”.

9 responses to “By Your Words You Will be Praised or Condemned”

  1. gail says:

    Glad to hear from you. Rather than print article out, right click on your mouse–on the article itself. It will ask if you want to save it. Click and put a title on it for your file. It will auto save it and you can retrieve it from your computer to re-read.

  2. daigoumee says:

    Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

  3. gail says:

    I kept thinking I had to back out of too many commitments and sure enough my “back went out”.

  4. gail says:

    I understand that one. How about someone being a “thorn in my side”. Ouch.

  5. gail says:

    Yes, language is literal. We need to be aware of what we say–even in jest?

  6. david says:

    so is the explanation between what was intended by saying ” I need a break and need to catch my breath” and the extreme result, the fact that language is literal?

    and I do hear that we should praise everything, but…

  7. maureen weaver says:

    Thanks for the great info…As a Massage Therapist I often hear some of those you mentioned but the big one is:
    “What a pain in the neck!”

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, be careful what you think/say or you may inadvertently create something you don’t want. I once repeated a number of times that “X” was a “pain in the butt” and for a while had a pain in the butt when I sat too long.

  9. Coleen says:

    As always, excellent food for thought. Thanks Gail.

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