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Boston Bombing and the Karmic Number 19

Although the Boston bombing event did not fall on its authentic date, April 19th, it is still tied to this karmic debt number.  The actual Patriot Day and the true date of past Boston Marathons is April 19th.  This is known as the day back in 1775 of the “shot heard around the world”–the beginning of the American Revolution.  April 19th is well known in history as an historic and powerful day.

The number 19 is one of the ancient karmic debt numbers.  There are four of these numbers–13, 14, 16 and 19.  The number 19 is always pertaining to judgment and order as well as a karmic debt regarding the abuse of power.  Waco, Texas siege took place on April 19, 1993,  April 19th was also the date of the Oklahoma City bombing, Lincoln’s order of the blockade of the Confederate Ports and the earthquake of San Francisco in 1906.

Although the Boston Patriot Day was changed to accommodate a longer weekend, with Monday, the 15th as a holiday, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the actual celebration of Patriot Day and the beginning of the American Revolution was April 19th, 1775.  On April 15th 5 planets were lined up in the astrological sign of Aries.  Aries is ruled by the planet “Mars”–the God of War in mythology.  To top it off, the big powerful Pluto–destruction and transformation is in the powerful sign of Capricorn–the lord of karma squaring off all those planets in Aries.  With this much concentrated power when these two meet, you can expect a major event to occur.  These planetary alignments are not available on the actual 19th but fell instead, on the 15th.  A combination of Pluto (explosion) meets Mars and violence in anniversary of the 19th.

Always be cautious working with the number 19.  Since the sun is in Aries during most of April, many of these events happen in April.

One response to “Boston Bombing and the Karmic Number 19”

  1. Camp Edith says:

    Dear Gail

    I am so enjoying lessening to you on YouTube
    I have already discovered so much about my mission in life
    Thank you for that
    I was born on the 19th of may 1952 in France
    I thought I was a number 1(1+9=10=1) but now I am confused
    If you have time could you explain about number 19
    Or tell me if there is a video about it
    I couldn’t find it
    Thank you so much I really appreciate your work and all the free videos you put on YouTube
    Many thanks
    God bless you

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