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Biblical Films Again–Why Now?

After about a 50 year break, we are resurrecting (pardon the pun) religious movies–mainly based on the Bible.  Why would these come back to our screens now?  Do the studios think that another generation is ready for Noah and Moses stories?  Why are they causing such a controversy?  With all the polarizing views in America, why wouldn’t they cause a controversy?   The Christian conservatives will say that they do not depict the Biblical stories accurately.  The secular group will look at it as a film, either a good story written well for the screen and performed well or another Hollywood computer generated special.  The Muslims will probably not show it as their belief is you cannot (should not) have any images of God or the prophets (Noah is seen as one of the prophets in the Muslim faith).

At this time in human development, we continue to progress (it may not look it) but we are moving forward.  When we leave a certain time and conditions to begin a new period of growth and progress, there is always been a great deal of uncertainty.  We really find so many of our comforts being uprooted or dissolved.  We hardly improve through easy times, especially in our personal lives, so when times are rife with uncertainty and challenges, there is a tendency to cling to what was or what we think it was.  So it is with our leaving of the old Piscean Age which began sometime prior to the appearance of Jesus.  You might say his narrative ushered in the beginning of the that Age.

Just as the fall of the Roman Empire and collapse of several different societies created fear, uncertainty and chaos, people again are looking for something they can cling to and feel safe.  At that time, many cults and sects were created.  These have morphed into religious orders that still exist today.  Much of this period established the Piscean Age and brought with it very strict religious laws, traditions and customs.  People must live by a certain method to be saved or even to eat and live.  These rules are now being questioned, dying out and exposed.  With the Aquarian Age power and the Age of Enlightenment, empirical evidence will replace superstition and lies.  Most of the man-made religions will be fading out with the leaving of the old age.  Truths from these teachings will last.  This takes so much time and so much angst.

Here is evidence of these changes:

The abortion struggle.  Although the empirical evidence points to the fact that abortion is a reasonably safe procedure, strong Piscean Christian groups will still fight to prevent it.  Over time, as more and more citizens become enlightened and less religion- based, abortion will be allowed as another medical procedure available to women.

The gay marriage laws.  As the Aquarian Age progresses in this country, all 50 states will acknowledge the rights of the individual to be married and understand that a certain gender is not a requirement.  Again, enlightenment.

The exposure of the Catholic church’s history of pedophile and homosexuality.  While masking itself as pious and righteous, underneath there has existed the misuse of monies, children, women and laws.  The first time in 600 years a Pope has resigned in office.  (Check out the recent special on Frontline)

Intermarriage.  Bi-racial families.  Just today in the Los Angeles Times, a Chinese American couple was sentenced to three years in prison by the government of Qatar (in the middle east).  It seems this California engineer and his wife have adopted three African children.  They took the children to Qatar when the father took a position as an engineer to assist in the development of the 2020 World Cup games.  It seems that 8 year girl, Gloria, had a severe eating disorder in her birth country of Ghana.  She had the usual patterns of an eating disorder but when she died in a hospital of Doha, the government accused the parents of murdering her so they could sell her organs.  To make matters worse, they couldn’t believe that anyone would adopt children from Africa, particularly Chinese Americans.  In the Middle East, adoption is rare and unthinkable if it is another race.  This story is making international news and gives exposure to old, scary, out-dated and isolated thinking.

Bible movies.  When there is great uncertainty and fear, we try to cling to what we believe will last.  Here we are again.  I understand there are three new Bible films to be released in 2014.  Will these stories of survival (the flood), saving our souls (redemption through stories of Jesus) help us through this period?  Time will tell.  The box office receipts will show us.  Movies reflect the times of the people.  They entertain us but they also are fantasies that allow us to escape for awhile from our own problems.  There is nothing like a dose of empirical evidence to show you they are actors.  Where I live In Los Angeles, you can just walk down the area of Larchmont Blvd. any day of the week and you will see somebody in films.  While running to the bank, I have seen Aaron Paul and other casts from Breaking Bad, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kevin Bacon and his wife, Charize Theron and various other actors.  You get used to it.

We need the escapes and I love movies but remember we are progressing and the Aquarian Age has arrived.  We will be sitting in smart airplanes, cars, buses and trucks.  Glad about that as after driving in Los Angeles for so many years, I really look forward to sitting back and just watching while the car parks itself.  Hooray for Hollywood!







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