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BEST Numbers for At-home Business

Due to the downsizing and layoffs of the last few years, many of us have started our own businesses.  That

Home Grown Business

is always a good idea to have something of your own to create another income stream.  For many of us, this becomes our main source of income.  To assist with the prosperity of this business there are many people out there who will guide you, coach you, sell you or counsel you.  Many of you have taken classes and workshops on setting up your own business.  All of this is well and good but a key ingredient is left out of the equation–the address of the house or office where you located this business.  If the address is not favorable for business, you will struggle, work yourself like a mule, become frustrated or even close up shop.  What are the best numbers for a home office or an office out of the house?

Since most of you are probably setting up the business in your own home, please keep in mind, a number may be a wonderful number for a living arrangement but very poor for a business.  The No. 7 is a quiet, peaceful, reflective number.  This is a number that encourages introspection, aloneness, scholarly pursuits and is lousy for business.  I would never recommend you office in a home with an address that totals and then is reduced to the number 7.  You can work there but you will find that you will engage less in the outside world of business with this address.  You can study at this location, prepare for exams, hold retreats, write and contemplate but don’t do  business there.  If you are living in a home whose address reduces to the number 7, I sincerely encourage you to rent an office space outside of this address and work there.  You can return home each day to restore yourself in your 7 home.  Examples of 7 numbers would be Unit 61, or 511, 628, Unit G–all of these are combinations of 7.  Remember we only use the address or letters not the street name.

The next number to avoid for business in the home is the No. 4.  This is a very productive number, hardworking, orderly and values work itself.  You will have much work to do around your business but you will never stop working in this house.  Not only will your business consume your days, it will also consume your nights and weekends.  Forget vacations.  It can rob you of fun, balance and a personal life.  Your focus will become your work at the expense of your health and relationships.  To add more to the load, the 4 house itself requires much work.  The house makes you feel you always have to be working or there is much work to be completed.

The number 2 house is lovely, peaceful and a nice environment to live in, particularly as a couple.  This is a wonderful space to write, chill and enjoy life.  It doesn’t encourage business.  It does encourage partnership but since it is a “fluid” number, it doesn’t really encourage large success.  This is the type of home office where you just get by with your business.  You could start the business here but you would need to get out of this number for it to succeed.

The best business numbers for an at-home or out-of-home business are the No. 5, 8, 1 and 6.  Five is a great number for marketing and sales.  Lots of people coming and going with this number.  Never a dull moment.  Eight is the number of big success, big expenses but commanding momentum.  No. 1 is a great number to initiate ideas and to keep adding on additional branches of the business.  No.  6 is a real community number, people like to come here and it is a good number for success for both you and your customers.  This number is very service oriented.

No.’s 3 and 9 are both extremely creative numbers.  No. 3 can be very scattered.  It can be successful but more-often-than-not, it focuses on being creative rather than making money.  No. 9, is the humanitarian number and is excellent for non-profits, therapists offices and art galleries.  If you are selling art or are an art dealer, the number 9 is excellent.

Before you doing anything more to your home office, I strongly suggest you enlist the help of a feng shui expert who will help you make enhancements to your space.  This is money well spent and you will not regret it.

Go and prosper. 



3 responses to “BEST Numbers for At-home Business”

  1. Hi DawnMarie,

    Yes, I have heard of this and even tried it in my younger days. No, the house number can’t be changed. You would have to go through a great deal of effort with the legal plot and city ordinances. Whatever the house was designated is it. I believe what does help is having an architectural feng shui assist. You still have to work with the basic energy. The more people understand their own blueprints, the more they can encourage or avoid wrong addresses. Thanks for the great question.

  2. DawnMarie says:

    SO incredibly helpful, Gail. I recently heard that placing #’s on the wall inside the front door of the house can counterbalance the energies. Have you ever heard this??

  3. JUDE LUTTRELL says:

    I am living in a 4 and I certainly get the working and no play. But knowing this has brought me to making a point to say YES more to getting out and having fun and making trip plans and stop writing this message to u and go relax!

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