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Bernie, Hillary and Don–Welcome to the Big Top–Part 1

Finally, we get out of the goofy primary phase of this election year and get on with the general election.  As I

Raging against the machine

Raging against the machine

said before, and say it again, the election that will propel America forward will be in 2024 once Pluto leaves the sign of Capricorn.  In the meantime we have to continue breaking down the old structures and cleaning up the mess.  We are tired of doing it but the “revolution is 8 years long and we can’t avoid it”.  Look for promises by all politicians that will not and cannot be met.  Stay the course and build momentum on what needs correction.

First, let’s take a look at Bernie.  What will he do now that his has lost to Hillary?  He will speak with President Obama and gradually withdraw from the race.  He will show up at the convention and do his best to have his ideas and those of his followers incorporated into the Democratic platform.  My guess is he will not contest the race.  He still has to reside in the Senate and will want to be somewhat relevant.  His job as the number 5 life path was always about stimulating change.  5’s are catalysts.  They initiate change.  They themselves remain the same but all around them changes.  He stimulated the millennials, all 86,000,000 of them, and helped them to become involved in the political process.

Here in California, 27% of the Democratic vote comes from one area, Los Angeles county.  This is a whopper.  In this county though, only 30% of the eligible voters voted.  It’s better than the last presidential primary where only 22% of the eligible voters voted but still nothing to cheer about.  One of the reasons Bernie did not win, was the fact that millennials do not get out to vote as much as they come out to cheer and support.

Another reason Bernie did not win is his birth chart.  It just doesn’t line up that well with America’s.  On top of that, he is missing a very large group of important numbers, the numbers 3, 6, 7 and 8.  On top of that, his emotional makeup is impatient and a bit hot-headed.  He acts many times before thinking things through.  He has great big ideas but not reasonable execution.  He needs much more of the military general style of a strategy and tactics to support a campaign.  Throwing universal wage, single-payer health care, free education etc. against the wall without taking into account the intricate playing field he would have to maneuver and the existing special interests of other groups is naive.  His moon in Aries fed by a Mars in Aries helps him to sound fiery and war-like but the rest of his chart takes the wind out of his sails.

The missing number three results in Bernie being highly self-critical.  He always finds something wrong with his own performance.  He needs to lighten up on himself as he has this self-critical factor that needs to be contained and controlled.  He needs to be more joyful, enjoy life and share this joy with others.  He is much too serious and it showed all through the campaign.  He also is not heard well.  Missing a 3 always has a component of not being heard.  Not good for a candidate.

The missing number 6 has to do with commitment and responsibility to others.  The tendency is to form relationships but stay very heavily guarded.  This can make the bond between him and others very  superficial.  He is learning how to have sincere relationships.  I am sure this has affected his relationships in Congress where he is not known as being supported or liked.

The missing number 7 displays a need to deepen his knowledge and be more discerning.  He must learn to be his own critic without self-condemnation.  He must learn to not take things at face value.  He needs to look deeply at a subject matter and understand all the nuisances of a situation.

The missing number 8 is about developing your resources wisely.  Missing an 8 people are highly independent and do not like to be told what to do.  They can see advice as criticism.  A know-it-all tendency develops.  There is always a problem with authority figures for those missing the number 8.  There is also a general stubbornness born of the missing 8.  The missing 8 karmic lessons forces him to learn his limits and the limits of his resources.

He was never going to be the American president but he is the catalyst of change and was able to ignite a spark in million of voters and to point out the glaring problems inside America.  American citizens resonate with income inequality, corruption and rigged systems.  We will be working on this through summer of 2023.  It is imperative that we become involved.

More on Hillary and Donnie.  Stay tuned…………

9 responses to “Bernie, Hillary and Don–Welcome to the Big Top–Part 1”

  1. lila may says:

    At least it appears that Bernie was honest and not so influenced by the markings of the lobbyist and big money, (pay offs and special interests) as Hillary is. One should look at her Clinton Foundation and review all of the major contributors, all of whom will get big payoffs for their support once she is president. Hillary and her past activities, show and prove that she will destroy the country even further and to have another 4 years of Obama, we won’t have an America period. Corruption and money and what the globlist want is a destruction of our society, economy and our culture. Thank you Hillary and the Obama Administration for the terror attacks on our homeland, now in Orlando. If it were not for your open borders policy and absolutely no real background checks of refugees and immigrants we will not have this to continue to get bigger and look forward to in the future. War on women, well what about the middle east and how they treat women? There is no war on women here, not like there. Hillary is as corrupt as they come. She should be in jail and not the white house. She did damage by not protecting our national security. Anyone else would be in prison. Our country is trillions in debt and with the give outs and bail outs, we may soon become a third world country. Countries can not sustain economic losses like this for very long. Hillary is only going to continue to line her pockets with taxpayer monies and continue to turn a blind eye to her own husband’s rape, molestation and other wrongful bad acts.

  2. Charlie says:

    John Hogue was on Coast to Coast last night.
    He said that Trump’s chart matches that of Ronald Reagen, and Clinton’s is a match with Richard Nixon’s.
    All Republicans at one time or another.

  3. deborah says:

    Bernie has passion behind what he believes in. He in not plastic, and talk by a script. I like that, but the things he puts out, like free education and medical. Love it , with no solution how that will pan out. Lets be real, WE THE people will pay for it. Health insurance, ? I m an agent, those people ( in politics and so on) have no handle on it. And the truth is most people don t understand, the problems the carriers have with contracting Doctor’s/hospital’s . Many refuse to be told what they have to charge. Another issue, another day. What I do like, even tho I won t elect him, is he is for change. Example I like to see the change even in voting in the primary, if I want to be a Rep this year and Dem next I should be able to with out filling anything out….and the mix up at the polls , someone registered as Dem and
    the ballot they got was Rep….????
    Looking forward to hear on the other two. thanks this is interesting to read.

  4. Russell says:

    Hi Gail, will you use Drumpf or the adopted name Trump?

  5. Well-done. Bernie is a harbinger of things to come, especially with the younger, more liberal generation. I am always amused by people who claim we can’t afford healthcare, housing and education, and we don’t feed/house/provide proper medical care to our own veterans, but we can afford to support ongoing civil wars, political conflicts in other countries, subsidies for big corporations like Banking and Wall Street, and the big, bloated armed services budget and military complex.

    I’m also a 5 Life Path but this transit of Pluto through my Sun sign and Ascendant has nearly been the death of me!

  6. Nancie Boland says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, the missing #8 very accurately describes me and is something I am completely aware of and working on.

  7. Caroline Leban says:

    Thank you Gail. Let’s hope that his supporters will arrive leastcome forward and support Hilary and be cognizant
    That we cannot give everyone free college, etc. We the tax payers and middle class have to pay the bill for all this.
    He is a nice man, but idealistic. Thsnks for the info.

  8. Sharon says:

    Thank You, Gail. Enjoyed this overview. I am a 5 life path and can relate to Sanders’ being a catalyst for change. Bernie has had amazing turn outs in his speeches wherever he appears, which reflects Americans are hungry for someone genuine speaking on their behalf. He does have a real pulse on what needs to be accomplished, but not the wherewithal to get the support needed for massive change. To his credit, he did not have any Super Pacs. I would love to see an overview on Elizabeth Warren. She’s a authentic and the real deal on behalf of middle class and working poor. Really enjoy your updates!

  9. Dan Butler says:

    Gail, I so enjoyed this and was a bit haunted by it also since both Bernie and I have missing 6s and 8s and seeing those aspects being so clearly characterized by you through him made me squirm noting how they show up in me. Know thyself. Looking forward to your take on Hillary and Donald. Hope you are well. Thanks for your insights.

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