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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Just about everybody has said this or heard this “be careful what you wish for”.  We forget how powerful are our words.  I

The joy of speaking

The joy of speaking

remember about 11 years ago when we bought our house and did the remodeling, the time and stress was huge.  When it came near the completion , before it was completely done, guests wanted to use the house for a party.  No problem, but there was additional stress to complete some projects.  Then came the holidays and more house guests were going to come.  I kept saying, out loud, I need a break so I can catch my breath.  I kept saying this so finally one morning I slipped on the kitchen floor, slammed into the handle of the dishwasher and broke my rib.  If you have ever broken a rib, you know the pain.  You can barely breathe and the least activity is excruciating.  It took a few months to heal but I definitely got what I asked for, I got the break so I could catch my breath.

I don’t suggest you get your “break” this way but I do recommend being aware of what you actually say and how the universe delivers.  It has a strange sense of humor.  I remember, many, many years ago, a teenage boy wanted so badly to get his mother a house.  He kept saying one day he would buy her a house.  One day, he was hit and killed by a car.  The lawsuit more than paid his mother for a new house.  The universe has a strange way of delivering.

When we request something, even in jest, we need to be aware of how we phrase requests.  Make sure your request includes “it came to me easily and effortlessly under grace”.  The current environment of loose lips and ranting by those who hide behind computers and those in front of the camera can create some bizarre results.  We say we want the government to “fix” some problem but then we rebel when we feel we are inundated by regulations that are inappropriate.  Take a look at your property tax bills, phone bills, utility bills etc. and you will see fee after fee for this group or this tax.  How much government control do you want?

For many decades, we have asked for many things over the years from our government.  Now we don’t trust it, we feel it is bloated, corrupt and wasteful.  We have little faith in our leaders or would-be leaders.  We are learning to be more discerning in what we want.  With the transit of Pluto in Capricorn transforming America’s DNA for 16 years, we all are going through this transformation of all things ruled by this sign–religious institutions, political structures, how we take care of old people, the way we inter our dead, ownership of property and the halls of government.  Our transformation will last another 8 years so it serves us best to learn to ask properly and wisely for what we wish for.  The universe delivers!


2 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For!”

  1. gail says:

    Thanks Bill. An example could be “I am now the owner of a lovely home that came to me easily and effortlessly under grace” or “I am” are the key words in attraction. They contain much power. Everything operates in the “now” including future events. We must use the law of correspondence and “act as we would become”. If we carelessly say “I really want a home of my own” we leave it open to any way it can arrive. Even saying “I want a home of my own that comes to me easily and effortlessly under grace” is better than just saying you want the home.

  2. Bill Thomas says:

    Hi Gail,

    I think I understand what you mean by using the phrase “it came to me easily and effortlessly under grace” but would you please give me an example of how to construct a request utilizing this phrase.

    Thank you,

    Bill Thomas

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