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America’s Role as World Assimilator

From the latest headlines coming out of Washington, you would think that America will both gradually and swiftly get rid of Crisisits immigrants.  The latest of which is the announcement to remove 200,000 El Salvadoreans by September, 2019.  This is on top of the Haitians and the continual push across the states to remove those who are “illegals”.  It seems not too much has changed since the end of the revolution when the big complaint was about the Germans and how to get rid of them as they were ruining our language and changing the street signs.  America is the land of immigrants, including the history of all those who run the government theater.

This purge will wreak havoc in people’s lives but it won’t last.  America cannot exist without its immigrants.  This whole social experiment that began with the birth of the United States is the announcement of a larger world order where assimilation is the direction the world is to go.  This is the birthing of the Aquarian Age and America was the bugle call.  Remember that the higher direction for this country is not from Washington but is from an invisible guidance system that set up this country to be the beginner of the new movement where the rights of the individual, freedom of religion and from religion and freedom in general were to be learned and shared.  America truly has a higher destiny and it is not closing borders, creating a military police force or throwing people out.  From its very inception the land was dedicated to the ideals of civil and religious freedom.  She was always to become the melting pot for the world.

Up to now she has been learning cooperation within her own boundaries.  The bigger picture is for her to learn this cooperation well and take it to the world in a larger service.  She was always to be the pioneer for freedom from her own hard won experience of freedom and becoming a genius in the area of assimilation and collaboration of the United States and the world.  You could say that she was to assist in establishing a United States of the World.

From the looks of our leaders, we are going backwards in time.  We are trying to close the borders, isolated ourselves, throw out those who weren’t born here as well as those who were born here but whose parents weren’t.  What a mindset.  They obviously haven’t a clue of why this will not work, cannot work but will wreck havoc economically, personally and financially in the short run.

America is going through a karmic period where she must mature and is being forced to grow up and work with those whom she fears.  Times will become more challenging until we reach the year 2024 when we enter a new phase of the Age of Aquarius.   The damage that is being done now in the area of assimilation will be reversed.  We are pulling back our bow, very far back, as would a good archer to enable him to shoot the arrow even further.  What appears to be going backwards in protections of things dear and giving advantages to a small minority, is only a preparation to shoot ourselves further into the future than we could have imagined.  The old system of leadership is ending.  We are, in fact, completing a 500 year cycle.

As Thomas Paine wrote in 1790 in his book, “The Rights of Man, “many weep tears for the king and queen but give no thought to the years of poverty and pain in the lives of the masses which preceded the Revolution.  You pity the plumage, but forget the dying bird….the barbarity of governments taught men to be barbarous; teach governments humanity and the people will soon learn it.”

It is as if we are fighting the Revolution all over again and in some ways we are.  America is visiting what she created back in 1776.  Is she sticking to her principles of her birth?  As Corrine Heline cites in her wonderful book “America’s Invisible Guidance”, Benjamin Franklin “lost no opportunity to use its columns (The Gazette) in championing the cause of free speech and free press.  With brilliant and scathing satire, he flayed the authorities for repressive measures, common enough in the old world but decidedly not in keeping with the ideals to which the new American continent was dedicated.  Franklin, for one, was going to do all in his power, and so he did to the last, to save the new world from falling back into the narrower and more restricted patterns of the old world which had been left behind.”

America has left behind this old world of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s etc.  The American Revolution has returned in a new form and we must remember we are revisiting our reason for being.  You can and should get involved in helping her move forward not backwards.

9 responses to “America’s Role as World Assimilator”

  1. Gail Hovland says:

    Dear Gail
    I really hope you can give us a general idea of 2018.
    I look forward to hearing your perspective on our New Year chances of resolving some of these complicated issues that are hanging over our heads.
    Always look forward to your guidance.
    Thank you so much for all you do .
    Gail Hovland

  2. El-Ge says:

    How many Native Americans were killed in the Trail of Tears?

    They were not allowed time to gather their belongings, and as they left, whites looted their homes. Then began the march known as the Trail of Tears, in which 4,000 Cherokee people died of cold, hunger, and disease on their way to the western lands.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Gail, I always appreciate what you have to share. When the U.S. was built it really was cruel to the Native American Indians. They even split up generations so they would lose their language, and in spite of that it was the Navajo Talkers that saved us in WWII. Every new wave of new immigrants were first put down before they were assimilated. Will this country finally assimilate and appreciate what the Native American Indians have to offer us? Thank you.

  4. Gail, with this very inspired and beautifully written take on the affairs at hand in our government today, you have calmed the concerns I have felt about what has been transpiring since election day. Thanks to my immigrant ancestors from Ireland many generations ago I feel blessed to be an American. I do not fear immigration or progress, my concern has always been about those who do, and ironically they have certainly been enjoying the benefits of this wonderful country thanks to their immigrant ancestors. Bless you.

  5. Elaine Sonne says:

    Thank you Gail. You always have the perfect perspective to make me THINK!and not just react.

  6. Kris Saba says:

    Debbie I couldn’t agree with you more. I think we may need to get rid of the UN and also not create a A New World Order
    Trump met today with our political leaders to discuss immigration. President Trump will use immigration as a bargaining tool to help our country become stronger.

    Let’s create Immigration policies that can be enforced. We also need good background checks to protect our citizens. We need more hard working immigrants that will strengthen our country. Let’s make it so it is expensive to become a citizen.

  7. Dreama Kattenbraker says:

    So grateful for your work, insights and sharing as we watch, with frustration, the acts of cruelty and greed operating in our Capito todayl. You have reminded us of the wisdom and imperfections of our origins as a country, and that we want to move forward in a rich diversity of humanity. Our leadership from 2008 until 2017 was an example of teaching humanity with justice, wisdom, and concern for the country above party and wealth. May that spirit return, and justice be served again soon, for all who choose a life here in these United States where a fine leadership wrought from intelligence and compassion is always necessary and right. 2024 sounds so far away!

  8. Wow! Heline, Paine and Franklin quoted in one article!
    How delightful. Now to add Manly P. Hall, Cayce, Susan B. Anthony
    And Jeannette Rankin and we have a conversation!
    Thank you for a delightful read.

  9. Debbie says:

    All of this is fine. However, we can do it w/o the need of “A New World Order,” which is in fact being controlled by all of those you claim to admire.
    Let Freedom Ring -From “We The People”, not some hierarchy, that controls us from their purse strings.

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