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America’s No. 5 Immigration Challenge

“God Bless America.  Land that I love.  Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the

Aquarian Age Liberty

Aquarian Age Liberty

light from above.  The lyrics of Irving Berlin,  a Russian  immigrant, who wrote many of America’s songbooks.  America definitely needs the light from above as she revisits this dark night of her life.  Her struggles with immigration have been part of her songbook since she was born back in 1776.  We have always wrestled with it.  It just depends on your “soup du jour” or soup of the day.  Currently it is the “brown skinned” poor coming in from Central America.  Several years from now it will be another group.  We have always fought over immigration within the country.  The more we try to close the doors and put up the fences, the more problems we will create for ourselves.  Why?  Is it just human nature–“I got mine now you stay out” or is it something more?

Sorry, but America can’t rest on her whiteness or try to return to it.  That is not the purpose of her destiny or her life path.  The more she gets away from her true path (born July 4, 1776), the more she will suffer.  She is the catalyst of change for the world.  She is the number 5 Life Path and her fate was sealed many years ago.  As is the oldest story, the most acute pain is the pain we inflict on ourselves.  America is doing it right now and will bear the consequences of her behavior.  Her’s is a very spiritual birth and destiny and her national direction doesn’t come from the government but from an “over-shadowing invisible Hierarchy …that has elected to render world service entirely from the higher levels of the inner planes.”  “America’s Invisible Guidance” by Corinne Heline.  Under the jurisdiction of this illumined body occurred the founding and early direction of the United States of America.

From the early conception of this land it was dedicated to the ideals of civil and religious liberty and to the service of God.  Freedom is everything for America, including freedom from religion.   If it loses that, this grand plan is lost.  In harmony with America’s high destiny, she has become the “melting pot” of the world.  It is because of this wide and all-including “mingling of races and nationalities that the spirit of freedom has found in America a new home and become a beacon of light and hope to the oppressed and subjugated peoples of all the world.  They, too, would dream America’s dream of freedom, and like her, make it come true in their own lives.”  Corrine Heline

Freedom and cooperation within her own boundaries is only the beginning.  “The Soul of America cannot be satisfied with such self-accomplishment alone: her call is to a LARGER world service.”  She is to continue the beginner role in carrying her own won freedom and her genius for assimilation and collaboration into the arena of world affairs and further the ultimate establishment of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.

From Benjamin Franklin trying to keep out the Germans, to years of slavery and keeping blacks from their freedom, to 60 painful years of trying to destroy the Chinese with the Chinese Exclusion Act and the years of abuse it brought, to the Japanese internment camps of World War II and now talk of internment camps for those seeking asylum and opportunity for Central Americans.  Rumor or truth, there is talk of camps being set up to house refugees on military bases and budgeting for their upkeep.  Just this morning came the following news update from the BBC:

“The US Navy is reportedly planning to build sprawling immigrant detention centers on military bases, amid a Trump crackdown at the US-Mexico border.

A draft memo obtained by Time magazine outlines plans to build “austere” tent camps to house 25,000 migrants.The memo says the camps would be built on abandoned airfields in California, Alabama, and Arizona.  Another camp near San Francisco is being designed for as many as 47,000 people, the memo says.

A Pentagon spokesman said the military had not been asked by the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) to draw up the specific plans, but was engaging in “prudent planning… should the DHS ask for assistance in housing adult illegal immigrants”.  The US military said on Thursday it had been asked by the government to get ready to house up to 20,000 immigrant children.  The Navy memo estimates the force would spend $233 million (£175m) to run a facility for 25,000 people for six-months.”

Rumor or fact?  We will soon find out.   We, America, struggle with assimilation and probably will for some time as we learn how to enlarge the melting pot and continue onward to help establish the United States of the World.

Government establishments come and go and we will be looking through very different glasses in the years to come.  For all of us now, we need to keep the high watch and remember we are being watched as to how we are progressing.  We may suffer as a result of current policies trying to be enforced by current power plays but in the longer view, those in power will be removed and a new cast of players will try again to help America assimilate.

Just as certain nations are chosen and set aside to perform specific work so also are individuals selected to accomplish specific tasks and assignments.  These individuals are known as “destiny people” and the right environment and circumstances all appear to coincide with the work they have chosen to do.  Remember Irving Berlin’s lyrics. “Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above.”




15 responses to “America’s No. 5 Immigration Challenge”

  1. The current administration & the Republican Party is doing almost exactly what Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party did in Germany in the period from the 1930-1945. Denegrating ALL press that is not supportive of them and their agenda, and lying and convincing many “Americans” that the lies they tell are the truth and that all press that does not support them is fake or false and thus “an enemy of the people.” If the majority of Americans do not see that reality and take the necessary actions to oust those Nazi consciousness “leaders”, then this country is doomed to become a Nazi oriented country. Not one I want to live in.

  2. Gail,
    I have not read all of the comments but what EVERYONE seems to ignore is the fact that 99+% of all people in the land of the USA are immigrants or have immigrant ancestors. When this land was settled, what the White European community did was “claim” the land and became “owners” of it, pushing aside the Native population that was already here and systematically labeled Natives as “savages” and began eliminating them, systematically destroying their homes, hunting & fishing and planting grounds, and their cultural ways — labeling them as archaic, superstitious, savage, etc. and that is a history that will NEVER be told to “American children”. American was not settled, it was occupied and the Native population “ignored” as if they did not exist, as if this land never was theirs. The real History of America needs to be told, and that history needs to include the genocide of the Native American population that was here and the history of the treatment of that population even today. I realize that this story is possibly a separate “story”, but it is one that I have yet to see told or talked about anywhere.
    Thank you for your continued offering of insights to the Numerological and Astrological “influences” that are at work behind the scenes. However, as Edgar Cayce said in several of his readings, “The stars impel, they do not compel”, so it the consciousness of the people, especially the people in power (always the people & corporations with big $$$) that drive the direction of this country called America. Those of us who attempt to live Spiritual, inclusive, uplifting lives and responsibly makes efforts to “hold our Consciousness at a Spiritual level” and affirm the principles of acceptance and exclusivity can only do our part and pray and affirm that our efforts will make a positive impact.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Sharon,
    This isn’t a focus on “America returning or resting on her whiteness”. Nor is it about “all foreigners aren’t non-whites.” In reading statistics going forward, America’s white European early mix is being replaced by non-whites and a mixture of Asian, Africans, Central Americans, South Asians and the intermingle of the society through immigration and inter-marriages. By 2045 Census predicts that America will have a white minority.
    I have through my life observed the desperation of refugees fleeing war and torture. When it comes down to your survival of yourself and your family, you will choose whatever way you think you can survive–even tortuous journeys through sea and land. It is not a legal or illegal issue, it becomes life or death. Once you see floating bodies who tried to escape, you will view the world of the refugee in broader eyes. The world will always have refugees seeking a better life. The whole world is on the move. Wise, smart and ethical policy will “out-trump” bluster, chaos and sound bites. America needs a good policy but, then, it has always been challenged by this issue. How do we orderly and compassionately manage our borders? Where is the smart, wise and ethical policy? Diogenes is still out there with his lamp trying to find the honest person.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    I didn’t mention anything about Starbucks.

  5. Candyce says:

    To Cheryl,

    Did Starbucks in fact change their open stores policy as you mentioned? Couldn’t find any reference to it on the internet.


  6. Lee W says:

    Human migration has occurred and will continue to occur so long as there are humans. Human migration is underway worldwide. This is not a new issue. No presidential administration caused it. No border is completely closed. The US Canadian border is also a source of undocumented immigration into this country. There are, however, countries where the flow of migration is nearly completely one way. I have lived in other countries and still there is no place I would rather live than this country. More people want to come than to leave because, for all our missteps we are still a country where there is opportunity. You must work for it but opportunity does exist.

    We do need an immigration policy because we should know who resides in this country. There is no solution in throwing open the borders any more than closing the borders. We can never find a solution to human migration if those are the only options we hold to. Partisan politics cannot solve this issue. Partisan politics is lazy thinking. Partisan politics is reactive not proactive. There have always been leaders who have put their lives on the line to end slavery, to assure women could vote, to correct violations of civil rights. Those leaders are – we the people. Change is underway. We are either working with it to assure the best possible outcome or not. It is still true we are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We are a people who solves. Let’s act like it.

  7. Sharón says:

    “Sorry, but America can’t rest on her whiteness or try to return to it.” Perhaps I’m confused, but immigration and having people follow the laws has nothing to do with the color of anyone’s complexion. It has to do with following the laws of this country. White people are entering legally just as others with different complexions. Not all people from other countries are non-whites. I’ve visited 76 countries and lived in four countries, so I’m speaking from knowing that all foreigners aren’t non-whites.

  8. For me, the immigration controversy is a symptom of a larger issue around law and order and whether we as a nation have evolved beyond the need for laws, courts and even the Constitution. When a large part of the population wants open borders, no immigration laws or vetting, court judges are no longer compelled to uphold laws and statutes, and the liberty of a criminal immigrant is deemed more important than the life of the young American woman who was shot and murdered, and all of this is perfectly normal, I have to wonder if all this unrest is saying that our society has outlived the need for law and the order that laws bring. If that many people truly believe there should be no borders, no immigration restrictions, total exclusion from ANY prosecution (because there are no laws that apply to them),and all the benefits readily available to immigrants including free food, free housing, free education, free medical care and free legal assistance courtesy of the American taxpayer, I say “Bring it!” “If that many people truly believe this is the higher, morally superior path to the future and the answer to all these problems, lets go for it and watch what happens! (BTW, when Starbucks experimented with its own version of “open borders,” corporate quickly reverted to its previous policies–and it only took TWO days!”

  9. deborah says:

    Carrie: i wonder that to….nothing is said about who and why exactly pushing them to come here. is it the drug Cartel, which i read has a big hand in our government. i understand about the “American way” but to be honest, history shows us many have been in camps way longer, years, years might not be in the USA, but the usa has been asked for help…..and did not touch it then, like the concentration camps…. if crime is so bad in Central America and people being threaten, why can t the people stand up, and have a revolution…….fight for your home land…..

  10. Sharon says:

    I hope and pray that the individuals of destiny you mention appear soon, and that in the process,
    all beings awaken and goodness prevails.

  11. Lorinda Pollack says:

    Ok, stop right now about blaming this administration. The Clinton era forward did nothing! They blew it off, not because they were compassionate people, they could not be bothered.
    This administration is doing something. We do not have to open the gates to terrorists and other evil assemblies. I think we will take properly documented people in. The Trump bashing has to stop. This President did more than any president in history. I believe he will workout something! Thanks to the democrats and rotten Congress his hands are somewhat tied.
    Let us not destroy s good man so we can get things done in a wrong manner. Prayer would help now to resolve this issue, not violence induced to destroy Trump. God is watching it all!

  12. Janine Allio says:

    Bless you for your ongoing messages, they give the hope, and understanding to somehow continue on.

  13. Dina says:

    As always Thank You Gail for your messages.
    Your messages carry precision, light, and an overall view of where WE are as a Nation, as a member of World Society and much more importantly where we are truly lacking in the subject of Humanity.

    Divisive measures and the resurrection of what is very clear to be the dark shadow of raw cruelty packaged by a full state of denial, gives us a clear message that there is much to be learned. I see a full blown state of smoke and mirrors by this administration but in the background they are slowly sharpening the tool utilized to cut through the fabric of this country and violating the souls of so many with no respect for life.

    God Bless you! Much love and light.

  14. Carrie says:

    To move forward, something must be done about the oligarchs who are pulling the strings! The rich people are refusing to share the wealth and/or fix the infrastructure! They must have their wealth taken!
    Also who is driving the the indigenous people from Central America and why? Wake up! It is the oligarchs who are doing this! They want the land! They know they can’t do that without getting rid of the people! True evil!

  15. Jude says:

    I look forward to hearing your sage guidance a lot nowadays…calming to be reminded that “this administration” too shall pass. I understand that the pendulum has swung on and that we’re stuck pretty much against the wall right now however the way it’s being done and the person that is dictating how it’s being done is what make it so much more challenging to process. However school is in session and I am aligning myself to my higher self every day.

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