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American Revolution–Part 2

When mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance.  When the church governs, man is ruled by superstition and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear.  Before man can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into illumined faith, and fear into love.”  Manly P. Hall

Welcome to the American Revolution redux!  You have been born into the revisit of the period that encouraged the

Revisiting the American Revolution

Revisiting the American Revolution

first American Revolution.  This period will require us to look at what we created 240 years ago and assess the areas that need correction and support.  Over time any program or plan needs to be assessed as to its performance and results.  The principles and intentions of this country are now being held to the light.  Have we as a nation and a people, adhered to the origins of the Declaration of Independence and its Amendments and  Bill of Rights?  Have we as a nation and a people strayed from the purpose and intentions of the founders?

Since 2008 when this period began,  our focus has been on exposure and more exposure.   Just as in the first revolution, we have provided an oppressor.  Originally it was King George and his supporters.  Today, it is the corporate/government partnership.  Just as in the early 1760’s when King George handed down rule after rule and law after law on the colonists, the corporate/government bedfellows have carved out alliances of lobbyist/politician, laws favoring corporate interests, entrenched politicians running for lifelong office in Washington–with no jobs to return to in their districts–special corporate interests writing the laws for the politicians,  deep pocketed hidden money PACS that anoint individuals for office and elite groups that seek to gerrymander districts for their own benefit.  Basically gaming the system.  Lip service is given to the Constitution by these politicians but they no longer live with the intentions or the spirit of the amendments.  They wave the Constitution as if it were a prop at the theater of the predictable.

The United States of America was founded at the beginning of the Aquarian Age–also known as the Age of Enlightenment.  We had enlightened thinkers put together a unique plan for humanity’s advancement.  It would herald a new day where the rights of the individual were encouraged.  Its declaration declared that all men were created equal and that they were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Its amendments would declare that they be given free speech and well as a list of other directives to assist in creating a land and governance that would allow this nation to pursue its lesson of the number 5.  It would become the catalyst of change for the world and live in freedom.  Its talent would be in the art of assimilation.  First it would learn how to assimilate inside its shores and second, it would teach the world assimilation through its example.  It would clearly separate church and state so that no longer could the governance be under any religion dogma or influence.

Flash to current days and we find ourselves about half-way through this cycle.  It should be ending in 2024 and much of what we see today will begin to be reversed.  People, instead of corporate control, will begin to influence and direct the government.  In the meantime, it will be very disruptive moving forward.  We have even created a “disrupter-in-chief” as the catalyst to assist in these changes.  It will feel like you are riding a rocking horse.  Do not look for this administration to “settle” in.  There will be more changes to the cabinets, insiders and more “alternative facts”.  As we had in the first revolution, we will have protests, boycotts, investigations, lawsuits and, on occasion a riot.  Just yesterday I noticed a nationwide gathering of meetups called “Resist meetups”.  You can find one in your local area.  Watch for “propaganda” to be used to convince us that we are in danger, under great security risk, being used by others in bad trade deals and basically having our jobs stolen by illegal immigrants who rape and pillage.  Remember, there is a great difference between alternative facts and propaganda.  Propaganda is used for control and it is a dangerous, slippery slope.  Learn to recognize it.  Listen for it and question it.  It will be said over and over again.

Some everyday truths should be considered.  Our farmers both in the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast all rely on immigrant laborers.  Most of these are illegal and yet the farmers rehire the same workers year after year.  They know them and they know how important they are to getting their crops out to markets around the world.  The meat packing plants have the same situation.  Millions of people would be unemployed if we did not have these workers and farmers would lose billions of dollars of revenue.  Americans don’t want and won’t do these jobs.

Another truth is we are suppose to practice separation of state and religion yet billions of federal dollars are being encouraged through state school voucher programs that fund mainly religious schools that have little accountability and transparency.  “Voucher schools are private schools that have applied for state funding….because they are defined as ‘private’…. voucher schools operate by separate rules, with minimal public oversight or transparency.  They can sidestep basic constitutional protections such as freedom of speech…..They can suspend or expel students without legal due process….They can ignore the state’s requirements for open meetings and records……They can disregard state law prohibiting discrimination against students on grounds of sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation or marital or parental status.”  Los Angeles Times, February 12, 2017, Barbara Miner.  Voucher program schools are not charter schools.

This is just one example of special interests promoting its own agenda.  We have a controversial woman by the name of Betsy DeVos, a devout Dutch-Reformed Christian woman, dedicated to seeing that the Voucher Program is increased across the nation.  Ms. DeVos has been an enormous contributor to the Republican party and, in particular, a generous contributor to those who voted in favor or her confirmation as Secretary of Education.

On and on it goes.  It will be the people, who are now awakened out of their apathy of the last 30 years, who will push back and become the militia of old.  This revolution will not be muskets by a group of rag tag farmers hiding behind trees.  It will come from the social media, pressure at meetings, embarrassments as elected officials are called out.  It will come in the way of corporate boycotts, marches and eternal leaks from inside the Washington and corporate elites who want the people to know what is going on.  It will not be a calm time.  Revolutions are not calm.  In the beginning it will an “against” movement.  They usually start that way.  The people are against something.  That is normal.  It will run its’ course.  America will be better when it is all said and done.  It will meet its true self for the first time in 240 years.  Get involved, do your part, we have 8 years ahead and some of them are really going to be “amazing” as we press on to our higher best selves.


7 responses to “American Revolution–Part 2”

  1. Sharon says:
    Morning Joe, a Republican, was left speechless by top Trump advisor Stephen Miller’s dictatorial, lie-filled performance on the Sunday shows.
    (Bottom line Stephen Miller says our president will NOT be questioned….as an adviser he needs to read the constitution). He sounds like we live in a dictatorship not a democracy.

    This should worry and be a huge concern to every American no matter what our political persuasion. Speaking out is essential to our freedom….and will be part of any revolution in our country. Miller is saying president (Trump) is supreme and he/they aren’t going to listen to the courts or congress. That kind of arrogance is “fightin’ words where I come from. That aired on Sunday before Flynn was fired/resigned for talking to Russia about sanctions and then lying to Pence, the FBI, and the media. This administration is focused more on who is doing the leaking rather than taking responsibility for what has transpired. This isn’t “fake news”– it’s reality and a wake up call to pay attention and get involved!

  2. The Social Worker

    Few have any understanding of The Declaration of Independence let alone The Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence of 1776, a universal truth inspired from above, can be defined as follows….To rid ourselves of A Currency Dominated Society, its Social Ills, its Elitism and Royalty, and its Jealously Induced Class Distinctions. The actual Revolutionary War which took a toll on Family as did The Civil War was fought to determine who The Bankers would be, and The Constitution they gave us was so bad we needed a Bill of Rights, The Tools of A Social Worker. Yet, today no one has any idea what Social Work is for The Bill of Rights has become Token Rights. We can say what ever we want to say as long as we do not mean it, and where is separation of Church and State when The Farmer who gets government farm subsidies builds a Church of his choice and gets Tax write offs. There were no political parties at the time of The Revolution and our forefathers warned us of their evil. Today one could sum up the political parties with respect to Social Work as follows:

    • The Republican Party has no idea what Social Work is nor does it have the backbone to break the cycle of abuse that exists believing that Currency, the Mother Lode of Artificial Intelligence, can solve everything.
    • The Democratic Party is making too much money off of The Abuse to ever break The Cycle of Abuse.
    • The Libertarian Party has no idea what a Libertarian Expression is let alone social work.

    I am a Libertarian and Social worker, some might say a long time unemployed Community Healer. This country and its currency has buried the healer to the extent that social work is now the responsibility of the Justice Department and its policing force which has created the situation we find ourselves in today. With My Family’s support I would be leading a grassroots movement to purchase controlling interest in Bank of America and return it to The People in the form of an Internet Trade Bank serving The Creative Mind and in turn finance the creation of The Rio Grande Film Corridor….An Economic Barrier….and in turn a holistic military hospital system. First order of business would be a Family Reunion, an Alien Woodstock Event/Art Show, dedicated to Amadeo Peter Giannini….Founder of Bank of America (His Quotes “A banker should consider himself a servant of the people, a servant of the community.”….“Too much money spoils people, it always has, it always will.”….”That’s one trouble with bankers. They shut themselves off from people and don’t know what’s going on. Why a banker should do that I can’t imagine.”).

    The attached poem titled SCORNED!!! is my best definition of Spiritual Rape which is really what our returning veterans who have been only taught how to kill, are suffering from for it was a Patriotic Calling that they Choose to follow that drove them to enlist that has been violated and not given a voice.

    Those wishing to make comment please email me at subject The Social worker

  3. Thanks Gail for another insightful newsletter. I choose to think of all the hate, vitriole and anarchy as poisons that need to come to the surface if they are to be seen and healed. More and more “news” or stories are also coming to the surface about the shackles put on the media and government workers so as not to put the previous administration in a “bad light.” This just meant that the issues were always there but discretely swept under a rug from public view. Now the roosters–in this case, a fire rooster–have come home to roost, and all the caca is coming to the surface. Like him or not, we may even need a bull dog like Trump in office strong enough to endure the shakedown. I cannot, for the life of me, even imagine HRC surviving such chaos.

  4. Debbie says:

    The biggest “propaganda” problem we face in this country is the CRAP they spoon feed people on ALL the TV stations. Talk about Communism ! Only what they want you to know./hear, whether, there is any truth to it, is entirely different. Oh & let’s not forget their bought & paid for candidate, didn’t get elected. So you can guarantee it’s all going to be filled w/ hate & division.

  5. Chrls Foutris says:

    Gail, I sure wish the turmoil wouldn’t last as long as you predict.

    Jan, I listened to a former official on how foreigners are vetted for visa, green card and ultimately citizenship. The vetting is quite stringent and comprehensive…even for those whose credentials lack concrete items…for example, if someone flees with little paperwork, the deep questioning begins…What block did you live on, was it a sacred building or a pharmacy on the corner?? Questioning/interrogation needs to be and apparently is sufficient no matter what some fear-mongers allege.
    Bottom line…it isn’t that easy for most to get in… Vetting takes on the average 2-3 years…the difference may be in how certain visitors are allowed to enter (Many parts of Europe, U.K. etc) more easily.

  6. Jan says:

    Please re-read the 1st amendment to the Constitution. There are no words about “separation of church and state.” Rather, it says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” In other words, freely exercising religious beliefs is fine and our founding fathers mentioned God frequently in their discussions, Declaration of Independence, etc. Having the government establish a particular religion (Catholic, etc.) that everyone must adhere to is prohibited.

    I do think we we are in danger, under great security risk, being used by others in bad trade deals and basically having our jobs stolen by immigrants. If the farmers and others want immigrant labor, there is no reason this can’t be done legally. And many of the “stolen jobs” are being given to legal H1-B visa holders, not uneducated farm workers. To allow people into our country without some kind of orderly system of careful vetting seems irrational and destructive.

    Yes, we have definitely strayed from the intentions of our founders. I think your prediction of continued turmoil and the evils of the corporate/government partnership are probably quite accurate. How you define the revolutionaries may not be quite the same as I do – lol.

    And since when has every administration not endeavored to pursue it’s own agenda?

    I like the quote at the beginning of your article!

  7. TMac says:

    Thanks Gail. Always insightful and often inspiring. Quick question: Where do you get the lesson number 5 for America?

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