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America is in Rehab

If anyone has been or has a loved one who has been in rehab, you know the danger that lurks in getting clean



and sober.  It is really a tough journey and one that has many relapses.  If a fly on the wall were to comment on the behavior of the addicts, it might say that the addicts were all still addicted to their drug of choice, anger, fear, confusion, revenge, lies, righteousness, greed, corruption and, of course, ignorance.

America’s social contract has been changing since the 1960’s when resistance against the Vietnam War, improved voting rights for minorities, increased social programs and improvements in citizens’ lives (also known as corrections of social injustice) was highlighted.  Parallel to this change in the social contract was also a group formed to counter these latest changes.  It was quietly promoted throughout the Republican party by the Federalist Society, an organization created to promote conservative and libertarian values.  It’s job, and it has done so successfully, is to get more of its members in judgeships in high positions.  All of the conservative members of the Supreme Court belong to the Federalist Society.  It is staunchly against abortion and other social issues.

In order for American citizens to get out of rehab and rejoin life non-addicted, we will have to revisit what was started in the 60’s.  This was a revolutionary period where women got the pill and for the first time were in control of their own bodies, Medicare and Head Start began and social injustices started to be corrected.  The changes will not go backwards.  Abortion will be fought over and will be won again, civil rights and injustices will be brought back to expand and improve, Congress will be replaced as it has become too corrupt to function, the president and his administration will be replaced in its natural order or prior to his term limits.  Millennials and Generation Z, who don’t watch TV and follow the talking heads, will choose their own leaders apart from those now in power.  Old man and middle-aged men in seats of government power will be replaced by younger women and middle-aged women with wisdom and abilities to work across the aisle.

However, we will be challenged like we have never before during the next few years.  The heavy hand of power will clamp down as strongly as it can until about January of 2021 when the grip will start to loosen.  It will take more years to reverse these setbacks and the period is similar to the early stages of the American Revolution when it was illegal to write or speak negatively about the King.  That is why the “freedom of press” amendment is so sacred to our society.  The forefathers of our country knew the importance of a free press.

Do not get discouraged but the crazy rallies, “lock her up” and other vulgarities by the “leader”.  This is part of the addicted Americans and cult followers who do not question utterances.  This, too, shall pass along with the traveling group of circus people who came with this leader.  America has had the crazies before and has had other leaders who have been acting rather crazy over the centuries.

The idea of rehab is to stay clean and sober once you are on your own and to build a new life for yourself free of your addiction.  America will have to decide if she is willing to change.  The planetary alignment of the United States, has her sun, venus, jupiter and mercury in her second house of government finance.  It is the perfect position to be able to mass abundance.  She will continue to be among the richest countries in the world.  Having said that, the purpose of the United States is NOT primarily to amass wealth for her own sake, but to create and distribute material abundance for the good of the world.

Until she learns this, she is doomed to squabble, suffer and wither as a country.  Currently, the trade wars, tariffs, removal from world treaties and closing the door on immigrants and those seeking asylum, as well as trying to remove medical care and other services will keep the country in rehab and backwards.

American’s midheaven is in the sign of Aquarius.  She has to encourage “God’s good neighbor policy as this has worked out in giving hospitality within her borders to the oppressed of all nations”.   We expect it to manifest in the world organization now in the making for the establishment of world order and lasting peace.  The Soul of America is Aquarian.

Once we get past the “crazy”, angry period and move into the 20’s and past 2024, the planetary alignment moves into Aquarius.  The United States comes back to its own.  Many structures will come down and people will regain their power.  The corporate power will diminish.  So much change is headed our way but first we must be willing to come out of rehab, clean up our addictions and be willing to rebuild a new America.  It will be similar to the period after the America Revolution.  Yes, history is repeating itself.


13 responses to “America is in Rehab”

  1. Gaye Rehder says:

    Thank you once again, Gail. I felt better after reading your post.

  2. nina says:

    The addiction is with oil and gas. We are all responsible for this Climate Crisis.
    At the current rate of warming, the world as a whole will reach the 1.5° mark between 2030 and 2052. Many regions are already experiencing problems.

  3. Nancy Rose says:

    This is great news to understand that we just need to let this play out and let the new energies come in to support the changes that are needed. Out of Chaos comes newness. Hard to watch but good to remember.

  4. Pam says:

    I agree with Kate Rinaldi regarding your political slant. Gail you are a numerology rock star. That is what I appreciate about you.

  5. Katelyn says:

    It doesn’t seem to me that America is in rehab yet. It seems like those running our government are akin to addicts who are on a wild, uncontrolled binge. I don’t know what it will take for us to hit bottom but I agree with Deborah, above, who likens our current plight to that of those living in a very dysfunctional family, feeling at the mercy of an out of control addict. Some are enabling the addict in classic codependent ways while many of us are trying to take back our power to right the ship. It does feel reminiscent of the time before the American Revolution. It is reassuring to know that we will emerge from this dark time and will create a much healthier society. For me it’s about the end of the patriarchy and the emergence of the power of the feminine. I just wish it didn’t have to take so long. Sometimes it feels excruciating.

  6. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Laurie. More enlightened leaders will be available in the later 2020’s. As our culture becomes more influenced by the Aquarian Pluto versus the current Capricorn Pluto, things will begin to reverse and one of the sides of Aquarius can be anarchy. It is a revolutionary period for America and it can set in motion a strong reaction to the overly “authoritarian governance we are now experiencing”. The 2020’s is part of the transition into the more enlightened and rational period of the 30’s.

  7. Kate rinaldi says:

    I so wish you would keep your political view neutral and sick to numerology. The politics are so front and center

  8. Keith says:

    Hi, there appears to be a disconnect in the use of conservative and libertarian. If this wikipedia information is accurate–Libertarianism in the United States has been described as conservative on economic issues and liberal on individual and personal freedoms [28], then if this is true our personal and political freedoms, (women included), the exercise of freedom of choice, voluntary association, and individual judgment [2][3][4]–are not at risk. If these are inaccurate, then please provide your definitive defintions of those values. Thank you.

  9. Janine Allio says:

    Hear, hear blessings on us all

  10. Deborah says:

    Thank you Gail. Just last night at my Alanon meeting I was saying that the current political climate felt like being in a very sick alcoholic family.
    The family can start recovery even if the ‘identified patients’ are resistant to recovery efforts or rehab.
    I appreciate your insights.

  11. Sharon says:

    Very astute observations and reassuring overview. I have posted on my FB wall in comments, as well as on several FB groups I belong to.
    Holding the vision for our country to create and distribute wealth and goodness for America and the world! May all beings

    Thank you, Gail!

  12. Coleen says:

    Thank you Gail! I feel better already.

  13. Laurie Baum says:

    Hi Gail, Nice article! The only thing I wonder about is whether the Millennials will pick new leaders. They seem to be happy without any leaders at all, with each doing their own thing … until the pendulum swings the other way. As it will take time, more enlightened leaders will be available later in the 2020s when anarchy sets in, as a reaction to the overly authoritarian governance we are now experiencing!

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