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America Faces Her Shadow

It all seemed to come so gradually until it didn’t.  We started out rebuilding the economy after the dot com boom and bust of 2000.  We inflated everything with a grand Pluto in Sagittarius.  We built big houses, had no doc home loans, increased our physical sizes until a third of us became obese and even built mega churches with “pastorpreneurs”.  Then came the bill for it all.  Around 2007 and 2008 Pluto circled the sign of Capricorn, father time, the grim reaper, Chronos.  Pluto began the visit in the death and transformation sign of Capricorn.  Things began to shrink instead of expand.  Everything got more serious and more regulated.  Government and corporations became even more powerful and consolidated so that  just about any industry was controlled by 4 large corporations.   The average person on the street became more aware of stagnation of the paycheck, a shrinkage in the safety net and a loss of the social contract.  The extended family continued to shrink and the services for the elderly, disabled and unemployed were marginalized or eliminated.  America became focused on corporate profits, elimination or reducing environmental protections, stingy benefits for those in poverty, cuts in programs for disabled and no forgiveness for student college debt.  We became Scrooge.

The planetary forces have a remarkable way of taking care of the order of the universe.  There is a distinct order and, as I have said before, we are all under the directions from the heavenly bodies.  As constellations move and planets transit, we are effected.  In our current times, Pluto began this long 16 year transit in 2008 and will continue to rake America over the coals until 2024.  2020 is the year of heavy raking as it brought in another transit in the air sign of Gemini.  This began in January and would affect the lungs (air) bringing with it a virus to expose the existing habits and systems America–as well as the world–that did not work.  Here we found great problems in the health care system of America.  It demonstrated its weaknesses, its lack of preparedness, its disregard for the poor, the elderly, the uninsured, and its workers.  We have had many warnings of pandemics over the last 50 years and yet we allowed the department to be underfunded and supplies rot and decay.

There is no going back to the wonder years.  These are the wonder years.  We will wonder about everything.  We will wonder about how we will pay our rent, mortgages and car payments.  We will wonder if we will catch the virus.  We will wonder if life will ever return to normal.  (What is that anyway?) We will wonder how we will find employment.  Of course, we will wonder if it is safe to travel on airplanes, sit in stadiums, attend the theater and have large weddings.

Remember, this has not ended.  Even when the Gemini transit ends the later part of September, we will still be dealing with the virus and assorted breakouts.  We will find better treatments and eventually a vaccine.  But many people will not trust the vaccine so the virus will join other viruses and linger around waiting for its place in line.  What made this virus so deadly is its ability to give it to its host and have the host not have symptoms but have the ability to share it with others.  Wow, that’s a smart virus.

Since 86% of America is a service economy, the virus hit in its strategic area, services.  All of a sudden we learn what is essential versus non-essential.  My Trader Joe cashier shelf-stocker became more essential than my attorney.  Costco became essential and all the food delivery and pharmacy deliveries became essential.  God bless the post office, the pharmacy, the grocery stores, the take-out services and in-home lab services.  God bless those who would come to your home for infusions, blood samples and other services.  Think of the risks.  Governors and Mayors became more powerful as the central government in Washington became more confused and disoriented.  What they could do is send out money and they did.  The states did the heavy lifting and begs the question what kind of centralized government do we want and what do we need to get rid of?

Next came the death of George Floyd, the sacrificial lamb for the next exposure.  America has always had a racial problem from its birth.  It has always discriminated against the black and brown.  It was founded with slaves after killing off most of the indigenous people who lived on the land they took.  America and its focus on a white world has never faced its dark side of racism, prejudice and injustice.  Floyd is the symbol of the shadow side that white America has not looked at.  With riots and protests, we are learning that many people around the world recognize the injustice and want something done to transform the system.

America must now face its shadow side.  It cannot progress into the future with the past and current systems.  It is being forced to reform and transform itself.  The next 3 years will be very tumultuous as we see what has to be done and the struggle to birth the new.  Pluto takes no prisoners.  It kills off and allows newborns to come forth.  We, here in America, are in somewhat of a death struggle with its Soul.  What is the Soul of this nation?  How far have we come from the intention of its birth.  “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  A beacon on the hill.  Pluto in Capricorn will not allow you to wiggle out from under the rock.   It will yank you to stand trial and account for your wrong doings.

Why have we pushed our elderly, sick and disabled people to warehouses of death?  Why have we said it is okay to have our “essential” workers have no health insurance or sick leave?  Why is it okay for those who process our meats or pick our crops live in unhealthy, cramped lean-to’s without health coverage?  Didn’t we find out these are our essential workers?

What more must we learn before it occurs to us?  The system is us.  We put those in office who had their own interest at heart before ours.  We have put incompetency as our representatives and walked away and went shopping.  We didn’t care to get involved.  We would rather hide and send obnoxious tweets and comments while gloating over our power.  Have we turned nuts?  Do we truly care?

Why are so many systems broken, starting with our infrastructure?  Why is our immigration system so ugly?  Have we looked at what and whom we have put in control and power to speak in our name?  Where are our ethics and character?  We continuously witness corruption, greed, flaunting of wealth, plutocrats, a president who promotes his hotels for government events and can’t empathize with the masses.  America’s government became a system of leaders constantly running for the next election and focused on fundraising.

Pluto says something to the effect that we have gotten away from our true purpose and promise and must return to it.  It will be uncomfortable as we go forward further into the 20’s but change doesn’t come when it is comfortable.  America will survive this turmoil but she must first clean up her act.  She has a social disease and has to take several remedies.  Remember, nothing is complete here on Earth.  It is always in the process of becoming.  We move higher in awareness day by day.  We will shed this old and outworn way of thinking and behaving.  First, we have to address what we have become so we can transform into a more enlightened, aware, rational and united country.


21 responses to “America Faces Her Shadow”

  1. Emma says:

    I study astrology at and I think that the lunar eclipse falling on the birthday of the USA seems to indicate dark times, however this reading shows that the American experiment could have a rebirth. Americans might decide to become a family again, to ignore that which divided us, and to work toward a more inclusive future. I will be rooting for that.

  2. Connie Worth Phone says:

    Loved reading this – so conscious.

  3. Lisa Canning says:

    It a hopeful blog, because if the planets have a role in oir lives we can cling to some time frames, good or bad! I am surprised to se a comment opining on your political bent, over the past fee years I would have taken you for a conservative for your opinions.
    There is no denying we have some hell to pay for and we need to grow up as a county. I pray we survive and come out better people. I pray to not lose more loved ones, that includes a lot of people! i pray for us all.

  4. Cheri says:

    I’ve always enjoyed all of your articles but I have to say this one so far is the best! You nailed it on all levels !! Thank you!

  5. Thomas Lypka says:

    You’ve presented an incredible overview of the human situation and you’ve posed thought provoking and forward thinking questions. I honor you for your insights. Remember that evil forces have planned to enslave humanity for thousands of years. But where we are now, we need to be in order to wake up and kick start into a new millenium. It is all for the good.

  6. Karen says:

    Love your thoughts on the US situation but as you mentioned it’s a blog not a book! Love your initial thoughts and look forward to more insights
    Thank you!!

  7. I very much agree with Christopher Gilmore’s reply above.

  8. America’s natal Pluto Return is the best of Astrology and the study of historical cycles. America’s shadow is the discrepancy between ideals of Equality and Freedom for all vs. the reality of racial and economic oppression for 400 years. The chickens have come home to roost and the ugly truth can no longer be ignored. No more complacency–the Revolution is now!

  9. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Chris,
    It is good to hear from you and thank you for commenting. In reality, we are revisiting a similar period of our history which is the American Revolution and what led up to it. You would have to cover the forces from that time forward that have created current conditions. I do not feel drawn to do a whole piece on “divide and conquer”. That is really not where we are headed. The establishment, including Congress, the administration, the lobbyists and others are all part of an old system that is in a dismantle phase. It will take all of the 20’s to complete a major portion of it and I anticipate Amendments to the Constitution as we close out the 20’s. I cannot mention all the forces creating conditions of 2020. It would be a book instead of a blog. I can focus on the big guiding forces that have brought us here.

  10. Christopher Gilmore says:

    Gail, I have to say there is always some indirect anti-Trump sentiment in your messages, but little to no energy directed at the darkness which has become the Congressional democrats and the establishment which controls them. And while I agree we need to address the issue of racism, despite the extraordinary progress which has been made in the last 50 years, let’s move the focus to economic discrimination rather than just police brutality as, once again, both have been dealt to us by the hands of the establishment. I would love to see you devote an entire article to the topic of divide and conquer. There are so many other forces creating the mess of 2020 which you fail to even mention. Just felt a need to share my thoughts.

  11. Joan says:

    Beautifully expressed.
    Deep gratitude for such a succinct assessment.

  12. Marty says:

    You are so right. Until the poor and middle class(if we still have one) throw the upper class off our backs, nothing will change. It isn’t going to be easy. Hopefully we are going to finally say enough is enough.

  13. Melinda says:

    Hi Gail
    Tried to send you an email but your mailbox is too full 🙂

  14. Maawiya says:

    So well written as usual.
    Thanks Gail!

  15. Mary Ann ayres says:

    Perfect analysis, Gail. Thank you for always giving us the information we need to understand so that we can navigate through these troubling times.

  16. Kenny Dotson says:

    Ms. Gail, you are the best! I appreciated your indepth message. It was very timely, needed and well explained. In your next blog, would you please address another “shadow”, the health of our economy and how we might navigate through any downturns?

  17. Michael says:

    Right On Gail. Thank You for theTruth

  18. Carol Snyder says:

    Well said!

  19. Gail,
    Thank you for pointing out the obvious that most people, especially those in Authority have ignored most of my adult life. I wrote a piece on Facebook about “The Death & Making of a Martyr” which is a “call to awareness” asking people to begin to choose what is important to them and for America. I see the murder of a black man on public TV finally caught the attention of people around the world. I pray that it will be enough to finally clean up our Police forces and that the Good Copa will begin to call out the Bad Cops PUBLICALY.

  20. Sharon says:

    You hit the nail on the head big time here, Gail!
    And nailed it! Thank you for so articulately mirroring what is transpiring and the importance of addressing the shadow aspect, which is expedited by bringing more light and accountability! Hopefully this clean sweep by Pluto will additionally facilitate that in the 2020 elections to a more unified America.

  21. Bonnie Pastor says:

    Excellent commentary, Gail!

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